15 Apr 2014

Vaginas, Cars And Rape Culture, Oh My + Sean Connery On The Proper Handling Of Feminazis

The Mythology Of The Working Mom + Feminist Tries To Get Veterans Fired Over TWITTER!

Stefan Molyneux: Stefan Molyneux guest hosts the Peter Schiff Radio Show and discusses the gender pay gap, the mythology that surrounds working mothers, working vs. parenting and treating women as equals.

STFU For Bliss Of Ignorance And The Future Of Crypto - Stacy Herbert and Max Keiser With Karl Gray

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss how ignorance could, indeed, be bliss for all of us if the ignorant would just STFU. From geopolitics to cryptocurrencies, those who know least are the most likely to seek the use of force.

Male Reproductive Rights 2: Electric Boogaloo

Male Suicide - The Problem They Claim To Be Working On But Aren’t

By   Last year I wrote a piece about a young gentleman who was prevented from attending the Dr Warren Farrell lecture at the University of Toronto. He was searching for answers why his two friends committed suicide.
In that article it came out that suicide visited my family 32 years ago.
My brother, Anthony believed he had no options left and took his own life. It affected my family, friends and me profoundly, permanently. The intense, extreme sorrow, wasn’t just limited to his male relatives. All of us, male and female alike, were devastated by his permanent solution to a passing problem.
That’s what made the laughing of Big Red (feminism’s “empowered woman & champion”) so reprehensible. That laugh at male suicides drew anger from society.
Red made herself a social suicide victim, hated due to her own depraved indifference to male suicides.
It produced the calling of bullshit and ridicule from me in an article about feminists ‘working on it’ or on any other problems men face.
Suicide is not an easy topic to discuss, but failing to do so will only increase its prevalence. It’s an issue men face which must not be left for feminists to solve.
This picture is one of the male suicide victims Big Red laughed at. And sung about:

The "Shocking" Buying Spree Of America's Mysterious Third Largest Treasury Holder Ramps Higher

Tyler Durden's picture When we reported last month that in a shocking twist, "Belgium" holdings of Treasurys had soared by a massive amount in the past three months, making the tiny country the third largest holder of US paper, our Belgian readers took offsense alleging it is impossible that Belgium itself could be buying all this paper, explaining it was all Euroclear. Well, yes: we know and noted that, which is why those same readers probably should have actually read the part in the post which said: "our question is: just who is Belgium being used as a front for?
Recall that for years, the "UK" line item on TIC data was simply offshore accounts transaction on behalf of China. Of course, since China hasn't added any net US paper holdings in the past year, the UK, and China, are both irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. "
So yes, to clarify for our trigger-happy Belgian (non) readers: it is quite clear that Belgium itself is not the buyer. What is not clear is who the mysterious buyer using Belgium as a front is. Because that same "buyer", who to further explain is not China, just bought another whopping $31 billion in Treasurys in February, bringing the "Belgian" total to a record $341.2 billion, cementing "it", or rather whoever the mysterious name behind the Euroclear buying rampage is, as the third largest holder of US Treasurys, well above the hedge fund buying community, also known as Caribbean Banking Centers, which held $300 billion in March.

Canada Plans To Invade Syria: Revealed + ‘US, Turkey, Israel, KSA Behind Syria Chemical Attacks’

The pro-Israeli apartheid government of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is making diplomatic and military preparations for military attack in Syria, leaked documents show.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: Canada’s National Defense has drawn up at least five scenarios for the country’s military attack in Syria, according to documents obtained by the Ottawa Citizen.   
In one scenario, Canada recognizes “a legitimate armed opposition group” fighting to overthrow the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
To justify a war on Syria, the National Defense alludes to “the rapidly deteriorating conditions in Syria, its impact on neighboring countries and … the importance of Middle East stability.”
Daniel Blouin, spokesman for the National Defense, has described such plans as “routine to significant international events.”
Separate documents reveal that Canada has been training alternatives to Assad’s government.
On Monday, the Syrian government said it holds the United States, Turkey, Israel and Saudi Arabia accountable for previous and potential chemical attacks in the Arab country.
In letters addressed to the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and President of the UN Security Council Joy Ogwu, Syria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates stated that the countries involved in the conspiracy against Syria have sought excuses to justify their continued aggression.

