1 Apr 2014

Germaine Greer On How Women Abuse Men + Female Reporter Bullied By Feminists At The National Young Feminist Leadership Conference

Sargon of Akkad: She's only speaking to the packed-out Sydney opera house, no biggie. Also women being bitches is all men's fault. Of course.

Watch As HFT Debate Devolves Into Epic Screamfest In Milliseconds + 60 Minutes Sanitizes Its Report on High Frequency Trading

The clearly agitated BATS CEO came out swinging, blasting Katsuyama and Lewis "Shame On You," for apparently telling the truth of what occurs in the stock 'market and letting everyone in on it'. The tension grows when he presses Katsuyama on whether he really believes it is rigged... who then erupts "I believe the markets are rigged.. and that you are a part of the rigging." Then the gloves come off "you wanna do this, let's do this!" and then it got worse (or better)...

Gynocentrism "Meet The New Boss, More Sexist Than The Old Boss" - The Voice of Europe AVFM Radio

Paul Elam: The only show at this time addressing the issues concerning men and boys at a European level. ...this is the place where feminism gets to be called out on it's lies and propaganda and the state is invited to get out of peoples lives. We are here and we don't plan on leaving any time soon. Feminists and manginas be warned.

Alyss Speaks + GOALS OF MGTOW

AlyssMajere: "I'm boxing feminists all over the globe because I'm tired of hearing all the crap that they're spouting. Too much man hating shit!"

Saxo Bank CEO: Short The Euro As It's A "Currency Of Mass Destruction"

Has The EUR Reached Its Biggest "Sell" Since Inception?
I have to admit that I have been surprised by the EUR's resilience in recent months...
Readers of my past blogs and editorials elsewhere will know that I think the EUR is a monumentally bad idea. In fact, if it is possible to hate a financial asset, I hate the EUR. It has created countless victims in its trail, de facto bankrupted multiple countries, lost most of an entire young generation in Southern Europe and lead Europe in the direction of a totalitarian super state. So yes, I hate the EUR. May it disappear one day soon, leaving only a sad and frightening memory of an irresponsible, dangerous experiment that is never to be repeated. It will also leave behind gigantic economic and human costs. But it would be far better to take that unavoidable loss soon, before it becomes impossible to reverse. Recovery will follow much sooner if the root cause of the current malaise is removed.
I admit it would be naive to think that the EUR situation will be resolved anytime soon owing to the vast amount of political capital that has been invested in it. The huge European bureaucracy and especially the political elite that feed off the EU will do all they can to prevent the EUR’s fall, at least until it becomes inevitable. This will be either due to pressure from voters (even if they are very rarely consulted in this post-democratic political structure) or from the markets, which eventually must reassume their role that has been perverted beyond recognition during the crisis: the true role of allocating capital and pricing money and assets rationally.

Bitcoin Fight Night - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Matt O'Connor

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss putting the entire economy into a plastic bag and towing it across the flood of Central Bank liquidity.

Anne Dempsey Of Men’s Rights Ireland On Newstalk

By : Less than 48 hours after the public announcement of the launch of her organisation Men’s Rights Ireland, Anne Dempsey (aka Anja Eriud) was interviewed–over the phone, which is never easy–for the #1 evening radio news programme in Ireland, Newstalk, presented by Marc Coleman. It was a very impressive media debut, as we’d anticipated. At the end of the piece Marc Coleman invited her into the studio for another discussion, at a time of her choosing.
Today Anne’s going to be interviewed by another highly-respected Irish radio presenter, and we’ll bring you that piece too, once it’s available.
Anne’s planning to have her own YouTube channel up and running shortly, and until then — and indeed afterwards — we’ll post her media interviews on our Justice 4 Men and Boys channel. Source
Anne also blogs at Not A Feminist: Because Men’s Rights Are Human Rights.

It’s about to kick off in Ireland!

