24 Mar 2014

US And Orwellian Axis Have Decided To Oust Russia From G8 Over Crimea + We Don't Need Your Stinking Badges - Russian FM

MIC chief (aka US President) Barack Obama 'The Baby Bomber' says he and leaders from other allied regimes in the Orwellian NWO Group of Eight (G8) have decided to oust Russia from the group over the crisis in Ukraine and the status of Crimea.
UK BANNED Press TV: The Autonomous Republic of Crimea declared independence from Ukraine on March 17 and formally applied to become part of Russia following a referendum a day earlier, in which nearly 97 percent of the participants voted in favor of the move.
On March 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law the documents officially making Crimea part of the Russian territory. Putin said the move was carried out based on the international law.
"International law prohibits the acquisition of part or all of another state's territory through coercion or force," the White House said in a statement on Monday. "To do so violates the principles upon which the international system is built. We condemn the illegal referendum held in Crimea in violation of Ukraine's constitution.”
"We also strongly condemn Russia's illegal attempt to annex Crimea in contravention of international law and specific international obligations," the statement added.
Earlier in the day, Russia brushed off the Western threat to expel it from the G8.
"G8 is an informal organization that does not give out any membership cards and, by its definition, cannot remove anyone," Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said during a news conference.

Misandry In The UK: Left To Die In British Detention: Who Is Alois Dvorzac? + DISPOSABLE MALE

By Mike Buchanan: A haunting piece broadcast very recently by Channel 4 News, not a programme with a reputation for showing much concern for men, to put it mildly:
Would the authorities ever treat an elderly woman with Alzheimer’s Syndrome so inhumanely? The question hardly needs to be asked, the answer’s so obvious. Men are officially treated as sub-human in Britain today – even when they’re not British, as in this tragic case.

Why the Zerohedge Analysis of China’s Gold Buying is Wrong

The Doc: The stench of a well-trodden cow pasture is emanating from the Zerohedge article which tries to blame the decline in the price of gold during 2013 on China’s use of a complicated commodities financing structure.   Long time readers know that I always give ZH credit for digging up a lot of information and news items that we might otherwise miss.   It is invaluable in that respect.  However, Zerohedge has historically missed the boat with respect to knowledge and understanding of the precious metals market.
Zerohedge has tried to connect the price-action in the price of gold during 2013 with the amount of gold futures selling which accompanies the CCFD gold transactions for the purposes of hedging.
Zerohedge’s analysis of China’s gold buying is fundamentally flawed, and totally wrong.

The REAL reason that China was able to import over 2,000 tonnes of gold in 2013 without the price being driven a lot higher is due to 3 factors:

SOS: Men’s Human Rights Ireland Launches With 'Save Our Sons' Campaign

By I’ve been on Facebook for just about 4 years, been through wars, nonsense, seen off enemies, dealt with smear campaigns and some truly awful crap. I’ve helped a lot of people during that time who were being harassed on-line by trolls and wannabe-campaigners of all sorts. I have a list of contacts for all sorts of people going back 4 years. From law enforcement, anti-child abuse campaigners, anti-bullying campaigners, trolls, troll hunters, to hackers – I got them all. I helped people to stop being harassed by smear campaigners and helped to get websites, YouTube accounts, and Facebook profiles removed which were harassing innocent people.
All of this led to me being harassed as well. I’ve been named on anti-paedophile websites and had my home address published by trolls and paedophiles, not to mention people calling me on my home phone to threaten me. I am still here. So last year I got talking to a guy called Aoirthoir, seemed nice enough and he told me things which didn’t make sense. Things like domestic abuse was roughly 50-50 which I didn’t believe for one minute, and that more men were raped than women, and that there were more women paedophiles than male ones. I just didn’t buy any of it. So I read and read and read government reports galore. After reading a lot I found out that everything he said was true!
The red pill is a bitter pill to swallow.

Cocaine-Filled Condoms Intercepted On Way To Vatican

Despite Pope Francis' recent attempts - mostly for media and public consumption, if not so much in actuality - to clear out decades of corruption at the Vatican including shady financial backroom dealings, involving countless global banks, some very odd things continue floating up to the surface. Like condoms filled with cocaine.
From AP: German customs officials intercepted a shipment of cocaine destined for the Vatican in January, weekly Bild am Sonntag reported Sunday.

Officers at Leipzig airport found 340 grams (12 ounces) of the drug packed into 14 condoms inside a shipment of cushions coming from South America, the paper, reported citing a German customs report. It said the package was simply addressed to the Vatican postal office, meaning any of the Catholic mini-state's 800 residents could have picked it up.
Not surprisingly, nobody at the Vatican stepped up to claim the 14 condoms - ignoring their contents, the Catholic Church is not exactly known to have a favorable opinion of prophylatics. In this case obviously double so, especially since the intended recipient was tipped off about a makeshift sting operation.