A Message To The Feminazi Leaders Of Queen's University

By Queen’s University feminazia, almost certainly without a single femanon among them, have creepypasta’d Anonymous to create the funniest threat we’ve gotten all year:
These are obviously not even moralfags, just trolltards. Queen’s University feminazis should check out this important instruction manual on how Anonymous really rolls (no one else should bother).
As we recall, someone else tried to claim to be Anonymous a year or two ago to threaten JudgyBitch. It of course wasn’t real, and neither is this. Those of us who know how this works can spot a fake a mile away, and bastards everywhere are encouraged to make a meme out of this pedobear’s unfappable image, if they want:

MHRA: The Controling Manipulative Woman

AlyssMajere: This is my perspective on the kind of behavior I have seen exhibited by a large quantity of the female half of society. Hopefully with this information my male viewers will be able to avoid said bitches. I'm under the impression as soon as you see this kind of behavior in a woman kick her to the curb because she will never change.

The Sacred Cow Of Maternity + Bill Burr on Motherhood

By : My article from last week about paper abortion has led to some interesting discussion, online and off. What I’ve been brewing on since, however, isn’t the topic of abortions or paper abortions themselves, but a question that will occur to anyone who dares try to discuss them: Why is men’s right to paper abortions so fiercely opposed? In almost any venue, anger at the specter of “infringement” of women’s right borders on the rabid and irrational. I saw this within my own family and it appears in the media whenever paper abortions are discussed. Why is that?
I come from a liberal family and have three sisters of varying ages and a not-so-varying stance on my status as a Men’s Right Activist. I wrote the article about paper abortion knowing full well (and maybe hoping just a little) how controversial it would be among the general population and my own family. I knew my sisters wouldn’t agree with any argument in favor of paper abortions, nor would any left-of-center woman. Hell, far-right women would probably say I’m encouraging “deadbeat” behavior.
But that’s the point that kept coming to mind for me. Why is abortion and paper abortion such a hot-button topic? Few things get people so worked up. Abortion (non-paper) has come to be seen as a “basic right”, but how can any right be “basic” if it is only granted to half the population? After all, only a little over 10% of abortions are for health/safety reasons. For the rest, it is effectively a ‘morning-after-the-morning-after’ solution, emergency birth control. Handy, definitely, so why so much opposition to giving men a legal equivalent?

Rickards Recommends How To Hedge Against WW3

By FNN: Transcription of Interview
Lelde Smits: Hello I’m Lelde Smits for Australia’s Finance News Network and joining me in Sydney to discuss his outlook for the global economy is author, lawyer, economist, investment banker and portfolio manager at West Shore Funds, Jim Rickards. Jim, wonderful to have you Down Under.
Jim Rickards: Great to be here Lelde.
Lelde Smits: What are the risks you’ll be paying the most attention to this year?


Jim Rickards: Obviously, geo-political risk. If China get’s involved, and they see what Russia did in Crimea, what if they decide to take one of these, some of these islands in the South China sea. Certainly the Middle East. And, it’s not just Syria which is obviously a disaster, but, you know, possible war with Israel and Hezbollah, and possible confrontation between Saudi Arabia and Iran. So, there are a lot of hot spots around the world, needless to say.
Probably the biggest risk is the one that none of us have thought of. That’s why you need to position your portfolio today. Inevitably something will happen that none of us have foreseen. And, then the question is how robust is your portfolio? You need to be ready now.

Lelde Smits: As you mention, the beginning of this year has also been marked by rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine. How do you see the situation playing out?

Jim Rickards: Well, we’re in what I call mutual assured financial destruction.

Spot The "Recovering" European Periphery

Tyler Durden's picture With Italian and Spanish bond yields at record lows (and spreads - risk premia - near record lows) one can only ascertain that Europe is fixed, Draghi has no need to do QE, and everything in the world is fine again. Except it's not... Draghi is cornered from QE by a lack of uncommitted collateral and a banking system glued at the hip to the sovereign bond markets. But perhaps, for those who are buying Italian and Spanish bonds, it is not enough to see record high unemployment, record loan delinquencies, and record low credit creation... In order to help further with the BTFD, we offer the following chart - showing Spanish and Italian home prices continue to slump (along with Cyprus).

As Bloomberg Brief's Niraj Shah notes, annual euro-area house prices dropped 1.4 percent in the final quarter of 2013, as values fell in the four largest economies. Prices dropped in half of the 14 countries reporting data. Eurostat used unofficial ECB figures for germany. Cyprus and Spain registered the largest declines with minus 9.4 percent and minus 6.3 percent, respectively. Estonia and Ireland made the biggest gains.

But, the recovery is here any minute...