20 Mar 2014

Reporter Reveals White House Press Conferences Are Entirely Scripted Nonsense

I hold the world but as the world, Gratiano;
A stage where every man must play a part,
And mine a sad one.
The Merchant of Venice, Act I, Scene I
By Michael Krieger: As readers of this site are already very much aware, the entire world around us is micro-managed with intense propaganda by what Professor C. Wright Mills called ”the power elite.” This culminates into an existence within a manufactured, nonsensical world that investment legend Seth Klarman referred to as The Truman Show.
Well The Truman Show that is the USA has been exposed once again. According to this CBS reporter from Arizona, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney receives all questions to “press briefings” ahead of time. In many cases, the reporters themselves even possess the scripted answers to their questions before the conference starts. Yes, as suspected, it’s all just one gigantic stage and you are the clown in the audience. Source
Watch and weep serfs.

Dead Dollar Walking: The Truth About Government Debt

Stefan Molyneux: Global government debt has reached over one hundred trillion dollars ($100,000,000,000,000,000,000???). But where has all of that money really gone? There will be no economic recovery. Prepare yourself accordingly.

MGTOW: Men Aren't Men Anymore

"They Just Don't Make Slaves Like They Used To."

Toward A Feminist Calculus + Feminist Terrorists

By : 
Editorial note: Professor Thomas Impelluso recently uncovered an important paper that was somehow rejected by traditional, patriarchal peer-reviewed journals on mathematics, and has, with the permission of the esteemed Women’s Studies Professor Osulle Pmi-Samoht, graciously allowed us to reprint her important paper. Thank you, Professors Impelluso and Pmi-Samoht! –DE

Osulle Pmi-Samoht
Professor of Gender Studies 
This paper responds to recent literature suggesting that disparities in math abilities arise from biological differences between males and women.  This response scaffolds its argument on a feminist perspective that resists hegemonic masculinities which have dominated math, and provides a place for feminist notions of temporality, uncorrupted by phallocentric physics which subordinate time and space.  We commence with a study of how an inclusive math was decimated by the first fundamental theorem of the calculus and the toxicity of Classical Newtonian Physics. We close by suggesting a return to a gyno-centric calculus which values women’s ways of knowing.

Greek Anti-Bankocracy Protest Enters Second Day

UK BANNED Press TV: Civil servants in Greece have staged a second day of a nationwide strike and in the capital Athens as a week of anti-austerity protests engulfs the cash-strapped European nation.
The protesters said on Thursday that the Greek government refuses to give them sufficient details regarding a recent agreement with troika of lenders – the European Technocrats, European Central Banksters (ECB) and International Monetary Fraudsters (IMF).

Frying Elizabeth Sheehy’s Battered Wifes

By : Battered Wife Syndrome – or BWS is real. Which is to say, it exists. In Canada. However, Battered Wife Syndrome is a thing distinct from being a category of post traumatic stress disorder. The name cleverly includes the word Syndrome. But Battered Wife Syndrome is not a psychological condition. Battered Wife Syndrome isn’t even a condition which affects wives, or women, whether they’re battered or abused or not.

Battered Wife Syndrome is simply a legal defence for the killing, by a woman, of a man, in the Canadian court system. It is justification for the killing of another human being. It is also a fraud, a hoax, and undiluted weapons grade, unequivocal nonsensical twaddle.
And by the way, that redundant statement, noting the killing of a man, and then clarifying with the addition of the phrase “human being” was purposeful -– because most of the time, when you read or hear the word “man,” you have been conditioned by our culture’s prevalent ideology to dis-associate the word from recognition of the deceased as a member of your own species.
On the evening of 30 August 1986, Angelique Lynn Lavalee and Kevin Rust hosted a party at their home in Winnipeg Manitoba. During that party, Lavalee, 21 years old, shot Mr Rust in the back of the head, killing him as he walked from the room where the couple had been arguing.
Could a woman who shot a man in the back of the head have been acting in self-defense?

"LET THEM EAT BINGO!!!" - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The Artist Taxi Driver
"The SUN 'WINGO!' ..Sell your kids and fight for your BINGO
..This is a budget delivered by a disease."

UK FLOOD NEWS SPIN: The Garden City propaganda begins…

"There is no flood risk on any of the 12 floodplains the Government is developing, the construction industry did not give the Tories £3.5m worth of bribe before the last election, Britain is forging ahead economically, the EU has every right to be in the Ukraine, there were no funny goings on at Elm House, and Leon Brittan is the world’s only Kosher cross-dressing nun."
EbbsGCBy John Ward: I’m grateful to a Slogger for pointing out the disinformation jamboree getting off the ground at the website above.As you can see, using the ingenuity that only State spinners can apply – for they maintain the banality that other fears cannot reach – the website is called Ebbsfleet Garden City.
Its lead story-cum-’investigation’ three days ago was ‘Is Ebbsfleet in a flood risk area?’. And astonishingly, the conclusion these happy people reach is ‘no’.
Well, the report by North Kent Environment agents (led by Toby the Trappist Willinson) said in 2009 that it was. And nothing has changed since then – apart from the insertion of 15,000 new houses into the plan.
But the Ebbsfleet Ministry of Truth says that it isn’t a risk at all. This is its support evidence:

But Prove To Me That Patriarchy Exists - Danielle Paradis' Blogpost + Karen Smith Of SAVE’s Human Rights Violations And Other Things

The Federal Reserve Seems Quite Serious About Tapering - So What Comes Next?

DollarsBy Michael Snyder: Will this be the year when the Fed's quantitative easing program finally ends?  For a long time, many analysts were proclaiming that the Fed would never taper.  But then it started happening.  Then a lot of them started talking about how "the untaper" was right around the corner.  That hasn't happened either.  It looks like that under Janet Yellen the Fed is quite determined to bring the quantitative easing program to a close by the end of this year.  Up until now, the financial markets have been slow to react because there has been a belief that the Fed would reverse course on tapering the moment that the U.S. economy started to slow down again.  But even though the U.S. middle class is in horrible shape, and even though there are lots of signs that we are heading into another recession, the Fed has continued tapering.
Of course it is important to note that the Fed is still absolutely flooding the financial system with money even after the announcement of more tapering on Wednesday.  When you are talking about $55,000,000,000 a month, you are talking about a massive amount of money.  So the Fed is not exactly being hawkish.
But when Yellen told the press that quantitative easing could end completely this fall and that the Fed could actually start raising interest rates about six months after that, it really spooked the markets.

Elevator Girl Right, Thunderf00t Wrong + Feminist Forks GitHub

MRAs leading the charge to  
"lock women in kitchens and legalize rape."

Men And Their Issues - Trendy And Marginalized At The Same Time!

By : Certain terms have been very trendy of late and the one that has pissed off a great many people is the infamous rape culture. There is no point in rehashing what that meme is supposed to mean, because I want to have a life and don’t have a millennium to waste on debunking feminists’ ideology, their manipulation of social psychology, and the engineering on Moral Panic going back at least 40 years. Rape-crisis feminism has been a toxic cocktail of misinformation, mythology and social bullying since the 1970′s. Even RAINN has had enough, and is now very publicly distancing itself away from the rape culture meme. They are even telling that to The White House.
I’m always nosy about what is going on behind the scenes. I’m too old, too jaded and way too realistic to accept anything on-line at face value. What is interesting is looking at other things that are trendy, and even using Google Trends. You type in a word or phrase and Google lets you know what has been getting used, how much and when. It can even show you where the trend is happening. It’s not 100% accurate but it is a reliable snapshot.
I did a simple experiment – I typed in rape culture and compared it with the word misandry. And the results say: