7 Apr 2014

Misandry: Are You Against Quotas?

Sargon of AkkadSargon of Akkad: Then you oppress women and need to be dealt with. "Arguing for idiots to be placed in top jobs."

A Woman Asks The Everyday Sexism Project: Seriously? + Radford vs. Stollznow: Tempest in the Skeptic Community

Shocked_Woman250By : I finally bit the bullet and logged on to Everyday Sexism. It is a website set up to allow women to post their stories of the horrific misogyny and sexism which supposedly pervades our societies. The site is being lauded all over the other online feminist echo-chambers as “brave” “revealing” and “visionary”. Mostly it’s just one after another poster whining about some guy saying something she didn’t like or complaining because a man looked at her boobs. I was thinking about instances from my own life which I could post on the site that would compare with some of the entries I read:
I was sitting on the grass reading on the campus of the college where I work last summer. A young guy walked over to me. He noticed the book I was reading was Russian and asked me where I was from. I told him.
“Russian girls are the most beautiful in the world.” he said.
“Ha ha.” I replied. “And I suppose you say that when you meet a Spanish or Polish girl?”
“Well obviously not,” he laughed, “but I’m lying when I talk to them.”
“You speak English well” he continued. “Are you part Irish?”
“No, I’m 100% Russian.”
“So you don’t have any Irish in you at all?”
“No” I smiled, knowing the punch-line already.
“Would you like some?” the guy said.
It was a silly conversation that we both knew was going nowhere. Nobody was threatened or offended or violated or any of the things feminists want us to be. It was harmless banter. I didn’t take any offence because – well – because I’m a grownup.

UK G4S Torture Thugs In Court For Manslaughter

"I can't breath, I can't breath"
Three employees of the leading British/Israeli torture Company, G4S, have gone on trial facing manslaughter charges over the killing of another African dad back in 2010. "The children just can't stop crying"
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: Jimmy Mubenga died of cardiac arrest after being 'restrained' by 'security guards' onboard a plane at Heathrow Airport as he was deported from the UK.
An inquest jury has already found that G4S guards unlawfully killed the 46-year-old Angolan refugee.
However, the defendants, who were employed as detainee custody officers by G4S at the time, say they will deny the manslaughter charges.
The security firm has tried to dodge responsibility in this case in the past four years. But the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) confirmed that the accused men, Colin Kaler, Stuart Tribelnig and Terrence Hughes would be charged.
The All African Women’s Group, comprised of women asylum seekers, said, “What happened to Jimmy could have happened to one of our members; a number of us have suffered assaults in detention and violent deportations. Unless those abusing asylum seekers – women, children and men fleeing genocide, war and rape – are stopped, all our lives are at risk.”

Feminism v. Equality - The COCK Fairy

'...a truly cunning stunt of history.'
By Feminists often use the word “equality” in a puzzling manner which reverses the original meaning. To feminists, and social justice warriors, “real” equality requires biasing society to advantage some people over others based on their gender, race, or other claimed oppression group. This idea that equality can only be achieved by treating people unequally reaches a level of stupidity that only feminism can attain.
“Substantive equality,” like most feminist terms, can be quite confusing for those who don’t defer to debauched dictionaries or champion corrupted concepts.
While free societies count on justice being blind, feminists were unhappy with the results of impartiality in the courts – namely, women were being convicted of more crimes. Under the guise of promoting equality, radical feminism has succeeded in bringing bias back into the legal system by arguing that women are, in fact, not equal to men and should not be treated as such under the law.
Despite some opposition from rational thinkers, “substantive” has trumped “formal” in the legal applications of equality.

Dicks, Women And Politics

Angelo Agathangelou: Do we need leaders of either gender? I did when I was a child and called them my parents. Now I am all grown up, it's a different matter. After a process during which I discovered 'the system' (politics and government) first hand and up close, I now call it a bankster/MIC dictatorship con via the back door (among other things). I think many are missing the point, buried as we are in the conflict. Cui bono?

Orwellian Anglosphere: Wikileaks' Julian Assange Interviewed

liarpoliticians: An interview with Wikileaks' Julian Assange on Western oppression of free speech, using criminal spy agencies to stop the press' exposure of the criminal 0.01%.

Cruelty To Women And C.O.C.K.

johntheother: "I need feminism because no means no but yes doesn't always mean yes."

Today.. The Most Depressing Day Of Your Life - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The artist taxi driver: "...get up, get out today and do something against the grain. Strip off get in your shorts and roll down, in the rain, rolling up and down the road, do something that is extraordinary, say to people, "I ain't taking this no more!"

SUNDAY FUNNIES: Summing Up The American Dream


TheFlexEffect: When a female Romanian teacher being investigated for child abuse is asked to go with police she slaps the officer in the face then he responds with one of his own.

A Friendly Note from Adèle Mercier, Rape Apologist, Victim Blamer And Pedophile ...Apparently.

By : The following was just received in my inbox. It appears to be from feminist and alleged professor, rape apologist and victim blamer Adèle Mercier of Queen’s University Department of Philosophy

Dear editors of A Voice for Men,
I am giving you twenty-four hours to remove from the internet all *libellous* representations of me as a “rape apologist,” a “victim blamer,” a “pedophile” and other such falsehood and innuendo that your site has irresponsibly allowed to be published.
Please acknowledge receipt of this message immediately.
Adèle Mercier
Dept of Philosophy, Queen’s University, Kingston, CANADA K7L 3N6

tel (613) 533-2182;  fax (613) 533-6545
LOGOS – Logic, Language & Cognition Research Group
Departament de Lògica, Història de la Ciència, Universitat de Barcelona, SPAIN
Justice will only exist where those not affected by injustice
are filled with the same amount of indignation as those offended.
–attributed to Plato
Well, indeed that deserves a response, and that right quick!. Given Mercier’s socio-sexual political orientation, she does not seem acquainted with the concept of free speech, nor the dim view we take down this way toward abridging the right of human beings to express their opinions in an arena where ideas are free to be challenged.

The Stazi-KGB-Zio-Nazi Wet Dream Porn Movie Of Fascist Surveillance Heaven - The Theory Of Plasma Cosmology And The Electric Universe

Deek Jackson: The FKN Show "Fuck The Pope, The Queen And The Jews! More or less offensive than drone bombing 'sand-niggers' from x-thousand feet? Fuck the queen, hold her down and shove a fist right up her cunt and fuck the president!"