16 Apr 2014

Onomous 'Honeybadger Brigade' Will Not Be Silenced

This video is in response to
The statement in it is as follows:
"Greetings, Queens University Feminists. We are honey badgers.
A recent video purported to be the work of Anonymous sounds suspiciously like something a recently embarrassed university professor would say. Far be it from us to determine what narrative such a group may or may not embrace. Certainly nobody besides Anonymous themselves could obtain the imagery and music used in their videos...

Out Of Ammo? The Eroding Power Of Central Banksters

Since the financial crisis, central banks have slashed interest rates, purchased vast quantities of sovereign bonds and bailed out banks. Now, though, their influence appears to be on the wane with measures producing paltry results. Do they still have control? 
By Michael Sauga and Anne Seith: Once every six weeks, the most powerful players in the global economy meet on the 18th floor of an ugly office building near the train station in the Swiss city of Basel. The group includes United States Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and her counterpart at the European Central Bank (ECB), Mario Draghi, along with 16 other top monetary policy officials from Beijing, Frankfurt, Paris and elsewhere.
The attendees spend almost two hours exchanging views in a debate chaired by Bank of Mexico Governor AgustĂ­n Carstens. Waiters serve an exquisite meal and expensive wine as the central bankers talk about the economy, growth and market prices. No one keeps minutes, but the world's most influential money managers are convinced that the meetings help expand their knowledge in important ways. "We learn what makes our counterparts tick," says one attendee.
These closed-door meetings, which are held on Sunday evenings, have a long tradition. But ever since many central banks lowered their interest rates to almost zero, bought up sovereign debt and rescued banks, a new, critical undertone has crept into the dinner conversations. Monetary experts from emerging economies complain that the measures taken by Europeans and Americans are pushing unwanted speculative money their way. Western central bankers say they have come under growing political pressure. And recently, when the host of the meetings -- head of the Basel-based Bank for International Settlements Jaime Caruana -- speaks in one of his rare public appearances, he talks about "chronic post-crisis weakness" and "risk."

I AM ANARCHY - Cody Wilson

BraveTheWorld: "Theres not time for hope, there's no reason for fear and we need only to think of new weapons."
The 3d printed gun. Defence Distributed. DEFCAD. Dark Wallet. More is manifesting, so let us welcome the "digital apocalypse."

Financial Crash-Collapse Coming, It Should Have Happened Already

Greg Hunter: On another financial collapse, best-selling author Nomi Prins predicts, "We absolutely can. There is much more reason that we will than that we won't. The stability of the system is really fake.

Shocking 21st Century Britain - Inflation Tripled Food Poverty

The number of people using emergency supplies from food banks in Britain has increased by 163 percent in the past year alone, a charity warns.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: The Trussell Trust, which runs some 400 food banks across the UK, said on Wednesday that the number of food parcels given out last year by the charity alone nearly tripled from 346,992 to 913,138.
The Trust's chairman Chris Mould described the figures as "shocking in 21st century Britain,” adding, the statistics are just the tip of the iceberg of UK food poverty.”
Over 80 percent of the food banks blamed harsher benefit sanctions in the last twelve months for the rise in the number of people being referred for emergency food.
The publication of the charity’s report coincided with a letter from a number of religious leaders calling on the British government to tackle a "national crisis" of rising hunger and food poverty.
More than 40 bishops and 600 faith leaders signed the letter to British Prime Minister David Cameron, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg and Labour leader Ed Miliband, asking them to address the problem of low wages and rising food prices.

