17 Mar 2014

A Message from Tom Golden and John The Other: Come to Detroit +

Letter To CBC News: Misandry, Feminism And Public Broadcasters

Dear Mr. Lacroix,
I am writing this letter in response to a perceived problem with your organization, and I am forwarding a copy of this letter to the office of the Ombudsman within the CBC and also the CRTC in Toronto. Whenever I hear or see something in media of any kind, whether it be on the CBC or another broadcaster, or other form of media, I will voice my opinion to that organization. And I have sent emails many times to various on-air personalities in the hope of drawing attention to material that I either find inaccurate, biased or offensive, and I have never received a reply to any of these emails. It is my hope that this letter will be an indication to you that the matters I have outlined here are serious and deserve at the very least to be addressed. I do not expect any reaction from the Ombudsman within your organization except perhaps to reduce this letter to a single sentence like, “Listener feels women’s issues over-represented” and then insert it on your website.

Cypriot Political Movement 'Shaping Our World' - 1. Exit The Euro, The European Union and Memorandum 2. Nationalize The Central Bank

By Angelo Agathangelou: So why did the Cypriots not revolt after 'The Rape Of The Depositors'? Where on earth are the people actually having any effect on upscale politics? Well there's Iceland and perhaps Switzerland. These places have limited population in their favor and we believe that Cyprus may also have a similar advantage. My main concern is the distinct disadvantage of the loathed western MIC that's been squatting in the back yard from which it bombards the region. Doubtless the Western MIC has sown agent provocateurs among the sub million population and other structures to work in conjunction with their lame-stream media for the purpose of controlling the status quo and therefore their 'strategic position' in much the same way we heard exposed by the recent recording of US military openly discussing such affairs, let alone what we have learned from the heroes Edward Snowden, Assange and friends. Nevertheless I commend to you the rather interesting 'Founding Declaration of Basic Principles and Goals' of the new political movement begun March 5, 2014 'Shaping Our World' based on the application of direct democracy following the Swiss formula in the hope of a velvet Cyprus revolution. Translated from Greek by me. 

Political Movement 'Shaping Our World'
By Shaping Our World: The tragedy of Cyprus that has resulted from the contract with the Troika, mowing deposits, closing tens of thousands of small businesses, the loss of thousands of jobs, skyrocketing unemployment , loss of income to tens of thousands of workers, the public press and privatization dominate the thinking of Greek Cypriots .

All the people are asking the political system to define and punish the culprits that led Cyprus and it’s citizenry to this economic mess and deadlock.

Dear Lady Who Hates Men + Why I Need Feminism... MANSPLAINED 10

Logic: Another Form Of Female Oppression + Esther Rantzen On The Rampant Sexual Abuse Of Boys By Women

By In July, 2013, The Oxford Journal of Legal Studies published an article called Myths about rape myths by Helen Reece, Reader at Law. The paper was soon followed by a debate called “Is Rape Different?” hosted by the London School of Economics (LSE) Department of Law. The debate resulted in quick condemnation by feminists who felt that people like Helen Reece should be banned from public platforms.
Feminists were infuriated by having their research and scholarship challenged by an academic and the response to Helen’s work on “rape myth myths” took until March, 2014 to compose, but it was worth the wait.
The main criticism in J. Conaghan and Y. Russell’s thirty five page response [1] is that Helen unfairly frames the discussion in terms of logic. Their complaints are fairly straightforward, predictably ridiculous, and the rebuttal finally descends into streams of feminist phrases and rhetoric that amount to the usual meaningless drivel. But, it’s good for entertainment.
Conaghan and Russell are outraged that “Reece comes across as the voice of common sense, drawing on scientific facts and hard evidence rather than ideology or dogma to support her stance.” How dare she?! How were they to have predicted such an underhanded tactic?

