13 Apr 2014

The Booming Business of Global Warming

Angelo: In our opinion at SGW, AGW is a military and disposables consumer nanny state society issue. The sun heats the earth and then the governments of sheeple bomb it and unsuspecting inhabitants to oblivion. BGBF, bankster global but fucking, is our perspective on climate change. Nevertheless we like the interesting perspective on the energy and weather defense projects.

Why This Collapse Will Be So Horrific - KWN Audio Interview With Paul Craig Roberts

UK Govt Is One Big Massive Conspiracy - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The Artist Taxi Driver
"...These people are just the officials for the transnational corporations, they are operating around an elite establishment structure... They are sitting there every day of the week committing crimes, they are involved in one big fucking conspiracy. You can't fucking nut people off because they are conspiracy theorists, this is one big massive fuck off conspiracy... Let nobody tell you that it's not... It's a massive fucking cover up of epic proportions. The powers that be, the wefs, the MI5, the fucking police, they're all implicated, they're all in it to-fucking-gether!"

The Equal Pay Debate - Real Talk with Julie Borowski

FreedomWorksAction: Have you heard that women make 77 cents for every dollar a man earns? That statistic is super misleading! Watch the video to find out why.

AUTOMTED OPPRESSION: Payday Monsanto Interview

Payday Monsanto: I pledge blind allegiance to the frauds of the United Snakes of America and to the regime for which they stand, one nation under control, invisible government, with limited liberties and justice for none.

All The Presidents' Banksters: The World Banksters And The IMF (International Money Fraudsters)

By Nomi Prins:
The World Bank and the IMF: Expanding Wall Street’s Reach Worldwide
Just after the United States entered World War II, two simultaneous initiatives unfolded that would dictate elements of financing after the war, through the joint initiatives of foreign policy measures and private banking whims. Plans were already being formulated to navigate the postwar peace, especially its international power implications for finance and politics, in the background. American political leaders and scholars began considering the concept of “one world” from an economic perspective, void of divisions and imbalances. Or so the theory went.
The original plans to create a set of multinational entities that would finance one-world reconstruction and development (and ostensibly balance the world’s various economies) were conceived by two academics: John Maynard Keynes, an adviser for the British Treasury, and Harry Dexter White, an economist in the Division of Monetary Research of the US Treasury under Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau.
By the spring of 1942, White had drafted plans for a “stabilization fund” and a “Bank for Reconstruction and Development.” His concept for the fund became the seed for the International Monetary Fund. The other idea became the World Bank. But before those entities would come to life through the Bretton Woods conferences, many arguments about their makeup would take place, and millions of lives would be lost.

Paedophile: Harriet Harman, Cyril Smith, Nigel Evans, Dave Lee Travis, Boris Johnson, Rupert Murdoch, Leon Brittan, Nick Clegg, David Cameron

It is the mess created by zealots and perverts in the past that makes the legal treatment of sex cases such an Orwellian nightmare today
By John Ward: While Attorney General Dominic Grieve is to discuss ‘failed sexual assault and rape cases’ brought against everyone from Dave Lee Travis (still facing two more charges) to the homosexual Nigel Evans, the woman instrumental in starting much of this claptrap, Harriet Harman, is once again launching into her Wimmin shtick. The male hierarchy at Parliament is part of “a recipe for a culture in which sexual harassment can prevail,” Labour’s deputy leader said, adding “you have to have very strong procedures and send down the message that this is not acceptable, that you should be encouraged to complain and your complaint will be dealt with”. I have no doubt that Hattie is a one for the Strong Procedures, and I’d imagine that’s what Jack Droney likes, fnar fnar. But sadly, once again Hat missed this vital fact in the data: the Channel 4 News investigation into sexual harassment at Westminster this week said young men were more likely to be sexually harassed than women, with 40% of the men interviewed saying they had received unwanted sexual advances.
There is a point to this beyond my usual gratuitous swipe at those who see all and discern nothing. For while this dangerous woman (I gave her joint First position as Britain’s most anti-democratic, illiberal pol along with Boris Johnson way back in 2009) offered these remarks in a Radio 4 interview yesterday, she pointedly said nothing at all about four juries in a row effectively telling the cps, Harman and all their lunatic fellow-travellers to go forth and multiply. The irony of what’s going on here is contained within the sick agendas of both main UK Parties:

Sucking Up To Zionist Sheldon Adelson

Former Jew, Anti-Zionist - Brother Nathanael
"Democracy in America is for Jews only!"

The Gender Zeitgeist, Men And Boys - Paul Elam Interviews Alison Tieman

Paul Elam: A special interview with writer, artist, videographer and men's advocate Alison Tieman, also known as Typhon Blue.

Tieman has already left an important legacy in the men's human rights movement with her stellar examinations of gender roles, causing many of us, even the old timers, to rethink our approach to the problems we address in this movement with an improved understanding.

Some of her most prominent work has been on debunking both myths and bad research methodology on rape and what is now called "rape culture."

Feminism Is Poisoning Science According To Richard Dawkins + Girls Kissing Daddy Goodnight Is A Sexual Act, Says Feminist Germaine Greer

The Sandre Guy: Richard Dawkins decides to share some feminist literature during one of his speeches.

How Washington And Its Allies Use Social Media To Topple Governments & Manipulate Public Opinion

Canada’s Infanticide Culture: MRA on Newstalk 1010

By : Raz of Men’s Rights Edmonton recently appeared on Newstalk 1010 in Toronto, where he got some irrational harassment and scoffing, although he acquitted himself well. Make special note of how they questioned whether or not letting women off easy if they murder is really something people should be concerned about, then read the news below:

Almost on queue, after the scoffing of the Newstalk 1010 set, and the abuse Raz got for saying women are given special privilege and treatment in Canada and not equality, news broke in Canada that a woman who in 2010 killed one of her children, then in 2011 killed another one, hiding both in the trash, was let off with a wrist slap because of special laws that give women only light punishment for killings that would put a man in jail probably for life.