Did We Hit A Nerve, Amanda? Like Phony Surveys Much? #pandagon

By My last couple of articles about Amanda Marcotte, one discussing her disastrous attempt to shame RAINN into supporting the ludicrous feminist notion of rape culture, and the other exploring her subtle softening of her anti-male rhetoric, must’ve hit a nerve.
Well, it might not have been me or my work, specifically, but something has put an Over 9000 tonne bee in her bonnet, and her former moderating tone has collapsed into a pile of deranged, shrill, and incomprehensible lunacy. And I mean, even more so than usual.
Marcotte begins by characterizing “men’s rights” as code for being anti-women’s rights, claiming that men’s human rights activists oppose:

  • women’s right to be free of violence,
  • women’s right to be autonomous in their sexual and relationship decision-making,
  • women’s right to be treated as equals in education and
  • women’s right to be treated as equals in labor.
All of these claims are lies.
Violence.  Contrary to feminists who call for violence and even genocide against men, Men’s Human Rights Advocates and AVfM have always condemned violence against both women and men alike. Noting that men are more likely to die of violence than women, AND that women who kill are rarely seen as criminals does NOT equate to calling for violence against women.

Review of 'The Guy's Guide To Feminism' - Motivational Reading For MHRA's

Victor Zen: "Neck deep in Bullshit!" The Guy's (Mangina's) Guide to Feminism by Michael Kaufman and Michael.

1000 Apartheid Israeli Goose Steppers* (AKA The Inhuman Bastards) Shot, Bombed And Maimed 30 Palestinians In Al-Aqsa

Genocidal Israeli terrorists have shot and wounded at least 30 Palestinians inside the al-Aqsa Mosque in East al-Quds (aka Jerusalem).
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: Local sources said that clashes erupted between the Israeli forces and Palestinian worshippers in the mosque compound when Israeli settlers entered the holy site on Wednesday.
According to witnesses, Israeli troops raided the mosque to protect the settlers. They said the forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the worshippers.
About 1,000 Israeli officers stormed the compound,” Palestinian Ma'an news agency quoted Sheikh Azzam al-Khatib, the director-general of Muslim endowments and Al-Aqsa affairs, as saying.
In recent months, Israeli forces and illegal settlers have stepped up their attacks on Palestinians visiting the mosque. This has led to violent confrontations between the two sides.
On Sunday, clashes broke out between Israeli forces and Palestinians at the al-Aqsa Mosque compound when Israeli police prevented Muslims from entering one of the gates of the compound.
Israeli forces used stun grenades to disperse protesters.
The Israeli regime has also imposed severe restrictions to stop Muslim worshippers from entering the mosque.

3 Months After Legalization, Colorado Is Overrun With Way Less Crime

The Young Turks: "Three months into Colorado's historic legal recreational marijuana sales, crime hasn't gone up in Denver, according to recent data released by the city.

Overall property crime in the first two months of 2014 fell by 14.6 percent in Denver compared to the same period of 2013. There wasn't as dramatic of a shift in overall violent crime rates for the same period, but they were still down by 2.4 percent.

UK ONS Stats Are Corrupted - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The Artist Taxi Driver

William Lane Craig's Relativity Farce

Martymer 81: Listening to Craig talk about special relativity is like listening to a creationist butcher evolution. All that's missing is "it's just a theory!"

UK Moves To Block US Senate Report To Protect War Criminals Blair, Straw and Dearlove

By Craig Murray: From a British diplomatic source I learn that Britain has lobbied the United States against the publication of the Senate Intelligence Committee report on torture and extraordinary rendition The lobbying has been carried outat all levels – White House, State Department and CIA.  The British have argued that at the very least the report must be emasculated before publication.
The British argument is that in a number of court cases including the Belhadj case, the British government has successfully blocked legal action by victims on the grounds that this would weaken the US/UK intelligence relationship and thus vitally damage national security, by revealing facts the American intelligence service wish hidden.  [We will leave aside for the moment the utter shame of our servile groveling judges accepting such an argument].  The British Government are now pointing out to the Americans that this argument could be fatally weakened if major detail of the full horror and scope of torture and extraordinary rendition is revealed by the Senate Intelligence Committee.  The argument runs that this could in turn lead to further revelations in the courts and block the major defence against prosecutions of Blair, Straw and Dearlove, among others, potentially unleashing a transatlantic wave of judicial activism.
The unabashed collusion of two torturing security states in concealing the truth of their despicable acts – including complicity in the torture of men, women and minors – and blocking criminal prosecution of the guilty is a sign of how low public ethics have sunk.