The Coming Collapse Of The International Monetary System + The Chinese Are Acquiring Large Chunks Of Land All Over America

By Callum Newman: Here’s a World War D scenario for you, dear reader: as a retaliation for US sanctions on Russia in the wake of the invasion of Ukraine, Russia responds like this: hackers attack the New York Stock Exchange and force it to close indefinitely; the Russian government dumps its billions of US Treasuries in the open market, causing interest rates to rise and crashing the US economy. The banks go into turmoil as people panic and withdraw their money. It would be a Russian strike on the US, without firing a shot. 
That’s just one scenario hedge fund manager, economist and author Jim Rickards painted on the new era of financial warfare in his speech this morning at World War D. Rickards had the unenviable task of following on from Marc Faber’s opening act. But any man that’s war-gamed at the Pentagon is going to have a lot to say when it comes to financial warfare. And in a world of interconnected currencies, derivatives, hedge funds, and bond and stock markets, your money is right in the middle of it. We’re all hostage without even really thinking about it.
And if you think the Russian scenario above is far-fetched, Rickards pointed out that the US effectively did something similar for real in Iran.

Saudis Not Alone In 9/11 Military Operation: Kevin Barrett

"9/11 is not just a Saudi operation, the governments of the US and Israel were also involved in the attacks." American analyst Kevin Barrett.

Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: Former US Senator Bob Graham has recently said a report on the role of Saudi Arabia in the attacks and its financial support has been kept secret for 12 years.
However, Barrett said pointing the finger at Saudi Arabia alone is a limited hangout meaning that it could be used to try to avoid the real truth of the 9/11 which was that it was not just the Saudi operation, it was a US government-Israeli operation in which Saudi intelligence simply provided the patsies to be blamed as hijackers.
It was not just Saudi Arabia it was also, as I said, elements of the governments of the US and Israel,” Barrett, a member of Scientific Panel for the Investigation of 9/11, told Press TV on Monday.
According to Graham, There were 28 pages in the final report, out of over 800 total, which were totally censored from.”
Barrett said that those 28 pages were kept secret on the orders of former president George W. Bush.

The Invisible Suffering Of The Codependent Man

By : Prostitution is legal when it is called “adult entertainment,” “escort services” or “marriage.”
Brutally honest prostitution was exiled by vainglorious social justice warriors with suspiciously clean white armor. But it was honesty that was exiled, not prostitution.
Prostitution 2.0 (“P2″ for brevity) uses lies and addiction to increase profits from private webcam shows, pornography, diamonds and Valentine’s Day merchandise. Sex sales have been liquidated and reinvested in selling prospects of affection.  You don’t have to sell sex when you could sell a lap dance or three hours where you pretend to be a girlfriend. There is no better indication of how lonely we must be than the profit margins for suppliers of prepackaged love. That is a clear indication that affection is in demand, but there is a shortage.
P2 vendors would not be sitting on a pile of cash if men felt loved.
If a man could buy sex or feel respected by women, he would feel no inclination to fall into the sophisticated machinery ready to consume him.
The pus-lubed web of lies woven by P2 make life worse by performing two functions:

  • To facilitate courtship between codependents and narcissists.
  • To encourage male codependency and female narcissism.

The Odds Are Never In Our Favor

By Michael Snyder: How would you feel if you went to the store to buy something, and someone rushed ahead of you and purchased it first and then sold it to you at a higher price Well, in the financial world this happens millions upon millions of times.  In fact, this practice has become so popular that it has spawned an entire industry known as "high frequency trading".  At this point, high frequency trading makes up about half of all trading volume on Wall Street, and it is costing the rest of us billions of dollars a year.  And the funny thing is that this is all perfectly legal.  High frequency trading firms are exploiting a glitch in the system, and by allowing this to go on, the authorities have essentially given them a license to steal from the rest of us.  Sadly, this is just another example that shows that the odds are never in our favor.  The "little guy" never seems to be able to win, and those at the top of the food chain like it that way.
Making money in the stock market is supposed to be about making wise investment decisions.  It isn't supposed to be about finding a glitch in a video game and exploiting it.  But that is essentially what these high frequency traders have done.  They have spent an extraordinary amount of time and energy figuring out ways to make pennies (or sometimes just fractions of a penny) on the trades that the rest of us make.
Fortunately, this practice was exposed in front of the entire world by 60 Minutes the other night.  Steve Kroft interviewed a former trader named Michael Lewis that just released a new book entitled "Flash Boys" that is all about the evils of high frequency trading.  The following is an excerpt from that interview...