5 Apr 2014


"MGTOW is still a baby. Creating an army of men to fight misandry and advise younger men. Get MGTOW to go viral."

China Is the Next Lehman Brothers

By : Martin (Two Brains) Wolf, the Financial Times’ venerable economics commentator, doesn’t always have the correct answers. But he invariably poses the right questions, which, in a journalist, is often more important. In his column this week, Wolf asks, “Is China different? Or must its borrowing binge, like most others, end in tears?”
That the Middle Kingdom’s transformation from a Communist command economy is a great success story cannot be doubted; it’s one of the wonders of modern history. Since 1991, according to the World Bank’s database, its inflation-adjusted growth rate has averaged about ten per cent a year. Rapid growth has dragged hundreds of millions of people out of grinding poverty and turned China, according to some measures, into the world’s second-largest economy. (In terms of G.D.P. per capita, the performance is a bit less impressive. In 2012, according to the World Bank, China’s was $6,091, placing it among places like Peru, Serbia, and Thailand.)

In the past few years, however, China’s growth rate has slowed down a bit, and the country has racked up large debts. How large? Wolf provides a disturbing chart, based on figures from the International Monetary Fund, that shows overall debts rising from about a hundred and twenty-five per cent of G.D.P. in 2008 to two hundred per cent in 2013. That’s quite a leap. As anybody who has visited China recently can confirm, it has coincided with an enormous building boom, which has left many cities festooned with empty apartment buildings and shopping malls.

The New Age Of Virtual Protectionism & The US Virtual Oligarchy + Real Gold? Are You Sure? An Examination Of Modern Gold Counterfeiting

: McDonald’s has announced it has closed its stores in Crimea, given that prominent Moscow politicians are calling for all the expulsion of U.S. fast food chain outlets from Russia. There is a call to close all 400 stores of McDonald’s in Russia. This is demonstrating that not merely is the Cold War back, we are looking at the contraction in the world economy that seems to be unprecedented since the days of Protectionism during the 1930′s.

We have a convergence of two trends. The US hunting of Americans doing any business offshore and in the process they are destroying economic expansion to the point only the big multinationals can go offshore. This is having the de facto impact of a virtual oligarchy in the USA since only the big multinationals can operate. Small business is being destroyed by the IRS policies and the greed of Congress seeking more taxes rather than reform is contracting international trade that can ONLY fuel the coming economic collapse. Add to this trend the Cold War and the net outcome is the same result that spiraled during the Great Depression – PROTECTIONISM.

Anonymous - Rothschilds & Malaysian Airlines MH370 Connection

Misandry: I Need Angry Women Who Hate Men Because...Part 03

6oodfella: The stupidity never ends.

The Manifesto Of The Feminist Socialist Party

#Killallmen is certainly the best slogan for their election campaign.

MGTOW: The Processed Mentality

"I dread being a processed person. 
...A human being is more than that."
MrDawson38: Our minds and thus our cognitive sense-of-self, has been processed like so much fast food. Our mentality, as well as the thoughts we formulate within it and the reality we perceive externally from it, have been seized and boxed into little cheep packages that are expressed in society as ideas like ideology, religion, politics, and occupation, and drives us to live out our given purpose as ignorant consumer citizens.

TERROR: Genocidal Jewish Land Thieves Attack Palestinian People, Cars, Homes in Bethlehem.

So called 'Israeli settlers' have injured at least four Palestinians during another vandalizing raid on Bethlehem, East al-Quds (aka Jerusalem) in the worlds largest open air prison gulag known as 'Occupied West Bank'.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: More than 50 Jewish land thieves invaded Sheikh Jarrah District on Friday, throwing stones at Palestinian cars and homes. Local Palestinian residents tried to stop the attack but were assaulted by the Jews.

On March 23, Israeli settlers punctured the tires of 45 cars belonging to Palestinian residents in the neighborhood of Beit Haninain in East al-Quds.

Meanwhile, Israeli settlers have attacked Palestinian lands in Bethlehem in the West Bank, destroying over 300 newly planted grape vines.
Settlers in the West Bank often assault Palestinians, vandalizing their properties, cars, mosques and olive trees. However, the assailants are rarely detained.
According to the UN, there were nearly 400 incidents of Jewish land thief violence against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank in 2013.

Men’s Rights Cross Canada Campaign: April 4-6, 2014

FirstAprilCampaign3By : Starting this weekend at least nine Canadian cities, including Halifax, Hamilton, Burlington, Toronto, Windsor, Saskatoon, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, and possibly others will be experiencing a nationwide postering campaign carrying an anti-Misandrist message, and holding up a mirror to society’s double-standards in law and social attitudes about men vs. women. Posters will be appearing all over Canada, placed by volunteers acting on their own initiative under a simple premise: If not us, who? If not now, when?
The posters are a parody of the hateful, misandrist international campaign to ask men to stop violence against women – never mind that men are the majority of victims of violence and never mind that when it comes to Domestic Violence all the available science shows that women are as violent if not more violent than men are. Nevertheless, self-hating men and man-hating women have joined in an international campaign to demand that men take responsibility for violence, and violence against women only. By doing so these bigots demonize the male half of the human race and infantalize the female half.
Although these posters are a parody, they also carry a serious message, for the problems they point to are real. So a simple question comes: is what’s good for the gander also for the goose?

US Blasts Europe’s Anti-Snooping 'Schengen Cloud' As 'Unfair Advantage'

RT: US officials on Friday slammed plans to construct an EU-centric communication system, designed to prevent emails and phone calls from being swept up by the NSA, warning that such a move is a violation of trade laws.
Calling Europe’s proposal to build its own integrated communication system draconian,” the office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) said American tech companies, which are worth an estimated $8 trillion per year, would take a financial hit if Brussels gives the initiative the green light.

"Recent proposals from countries within the European Union to create a Europe-only electronic network (dubbed a 'Schengen cloud' by advocates) or to create national-only electronic networks could potentially lead to effective exclusion or discrimination against foreign service suppliers that are directly offering network services, or dependent on them," the USTR said in its annual report.

In the aftermath of Edward Snowden’s whistleblowing activities at the National Security Agency, which proved that much of the world’s telecommunication meta-data is being stored away in the United States, European countries – notably Germany and France - are desperate to get a handle on their own networks without relying on meddlesome middleman.

#cancelcolbert -Yes They Really Are Stoooopid

Thunderf00t: So it looks like Suey Park wants to become the Rosa Parks of first world problems. #cancelcolbert

Christine Lagarde Is Clueless: 70 Words Of Keynesian Claptrap

By David Stockman: The world’s official economic institutions are run by people who believe in monetary fairy tales. The 70 words of wisdom below from IMF head Christine Lagarde are par for the course. She asserts that a new jabberwocky expression called “low-flation” is the main obstacle to higher economic growth in Europe and the DM areas generally and that it can be cured by more central bank money printing.

The first obstacle is… the emerging risk of what I call “low-flation,” particularly in the Euro Area. A potentially prolonged period of low inflation can suppress demand and output—and suppress growth and jobs. More monetary easing, including through unconventional measures, is needed in the Euro Area to raise the prospects of achieving the ECB’s price stability objective. The Bank of Japan also should persist with its quantitative easing policy.
Now there is not a shred of credible evidence that prolonged low CPI inflation causes workers to produce less, businesses to invest less or entrepreneurs to invent less. Since these are the fundamental ingredients of economic growth on the free market, the question recurs as to why Keynesian Kool-Aid drinkers like Lagarde (and the huge staff of IMF economists she lip-syncs) apparently believe that eroding the value of savings by say only 1% per year vs. 2% will “suppress demand and output”.