31 Mar 2014

Revenge: Good or Evil?

0:24:50 - How does someone subdue the natural urge for revenge or wrath after being hurt by another person emotionally and or physically?

Misandry: Why Is Discussion of Boys and Men Opposed? + Chill Out With The Feminazis And Their Manginas

By : This past week Professor Janice Fiamengo of the University of Ottawa was heckled (at Queens University) and, the next night, forced to stop speaking (at the University of Ottawa) because of the topic of her lecture: boys and men in contemporary society. Why is the topic considered dangerous enough to be met by violent protesters?
I can think of topics that are supportive of, say, racism or anti-semitism being protested, given the history of harm done to racial and ethnic groups. But such talks would most certainly not be about promoting such attitudes and would most likely take up the history of such attitudes. I can also think of lectures on topics such as pro-abortion being anticipated with angry protests against the practice being promoted. But in a university setting, it is never or should never be a matter of promoting any attitude or practice (except, perhaps, being open to every topic for disucssion). At universities, every topic must be open for discussion. This is what makes the university different from a soap-box or a political speech: any topic, no matter how difficult to consider, must be allowed to be openly presented for discussion and debate, without worry that the speaker will be shouted down or prevented from speaking. The university extracurricular lecture format has traditionally provided for this. Of course, no one is required to attend such a lecture.
Now consider the topic of boys and men as such:

MGTOW 101: Frozen (The Disney Movie) + The Male Privilege Debunked #2

Adam Man: The first ever Disney MGTOW?

Laurie Penny Of New Statesman: Petulant, Dishonest Child Of Privilege Who’s Been Caught Again + Flight Of The Conchords Confirm Their MGTOW Status "Stop Touching My Monkey!"

By Laurie Penny is a petulant, prepubescent performance artist, play-acting at being both a journalist and a grown-up. But failing. Previously referring to herself as a media professional, which I’d not contest, she has now taken to calling herself a reporter or journalist. These categories of writing have a marked difference which will, inevitably, become an insurmountable inconvenience for Ms. Penny: Journalists report facts.
Skipping back and forth between New Statesman and The Independent, Penny filled the vacant shoes of disgraced plagiarist Johann Hari in 2012, just long enough to follow in his disgusting footsteps. Fabricating quotes and failing to cite her sources where it didn’t suit her colourful narrative, Ms. Penny is not troubled by her lack of integrity. Trivial expectations of honesty in journalism were responded to with an assertion that all journalists are subjective, and she’s somewhat proud of her methods.
Given Laurie Penny’s disrespect for her art, it’s not surprising to discover that she has lied. Which article hardly matters but, in this case, it was a discussion about men’s rights and an encounter she had with Mike Buchanan, founder of the Justice for Men and Boys (& the Women Who Love Them) political party in the UK.

MHRA Mike Buchanan’s Public Challenge Of RadFem Laurie Penny For Her Misrepresentation & Her Racism

By : Life doesn’t get much better than discovering you’ve been misrepresented by a prominent Gender Feminist journalist. Being (incorrectly) branded a liar – twice – by Julie Bindel in the course of my talk in the recent debate at Durham University is something I shall treasure to the end of my days. A supporter has just drawn my attention to a piece written by Laurie Penny for the New Statesman, published online on 25 March:
What drives the men who think feminists and foreigners want to wipe them out?
I met Ms Penny sometime around Xmas. She contacted me seeking an interview for a New Statesman piece, while I happened to be staying with friends in London. When we met, I proffered my hand to shake hers and she visibly flinched, as she had on the previous occasion I’d met her, when she’d sat next to me on a bench at Covent Garden underground station. At first I mistook her for another feminist ray of sunshine, Kat Banyard.
Ms Penny and I had a coffee – she paid, I didn’t offer to pay, lest I be accused of benevolent sexism – at a coffee shop of her choosing in London. I’d politely declined her earlier suggestion of meeting in a public house in Soho. I was carrying a suitcase that day because I’d stayed the previous evening at a friend’s place in London, and was due to spend the next evening at another friend’s place in London.

