25 Mar 2014

UK Budget = Pig with Lipstick - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Mitch Feierstein

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss how wrong the minister for universities in the UK got his maths so, so wrong. The tripling of student fees has, in fact, cost the government more in defaults than had the government kept fees at £3000. They also discuss house prices earning more in a month than one of these university educated graduates earns in a two years.

Confronting Cognitive Dissonance - The Eyeopener + TOO MUCH (THINKING) - Big Cakes

corbettreport: Are you irate, irritable and irrational when presented with evidence that goes against your preconceived notions of how the world operates? Looking for a solution to your stress? We examine the theory of cognitive dissonance and how it stops people from confronting the uncomfortable truths about the way the world really works.

What Happens When Teachers, Delivery People And Fast Food Workers Don’t Care Anymore…

Wendy's Employee Enjoying A FrostyBy Michael Snyder: One of the big problems in America today is that a lot of people simply do not seem to care about what they are doing anymore.  The level of sloth, laziness and apathy that we are witnessing in this country is absolutely mind-numbing.  Of course this is not true of everyone.  There are still many Americans that are extremely hard working.  But overall, it really appears that people are not taking as much pride in their work as they once did.  Some of the examples that I am about to show you are quite funny.  Others are more than just a little bit disturbing.  But they all have a common theme.  Americans from all walks of life are simply giving up.  Whether they are teachers, delivery people or fast food workers, the truth is that there are a whole lot of people out there that seem to have mentally checked out.
For example, take a close look at the midterm exam posted below.  Does anything stand out to you?...

New Scotland Gets To Axe Unaccountable And Expensive Queen

A senior member of  the Scottish National Party (SNP) has floated the idea of axing the Queen in an independent Scotland if the Scottish people voted ‘yes’ in a referendum to be held in September this year.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: The controversial comments by Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill, who has also branded the UK coalition government as “xenophobic,” triggered joy among republican supporters of the SNP.
This is while the comments contradict the Scottish government’s policy of having Queen as head of state.
Speaking at a public meeting in Midlothian on Wednesday last week, the Justice Secretary suggested that “it will be for the people of Scotland to decide” on the Queen’s role if Scotland is no longer part of the UK.
“The position of the Scottish government is that we will inherit the situation we have with the Queen as the head of State in the ceremonial capacity that she has. She will not interfere with the government of the day, which she doesn’t do to her credit. But it will be for the people of Scotland to decide,” said MacAskill.
“If and when that would occur, if they wished to have a referendum, and we would hope we would become the government post-2016, it will be for whoever is in office then,” he added.

Russia Prepares "Mega-Deal" With India After Locking Up China With "Holy Grail" Gas Deal

Tyler Durden's picturehile the West was busy alienating Russia in every diplomatic way possible, without of course exposing its crushing overreliance on Russian energy exports to keep European industries alive, Russia was just as busy cementing its ties with China, in this case courtesy of Europe's most important company, Gazprom, which is preparing to announce the completion of a "holy grail" natural gas supply deal to Beijing. We also noted the following: "And as if pushing Russia into the warm embrace of the world's most populous nation was not enough, there is also the second most populated country in the world, India." Today we learn just how prescient this particular comment also was, when Reuters reported that Rosneft, the world's top listed oil producer by output, may join forces with Indian state-run Oil and Natural Gas Corp to supply oil to India over the long term, the Russian state-controlled company said on Tuesday.
Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin, an ally of President Vladimir Putin, travelled to India on Sunday, part of a wider Asian trip to shore up ties with eastern allies at a time when Moscow is being shunned by the West over its annexation of Crimea.

With EU nations threatening to cut their reliance on Russian oil and gas, Russian officials have started to look East.

Israel Strike On Iran Would Spell Doom For US Empire

If the apartheid Israeli regime launches a military attack on Iran, it will end the US Empire which might be more accurately termed as the New World Order bankster empire, says Kevin Barrett.
Orwellian UK Banned Press TV: If Netanyahu attacks Iran and succeeds in dragging the US and Russia into the war, this week could witness not just the end of the US Empire, but the beginning of the end of civilization,” Kevin Barrett, a professor of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, wrote in an article for Press TV website.
He added that while irrational attachment to Israel has lured the Empire into a series of disastrous attacks on Muslim-majority states, US President Barack Obama has thus far resisted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's orders to attack Iran.

“The US is still doing the bidding of the Zionist bankster oligarchs who are the real power behind the Western throne. And those oligarchs – or at least the hawkish among them - are still pushing for world war,” the analyst said.