Crimea Media War Games - feat. Abby Martin + Russian Bear

thejuicemedia: RAP NEWS 23 CRIMEA MEDIA WAR-GAMES. It's March 2014 and following on from an extremely successful Winter Olympic Games, Russia decides to organise another fun sporting event: and the whole world's invited. Welcome to the Paramilitary Games in the Crimean Peninsula. Unfortunately, in spite of Russia's best intentions, the Western Media doesn't seem to enjoy the event as much as anticipated, and spits the dummy in a way that exceeds even its #SochiFail histrionics. The battle lines are drawn: it's East versus West in a good old fashioned media cold-shoulder war, with each side firing 24 hour news cycle broadsides at each other with alacrity.

The Importance Of Emily Jarman’s Voice

By Every now and then a feminist engages with one of our articles and effectively nominates herself for our Whiny Woman of the Month” award. Sadly, by doing so, a woman disqualifies herself by virtue of rule #17 in The Whine Club Rule Book, the rule about self-nominations. Emily Jarman has posted a lengthy comment on one of our associated blogs, The Alternative Sexism Project. Her comment is to be found after a piece we posted titled, “How to train your woman like a dog”, and it’s reproduced in full at the end of this article. Comments on the Alternative Sexism Project website aren’t moderated – a matter which will evidently come as news to Ms. Jarman, as you’ll see shortly – but we’ve warned visitors to the site that if we get a stream of feminist nonsense in the comment streams, we’ll introduce moderation. Ms Jarman’s comments will appear so manifestly ridiculous to followers of AVfM and our three blogs, that rather than delete it – which would take a matter of seconds – we’re going to leave it visible for all to see.
We’ll point people towards it at every opportunity, to illustrate our points about feminist thinking. What we won’t do is spend more than a little time refuting nonsense we’ve refuted many times before, or sending her information that shows her claims to be absurd. No feminists ever engage with evidence-based rational arguments, and we’re guessing wildly that Ms. Jarman would be no exception. We spend our time engaging with people whose brains are capable of engagement, not brainwashed feminists.

Ban Bossy - Reality Edit + 'Gold Digging Whores' Bill Burr + Bill Maher vs Feminism

Herbivore Man v Dried Fish Woman

Crimea: Highest Voter Turnout In History? Western MIC And 'Puppets' Not Happy!

Adept Yogi: As can be expected ever since supporting the self-determination of the Crimea I've been having constant problems with cyber-attacks myself (yogiadept) which have been quite annoying to say the least.
Back to the subject: CrossTalking with George Galloway, Michael Hughes and Dmitry Babich. 95.7% of Crimeans in referendum voted to join Russia - preliminary results. Over 95 percent of voters in the Crimean referendum have answered 'yes' to the autonomous republic joining Russia and less than 4 percent of the vote participants want the region to remain part of Ukraine, according to preliminary results.

Map: Which Sex Receives More Education Worldwide?

By : Here’s an interesting map that should raise more questions than it answers: which sex receives more education worldwide? We’ll be dissecting and analyzing this map in this article.
Click it to enlarge:
Which sex receives more education in the world
The first question regarding the map should be its credibility. This map was not produced by any particular research institution, but by a man named Alexandr Trubetskoy who apparently has a penchant for making infographic-style maps.
I wouldn’t begrudge anyone making maps, graphs, and so forth, regarding educational data on their own, however. As this website has documented time and time again, many of the education “experts” have been out to lunch when it comes to the topic of educational equity for men and boys. So we can’t reasonably expect a wealth of presentable material from them anyway.
On a similar note, I made my own graphs regarding degrees conferred by sex, for example, from data from the National Center for Education Statistics. I made them because I searched high and low for graphs made by “the experts,” but – lo and behold – I could not find any.
Let’s look at some of the claims made about this map. According to Alexandr Trubetskoy (my comments are interspersed):

Female Violence

fidelbogen: This video is "under attack" due to its strong handling of the issues. I have decided to mirror it here, and I would encourage others to spread it and make it known, any way they can.