"The Market Is Rigged" - Michael Lewis Explains How HFTs "Screw" Investors Every Day

Tyler Durden's picture It was almost excatly five years ago to the day, on April 10, 2009, that Zero Hedge - widely mocked at the time by "experts" - began its crusade against HFT and the perils of algorithmic trading (which of course were validated a year later with the Flash Crash). In the interim period we wrote hundreds if not thousands of articles discussing and explaining the pernicious, parasitic and destabilizing role HFT plays in modern market topology, and how with every passing day, markets are becoming increasingly more brittle, illiquid and, in one word, broken. Or, as Michael Lewis put it most succinctly, "rigged." With Lewis' appearance last night on 60 Minutes to promote his book Flash Boys, and to finally expose the HFT scourge for all to see, we consider our crusade against HFT finished. At this point it is up to the general population to decide if this season's participants on Dancing with the Stars or the fate of Honet Boo Boo is more important than having fair and unrigged markets (obviously, we know the answer).
For those who missed it, here it is again (click here for source/video link). Lewis explains how an extra millisecond allows high-frequency traders to exploit computerized trading in the U.S. stock market. By "beating" investors to exchanges, Lewis argues that high-frequency traders can buy stocks and quickly sell them back at higher prices.

Revelations With Erin Pizzey And Professor Nicola Graham Kevan + Disposable Male + Women's Suffrage

Ex-Israeli PM Olmert Convicted Of Bribery And Corruption + Payday Monsanto - Under Control

Apartheid Israel’s former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has been convicted in a bribery trial linked to a luxury property development in al-Quds (aka Jerusalem).
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: On Monday, a Tel Aviv court found Olmert guilty of receiving two counts of bribes related to the construction of the massive so-called Holyland residential complex when he was mayor of Al-Quds.
He was accused of receiving bribes to push the project forward.
We’re talking about corrupt and filthy practices,” said Judge David Rosen while reading the verdict.
The judge also cited a corrupt political system which has decayed over the years... and in which hundreds of thousands of shekels were transferred to elected officials.”
The trial included 16 defendants and lasted over two years.
In 2010, Olmert had been announced as the key suspect in the case as he allegedly received bribes of about 1.5 million shekels (USD 430,000).

Fuck You Cover/Pardoy Dedicated To The Feminists

AlyssMajere: Muhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

Alyss Majere Interview With AVfM

12 Signs That Something Big Is Happening To The Earth’s Crust Under North And South America

By Michael Snyder: Why are fault lines and volcanoes all over North and South America suddenly waking up?  Are we moving into a time when major earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will become much more common?  For the past several decades, we have been extremely fortunate to have experienced a period of extremely low seismic activity along the west coast of the United States.  You see, the west coast lies right along the infamous Ring of Fire.  Approximately 75 percent of all the volcanoes in the world are on the Ring of Fire, and approximately 90 percent of all global earthquakes occur along the Ring of Fire.  Scientists tell us that it is inevitable that "the Big One" will hit California someday, but people have gotten very apathetic about this because things have been so quiet out there for so many years.  Well, now it appears that things are changing in a big way - and not just along the California coast.  The following are 12 signs that something big is happening to the earth's crust under North and South America...
#1 The 5.1 earthquake that shook Los Angeles on Friday was the worst earthquake that the city had seen in many years.
#2 Following that earthquake, there were more than 100 aftershocks.
#3 A 4.1 earthquake shook Los Angeles on Saturday.  Scientists are hoping that this earthquake swarm in southern California will end soon.
#4 Earlier this month, a 4.4 earthquake rattled Los Angeles so badly that it caused news anchors to dive under their desks.
#5 A 6.9 earthquake just off the coast of northern California in early March was the largest earthquake to hit the west coast of the United States since 2010.

Danielle D’Entremont, Bellwether? - C.O.C.K. + The FemBots Are Dead

By This morning, the first thing I read was an article about a woman who had faked her own kidnapping, stabbing, abduction and rape, in order to falsely accuse her husband, and send him to jail for the rest of his natural life.
No really, I did.
The article quoted an investigating officer who pointed out that although the fraudster Christine Capurso only faced a misdemeanour charge, the allegations she had made were very serious. If her intended victim, the falsely accused husband had been found guilty, he would have faced a 25 year prison term.
Does anybody else notice the obvious disconnect here? How is it that the allegations proven fraudulent can be described as “very serious” in the same statement noting that her offence was so insignificant it merited only a misdemeanour charge?
If, by fabricating an outrageous story about her own stabbing (she stabbed herself) abduction and multiple rape she was attempting to imprison her victim for a quarter century, why is the legal consequence so minor it doesn’t even merit classification as a major crime, or felony? Is it unreasonable to expect that maliciously perpetrated fraud, attempting by deception of police to imprison a man, should result in his potential incarceration being served by the false accuser, on discovery of that fraud?
Just as I am not the only person to ask this question, Christine Capurso’s intended victim is not the only person targeted for personal destruction through false allegations.