22 Mar 2014

MGTOW Infiltrators + Feminism And The Fall Of Rome + Bossy Addict

Sandman: A couple of weeks ago I noticed that there were more women then usual frequenting my youtube channel. It seemed like all of a sudden women were trying to contact me an prove that they too were MGTOWs. Since then the female attention to this channel has died down a bit. But it got me thinking, why are women drawn to MGTOW. How can you be a man going your own way if you're a woman?

How Ted The Fake And Milt The Flake Created The Deadly Disease Of Neoliberal Globalism

A leading globalist speaks
By John Ward: The disaster at Fukushima continues to rumble on, but unfortunately 95% of the world can’t hear the sound of toxic materials entering the Pacific Ocean….and 50% of the 5% are fully employed lying about it, while the other 50% are dying from it. So for the moment, it’s on the back burner having its calamity flavour intensified, before being freeze-dried and placed in the Too Difficult to Solve drawer.
But trust me, it could be a lot worse. Do not dismiss this as either humour or smugness: I’m serious.
Imagine a world in which, in order to fire millions of people and inflate 15,000 egos, all the badly-built Russian and GE-designed Fukushimas on Earth had been joined together to create an enormous global chain of infinite energy – such that all the reactors in China getting Brazil syndrome would communicate it within days (or even hours) to all those Japanese reactors engaged in accelerating meltdown. Oh my goodness me, you think. How silly would that be?
Energy is one of the few dimensions of contemporary life not joined up like some form of pandemic waiting to happen. But globalist mercantile capitalism, European fiscality, the stock markets, currency trading and investment banking are joined up exactly like that.

Birth Control Deception Is Sexual Assault

'Will this decision be applied equally?'
By Canada’s top court has upheld the sexual assault conviction of Craig Hutchinson, a Nova Scotia man who pierced condoms in an attempt to impregnate his girlfriend. Hutchinson faces up to 18 months in prison, and will have to register as a sex offender.
Court documents show that Hutchinson, 43, had begun piercing condoms in 2006 after his girlfriend had expressed doubts about their relationship. She later became pregnant and he confessed his deceit through text messages.
The seven judges agreed that the appeal should be dismissed, although they arrived at this conclusion differently. Four of the judges said that although the complainant voluntarily agreed to have sex with Hutchison, that consent was “violated” by fraud because the woman had been “deceived” about the condition of the condoms. The remaining three said that the consent never existed, because the complainant only agreed to have sex with an intact condom. What they all agree on is that there was no consent. And that means it’s sexual assault.

Bingo Lingo of Economics + Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert + Egon von Greyerz

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss bingo lingo and Fedspeak. When the markets tumbled when Janet Yellen said, "six months," perhaps she should have said "Chopping Sticks" instead? They also discuss qualitative guidance and productivity gains.

Institutionalized Misandry: Sentence Differences + I Was Raped + SPREAD MGTOW LIKE WILDFIRE "MAN POWER!"

"QE Was A Massive Gift Intended To Boost Wealth", Fed President Admits

Tyler Durden's pictureWith Bernanke gone, the remaining Fed members knowing full well they will be crucified, metaphorically of course (if not literally) when it all inevitably comes crashing down, are finally at liberty with their words... and the truth is bleeding out courtesy of the president of the Dallas Fed, via Bloomberg.
Which incidentally coincides with Bernanke's heartfelt "admission" that "my natural inclinations, even if it weren’t for the legal mandate, would be to try to help the average person." As long as helped to boost the wealth of the non-average billionaire., all is forgiven. "The result was there are still many people after the crisis who still feel that it was unfair that some companies got helped and small banks and small business and average families didn’t get direct help,” Bernanke said. “It’s a hard perception to break." The truth, as again revealed by Fisher, will not help with breaking that perception.
We wonder how President 'Kill List' Obama, that crusader for fairness, equality and all time Russell 200,000 highs, will feel about that? In the meantime, just like the Herp, QE is the gift that keeps on giving.. and giving... and giving... to the 0.001%.

Rape Hysteria & The Rape Culture Lie Must End

By Rape is as American as apple pie,” says blogger Jessica Valenti. She and her sisters-in-arms describe our society as a “rape culture” where violence against women is so normal, it’s almost invisible. Films, magazines, fashion, books, music, humor, even Barbie — according to the activists — cooperate in conveying the message that women are there to be used, abused, and exploited. Recently, rape culture theory has migrated from the lonely corners of the feminist blogosphere into the mainstream. In January, the White House asserted that we need to combat campus rape by changing “…a culture of passivity and tolerance in this country, which too often allows this type of violence to persist.”
Tolerance for rape? Rape is a horrific crime and rapists are despised. We have strict laws that Americans want to see enforced. Though rape is certainly a serious problem, there’s no evidence that it’s considered a cultural norm. Twenty-first century America does not have a rape culture; what we have is an out-of-control lobby leading the public and our educational and political leaders down the wrong path. Rape culture theory is doing little to help victims, but its power to poison the minds of young women and lead to hostile environments for innocent males is immense.
On college campuses, obsession with eliminatingrape culturehas led to censorship and hysteria. At Boston University, student activists launched a petition demanding the cancellation of a Robin Thicke concert, because the lyrics of his hit song “Blurred Lines” allegedly celebrate systemic patriarchy and sexual oppression.”

UK Institutes Join Boycott Of Apartheid Israel + Israeli Regime Green Shirts Murdered 3 More Palestinians

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has joined an international campaign to boycott the apartheid Israeli regime over its quote aggressive policies against Palestinians.
UK BANNED Press TV: RIBA has passed a motion calling on the International Union of Architects to boycott the Israeli Association of United Architects. The motion was passed by 23 votes to 16 with 10 abstentions.
RIBA says it is against expansion of illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.
Angela Brady, the former head of RIBA, told members of the institute that failure to back the motion would send a clear message to the world that we as an institution turn a blind eye or by inaction support what’s going onland grabs, forced removals, killing the… human rights, and reinforcement of apartheid.”
The vote follows a similar motion earlier in the week by the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland.
Earlier this month, Students of the National University of Ireland passed a motion supporting the anti-Israel boycott.
The motion says NUI Galway Students’ Union actively supports the campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against apartheid Israel.
More than 120 Irish academics have also signed a pledge to join a boycott of Israeli institutions.

The Ultimate Goal Of MGTOW: The Coming Revolution And Proper Male Violence 'Quantum Man' + Suffering

MrDawson38: This video attempts to prophesies the new western male on the horizon, which will be forcefully evolved if we don't destroy ourselves first. It also argues the benefits of male aggression and his properly applied violent nature.

Do Not Make Fun Of Those That Have Fallen Out Of The Middle Class – You Could Be Next

By Michael Snyder: There are millions of American families that once lived very comfortable middle class lifestyles that have lost it all.  When you are unemployed and you can't find a decent job, it can crush your soul.  Every day you can see the disappointment or the disapproval in the eyes of your family and friends, and it can be really easy to want to give up completely.  And then there are always those that choose to actively vocalize their disdain for those that are down on their luck.  But telling people "to get a job" or shaming them for being on welfare isn't going to solve anything in an economy where there simply are not enough jobs for everyone.  Only a small minority of welfare recipients are actually trying to abuse the system.  Most people just want to work hard and take care of their families.  Unfortunately, that is much harder to do than it was before the last financial crisis.
At this point, our economy has stabilized at a much lower level than it was at before.  For example, 32 million Americans were on food stamps when Barack Obama took office, and subsequently that number shot up to about 47 million.