Feminist Violence, Feminist Lies - Intelligence Report

Paul Elam: Talking about the recent bullying, violence and thievery by a feminist professor at the University of California in Santa Barbara. Also, we have a story on tap out of Queen's College in Kingston, Ontario, where an attempt to de-ratify the school's Men's Issues Awareness Society was shut down cold by the Alma Mater Society Assembly. Those and other stories will be discussed by Paul Elam, Dean Esmay and Dr. Tara Palmatier.

Why Are Polish Men In London Getting Military Call-Up Papers?

Poland apparently feels vulnerable to Putin’s lack of aggression: and let’s not forget, we’d be bound to help - as we did in 1939
By Crispin Black: NEXT time you take a tray of tea and custard creams to the nice gang of Polish builders renovating your semi, they may seem a little distracted and anxious. Ask them why, and they will answer that some of them have in the last few weeks received call-up papers as army reservists.   
This happened to a friend of mine in London at the end of last week.  At least 7,000 reservists have been recalled to the colours for immediate exercises lasting between 10 and 30 days.
They’re told by the Polish authorities that the call-ups are “routine”: but the men say they haven’t been asked before and they’re well aware of the growing alarm in Warsaw at President Putin’s aggression. Three weeks ago, their Prime Minister, Donald Tusk, called a press conference to warn thatthe world stands on the brink of conflict, the consequences of which are not foreseen… Not everyone in Europe is aware of this situation.”
My own view is that Putin was initially more concerned with righting a specific historical wrong in Crimea than starting a new Cold War.  This is still probably the case despite the dawning truth that the EU/Nato Emperor really has no clothes at all.

Teach Men To Not Rape

By Do you think men should be taught not to rape? Do you think that men, and by extension, boys, need to be taught not to rape?
If so, then you are, in all likelihood, a feminist. That’s the polite term – the term serving to obscure the reality. To believe that half the population – based only on their sex – are biologically inclined towards the violent crime of rape is to enthusiastically embrace hatred for the entire male half of the human race.
Teach men not to rape.

8 Million Russians In Ukraine "Must Be Killed With Nuclear Weapons" - Feminist Ukraine Leader In New Leaked Recording + Talented Brain Rinsed White Knights Of RAP +

Tyler Durden's picture While the NSA is busy justifying its spying of every American its existence thanks to famous Moscow resident Edward Snowden, its Russian counterparts have been busy intercepting even more phone Ukrainian conversations.
After a month ago a leaked phone call between US assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland and the US envoy to the Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt confirmed that it was the US that was pulling the strings in what was about to be a violent coup overthrowing Ukraine's president Yanukovich, "someone" has just leaked another phone conversation, this time between parliamentarian Nestor Shufrych and former PM and ideological leader of the Ukraine "revolution" Yulia Tymoshenko and most probable future president of West Ukraine, in which Tymoshenko is makes the following threats, "It’s going too far! Bugger! We must grab arms and go whack those damn katsaps [a Ukrainian word used to refer to the Russians in a negative tone] together with their leader",

Are Nation States Beginning to Splinter?

The Counterrevolution to the EU's Centralization

By : Venice just held a 'non-binding' referendum on whether the city should once again become an independent city-state and secede from Italy. An astonishing 89% voted 'yes' (which makes the outcome of the Crimea referendum no longer look 'strangely one-sided'). This happens just as Scotland's vote whether to remain part of the UK is approaching and Catalonia is preparing to vote whether to remain with Spain.

“Venetians have voted overwhelmingly for their own sovereign state in a ‘referendum’ on independence from Italy. 
Inspired by Scotland’s separatist ambitions, 89 per cent of the residents of the lagoon city and its surrounding area, opted to break away from Italy in an unofficial ballot.
The proposed ‘Repubblica Veneta’ would include the five million inhabitants of the Veneto region and could later expand to include parts of Lombardy, Trentino and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The floating city has only been part of Italy for 150 years. The 1000 year–old democratic Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia, was quashed by Napoleon and was subsumed into Italy in 1866.

LIBERTARIAN INFIGHTING + A List Of 97 Taxes Americans Pay Every Year

Julie Borowski: My thoughts on libertarian infighting. This video is supposed to be all in good fun. I hope everyone takes it that way. No disrespect intended.

World War 3: The Crimean Crisis - Ukraine, Russia, The European Union And The United States

Stefan Molyneux: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts speaks about the Crimean Crisis, the showdown with Vladimir Putin, the Ukraine political situation and the growing conflict between Russia, the European Union and the United States.

Feminists Bullied By Logic + Sex, Companionship And Cash

Feminism LOL (aka the COCK fairy): Feminists will not be oppressed by logic, reason, or Helen Reece.