14 Apr 2014

Greatest Speech On Democracy Never Heard In Parliament - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News + Call Me When You're Free

The Artist Taxi Driver
"This is about asset stripping, this is about a movement of public money into private pockets, this is gangsterism, it's a free-for-all. We don't have free market capitalism, we have neo-feudalism."

Feminist Rapes her Wife, Boy Busted for Recording Bullies and AVFM Goes to Maine + Catchy Tunes From Russia

Paul Elam: Well, it is Monday again, which means it is time for the Intelligence Report from Shrink4Men and A Voice for Men, with Dean Esmay, Paul Elam and Dr. Tara Palmatier.

This week we have a trio of stories that bounced off the rubber walls modern life and into our laps.

There is a boy who recorded his bullies psychologically and physically abusing him in the presence of his teacher. And there were indeed consequences. The victim was charged with illegal wiretapping for recording his abusers!

Marie Antoinette Feminism Has Messed Things Up For Women... Forever!

Sad Womble: Feminism has spoken the unspoken rules about being a woman, and now men know, it is only a matter of time before it falls apart.

Male Reproductive Rights: A Response To TheSkepticalHeretic and Felisha1717

RazorBladeKandy2: This is a response to TheSkepticalHeretic and Felisha1717 on the topic of male reproductive rights, namely Legal Paternal Surrender (financial abortion).
Their main premise being "men did the dead, now they need to man up and live with the choice women stick them with. It's their own fault, shoulda kept it in their pants."
Yet support a woman's right to abort, because hey, women shouldn't have to women-up and deal with the consequences of their decisions; only men do. Because... because... equality?

Antebellum - The Crisis Within MGTOW

Her Lips Are Moving, Her Fingers Are Typing, So She Must Be Lying

The Bundy Ranch: The Government Owns Nothing And Controls Everything + The Truth About the Nevada Rancher's Standoff + Government Corruption Exposed! + Itanimulli

Stefan Molyneux: The government is protecting the tortoises by exploding nuclear bombs over Nevada. Interviewed by Press For Truth.

Mike Buchanan On London Live TV About 'Women In Senior Roles'

By Mike Buchanan: 'London Live TV' was launched last week. I was invited onto a discussion panel on one of their flagship shows. The presenter, Claudia-Liza Armah, had previously emailed me the following. My thoughts are in square brackets:
"We'll be asking why we need quotas to get women on boards."
[We don't, especially given we know that increasing female representation on boards leads to corporate financial decline. Our briefing paper on the matter:

Apartheid Israel Preparing For War With Lebanon, Gaza: Gantz

The Israeli military's Chief of Staff Benny Gantz says Tel Aviv is getting ready for what he called future wars against Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: Gantz made the remarks in an interview with Israeli media over the weekend.
He said that a ground offensive in Lebanon is “necessary” in a possible confrontation with the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah.
Israel has repeatedly attacked Lebanon over the past decades. About 1,200 people, mostly civilians, were killed in the Israeli regime’s war on Lebanon in 2006.
In the 33-Day war in 2006, Hezbollah fighters defeated the Israeli forces and Tel Aviv was forced to retreat without achieving any of its objectives.
In August 2012, Hezbollah Secretary-General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah said Hezbollah had both the capability and the courage to defend Lebanon and that the movement's missiles were ready to strike certain targets inside Israel in self-defense if Tel Aviv launches an attack on Lebanon.
The Israeli military is preparing for any possible scenario in the besieged Gaza Strip and Syria, Gantz added.
We can expect, I assume, further confrontations in the Gaza Strip. We are preparing the shift from routine life to a state of emergency,” he further said.
The Israeli military frequently targets Palestinians along the border with Gaza, which remains literally cut off from the outside world by a crippling Israeli blockade.

MGTOW: You Dodged A Major Bullet...Enjoy Your Life!!! + The Old Pregnancy Trap!!!

Devlan TheComic: CHATTING WITH MR. APATHY. This video is to encourage those men out there who may be feeling the red pill blues. The red pill is a hard pill to swallow...but it is not the end of the world. Remember you dodged a major bullet.

MGTOW: M's Mission Statement + Stop SIMPing + M's Tale

M: M's Mission Statement.

WTF is infanticide? + MHRM Recommendations