12 Apr 2014

What The Fuck Is Infanticide?

By : On April 10, 2014 Huffington Post ran an article summarizing the guilty verdict handed down by a Vancouver court to child killer Sarah Leung. The former mother had twice placed her newborn in a plastic bag and left it out with the trash. Only one of the dead infant’s bodies was found.
The article itself opens with the following:
A Vancouver jury has convicted a 28-year-old woman of two counts of infanticide in the separate deaths of her two newborn sons, finding her guilty of a lesser crime than second-degree murder.
The jury returned with the verdicts for Sarah Leung on Thursday night, concluding six days of deliberations following a trial that began in February.
Leung’s lawyer, Richard Fowler, said Friday the case remains an “abject tragedy” but that the jury came back with the right decision.
“I think personally it’s an example of our justice system at its absolute best,” he said in an interview.
If this is our justice system at its best, we are all in fucking trouble.

Ignoring The Abuse Of Fathers

'...if I am correct, and it is only fathers who suffer this abuse, then delivery of such injury is selective.'
By : I’ve heard the stories, heard the screams. I’ve gazed upon the cradled babies in the nursery ward. Giving birth is an amazing feat of zero skill, and it still amazes me. It amazes me that this is the epitome, the pinnacle, the supposed female trump card to all male accomplishments. A man lands on the moon with analogue technology and proves Galileo’s theory of air resistance, but never mind that, another woman gave birth, just as well as any other female animal on the planet. A man creates life in a petri-dish, but never mind that, some broad stole his sperm and created life herself.
Anyway, I’m not knocking the dangers of labor, men know all about the dangers of labor; there really ought to be a better word for giving birth.
So here, we have the amazing feat of giving birth. Your life is in jeopardy for a matter of hours, a few times in your life. The number is less than three if you’re an educated career woman. Of course lesser educated educated, less talented, less professionally accomplished women, tend to have far greater experience in the field of giving birth.
This is the only “job” affording prestige, praise, and credit, for just exercising a biological function. So, why is it a trump card? If I hadn’t spayed her, my dog could do it. Our pets are so good at this that we have to spay and neuter them, lest we’re inundated with kittens and puppies.

Al-Qaeda Like Insurgency Group Boko Haram In Nigeria - George Galloway MP and Gayatri Pertiwi with Chidi Obihara and Max Keiser

George Galloway MP and Gayatri Pertiwi with Chidi Obihara discusses the under reported Al-Qaeda like insurgency group Boko Haram in northern Nigeria
In part 2, Max Keiser, eponymous host of the Keiser Report, shares his unique perspective and talks about his latest projects.

The Cypriot Template, The Greek Temptress And More Borisconi Tosh

By John Ward: A regular Irish correspondent, whose sharp eyes I value greatly, writes to remind me that the small island of Cyprus hasn’t gone away…but all its money has.
Equally mind-focusing, however, is the fact that when one analyses Cyprus on a comparative basis, the banking system that went spectacularly down the pan there a year ago was in most respects very similar to a great many currently extant in the US, the UK, Europe, Australia and South America. Zero Hedge put America under that spotlight this week, declaring that ‘the FDIC, which is supposed to insure deposits in the Land of the Free….is inadequately capitalized, failing to meet the legal minimum for its insurance fund. All of this is backed up by the US government, whose net worth is negative $17 trillion…. (BROKE) The Federal Reserve is supposed to be able to bail out the banks. But at this point, with $50+ billion in unrealized losses and a net equity of just 1.35% of its record $4+ trillion in assets, the Fed itself is practically insolvent.’

At the time of the financial rape of Cyprus, the EC (and most particularly Wheelchair Wolfie) tried to position the island as some kind of giant tax-evading casino with an unsustainable business model, catering to the needs of the Russian mafia. But as usual with Herr Schäuble, this was all so much dissembling poppycock. Cyprus got into trouble by trying too hard to help the Greeks keep their bullies at bay;

The Rise of Putin and The Fall of The Russian-Jewish Oligarchs aka "The Seven Banksters"

Sir Daniel Nonfaultson: This documentary outlines the rise and fall of the Russian-Jewish oligarchs (The Seven Banksters) after the fall of the Soviet Union. The reason why this period in history is important is because it delivered to us and into the political arena, Vladimir Putin, the now Russian President, and the antidote to President Obama who's serving on behalf of Zionist Jewry and their total control of the United States of America. Had this not taken place, the world we live in would now have been very different with possibly more wars and conflicts and we would be further in the grip of International Jewry.

Rape Culture in Europe and North America - The Voice of Europe - AVfM (April 4 & 11)

The Voice of Europe: "We can't teach kids to stand up for themselves, Oh shit, that takes away our level of control, so, no, no, no, no, no don't stand up for yourself just bend over we're gonna wipe your ass for you and then we're gonna fuck it and take what we want from you and then we're gonna send you on your way and you'll be happy and then we're gonna do the same thing to everybody else. Come to momma, suck my fucking tit until you are the age of 18. It's fucking bullshit!"

The Silence Is Deafening: Feminist Establishment Challenged

By : April 8, 2014 is a day for the Men’s Human Rights Movement (MHRM) to remember. On that day, an activist group from the MHRM attended a feminist lecture to ask questions.
Our destination: Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario
Our reasons:
1) To protest and to provide a public service announcement about a resident educator from Queen’s University: one Adele Mercier. Mercier made public her views about incarcerated juvenile males who are sexually abused by adult female staff. She suggested that some of those sexually abused youth were “asking for it.” According to Mercier, the sexual abuse is actually consensual sex because some of the youth surveyed admitted to initiating the sexual acts. Those juveniles wanted sex with the adult women who were in positions of absolute authority over the incarcerated youth. A prohibited sexual union. There can be no legal, meaningful, or enthusiastic consent given in a jailor-prisoner relationship.
A silent, pervasive power reminds those who are incarcerated that they are at the mercy of their jailor at all times.
That same silent power silences victims’ voices from being heard.

Equal Pay Day: Because Women Are Prone To Stupid Decisions + 888-888-MEOW

Men's Duality Cage + Give Her A Test

MrDawson38: The more you learn to understand the duality of your existence, it becomes increasingly impossible to control you. In fact, you will come to realize the very nature of your confinement. And when you are able to comprehend the structure of your invisible cage, you can make its bars disappear forever and you will become FREE.

"The Mask You Live In" - PARODY

robhustle: This is a parody of The Mask You Live In.

The MHRM: How Not To Be A Dick + She's At It Again

6oodfella: More advice for men (that we didn't need, nor ask for) written by a woman.