China Demands End To US Spying Activities After New Snowden Leak

RT: China has demanded that the US stop the snooping activities of its National Security Agency against Chinese officials and companies. Beijing has also asked Washington to explain the reports on the illegal spying.
Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, Hong Lei, said on Monday that China is “extremely concerned” about allegations that the US National Security Agency (NSA) infiltrated the servers of Chinese telecom giant, Huawei, targeting the Chinese Trade Ministry, national banks, leading telecommunications companies and the country’s top officials.
“China has already lodged many complaints with the United States about this. We demand that the United States makes a clear explanation and stop such acts,” the spokesman stressed.
Hong cited media reports on “eavesdropping, surveillance and stealing of secrets by the United States of other countries, including China,” which were based on the revelations of the former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden.
The Snowden leaks published by The New York Times and Der Spiegel on Sunday exposed the details of the NSA’s activities in China, which involved spying on the former Chinese President Hu Jintao.

Tsumami Of Old Sperm Hits US - TV Drama Issues Alert

By There are 40,000 untested rape kits sitting on dusty shelves….no, strike that. There are 140,000 untested rape kits lingering in the moldy backrooms of…no, strike that too. There are 500,000 untested rape kits hidden deep in the shadows of police stations and warehouses all across America. Hidden! Just like the terrible rapist hidden in the body and soul of every human male above the age of twelve years old.
500,000 rapes. 500,000 times the police have deftly discarded the evidence that could have prevented these demons from striking again, but rather than make the effort, they hid their shame where no one could find it. Thankfully, Dick Wolf, Creator and Executive Producer for the television show, Law and Order, had the vision (or better, an actress on the show – let’s not give a man too much credit) to let American women know of this crisis.
We all know that men love to rape women. A man’s rape impulse traces all the way down to the sticky wads of DNA that they leave in, on and around their victims. A man, one could assume, would rape anything. A dog. A fern. A hot meatloaf fresh from the oven. Men are rapists. It’s that simple. To continue with rape party that America has become, they hide the evidence of their crime. Thank the lord for Police Procedural Television. Where would we be without it?
But wait, maybe there’s more to this?

Resistance Against The New Youtube Police

WeAreChange: Luke Rudkowski breaks down what occurred to fellow youtuber Mark Dice recently with the termination of his channel. We can only speculate but at this point many people are pointing fingers are the "super flaggers" 200 individuals some government employees that have been recently granted extra powers to shut down videos by youtube. The situation is still developing and even though WeAreChange and Mark Dice disagree on many issues and approaches we still want to bring as much attention to this case as possible because it could be a dangerous precedent to youtube freedom.


What price there’ll be a Labour Government after 2015? What good might come from a Labour Government after 2015?
By John Ward: The press barons may choose to ignore the goings on at the Old Bailey for the time being, but they can’t for much longer. Day by day and brick by brick, a skyscraper of compelling evidence is being built by the prosecution, and absorbed by the jury…and thus far, it seems to be dominating the landscape of this Hacking conspiracy trial. It began at the end of October, and so we should be able to assume that, by mid April at the latest, the jury will be asked to retire and consider their verdicts on seven counts of illegal privacy invasion and conspiracy to pervert justice.
Andy Coulson was David Cameron’s top aide in Downing Street, and Rebekah Brooks a close personal friend with unparalleled access to Rupert Murdoch’s ear. Also closely allied to Newscorp on several different levels are Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, and Jeremy Hunt. All have clouds following them around in relation to police enquiry spiking, educational sponsorship bribes, and improper behaviour during the BSkyB bid. All stand threatened if, at any point, one or both of the accused goes for a plea bargain in return for further cooperation with those parts of the Met police not already too besmirched themselves by the influence of Newscorp corruption at the highest levels.

China's Bin Laden - The Asia-Pacific Perspective

corbettreport: James Corbett and Broc West break down all the latest news and headlines from the Asia-Pacific region.

Putin Inspires Terror In New World Order

Russian President Vladimir Putin is standing up against West’s aggression aimed at completely destroying traditional nations and values and creating a New World Order global dictatorship, says Dr. Barrett.
UK BANNED Press TV: Ongoing Western attempts to destabilize Ukraine, Syria and Iran as well as other countries are the “most recent examples of a decade-old pattern of aggression which the Russian president is countering, Kevin Barrett, a professor of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, wrote in an article for Orwellian UK banned Press TV website.

A Real Study of Japanese “Herbivore Men”

By : Much has been written in the English-speaking world, inside and outside of the men’s movement, but precious little has come directly from Japanese sources who are fluent in both languages and who look at it from an academic, versus ideological or cheap pop-cultural, point of view. Below are some general characteristics of Herbivore Men as described by Japanese philosopher Masahiro Morioka.  Although this is a fascinating portion we have reprinted here, we strongly recommend reading his entire paper, A Phenomenological Study of “Herbivore Men”. – DEMorioka Table 1