18 Apr 2014

Saudi Britannia

"...fuck. This is why the patriarchy just can't be fucking defeated. They're using feminists to defend themselves from the fucking feminists! That's genius!"
Sargon of Akkad: More rape-culture from heterosexual British men. Disgusting.

Paul Elam Interviews JudgyBitch + Not So Impromptu MHRA Discussion

"A lot of pampered white spoiled women blowing up their lives for no reason." JudgyBitch
Paul Elam: An interview with Janet Bloomfield, much more popularly known as JudgyBitch; blogger, honey badger, mother, wife, doctoral candidate, and all around general badass. When JudgyBitch speaks, feminists put their fingers in their ears and start screeching because they cannot take the pain of unvarnished truth. So consider that a trigger warning for feminists. DO NOT WATCH THIS INTERVIEW! It will trigger all of your triggers and then leave you with new triggers in places you did not know you could have them.
But for those on the side of reason, intelligence and figuratively slapping around idiots with stupid ideas, today we have for you......entertainment.

Less Really Is More, It Would Appear + Is Joanna Lumley Guilty Of Victim-Blaming? + 'Beer Goggles' Joke Upsets Ugly Women

6oodfella: An article from a few years ago I found in amongst my newspaper clippings that proves that more is less (fewer), and less (fewer) is more, apparently. Enjoy.

Feminism is... MANSPLAINED

World's Largest Gold Crystal Studied at Los Alamos

LosAlamosNationalLab: When geologist John Rakovan needed better tools to investigate whether a dazzling 217.78-gram piece of gold was in fact the world's largest single-crystal specimen — a distinguishing factor that would not only drastically increase its market value but also provide a unique research opportunity - he traveled to Los Alamos National Laboratory's Lujan Neutron Scattering Center to peer deep inside the mineral using neutron diffractometry.

Conspiracies Go Mainstream? - "Stasi Era Totalitarian Snitch State. ...The wet dream of every would be dictator."

corbettreport: Some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news.

Ban Bossy: Does it have the facts straight?

American Enterprise Institute: Ban Bossy's star-studded brigade to empower girls to lead has garnered lots of media attention. But does their leader, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, have all the facts? The Factual Feminist takes a closer look the data, and finds what we should really be banning is poor research.

USA: Are You Ready For The Price Of Food To More Than Double By The End Of This Decade?

By Michael Snyder: Do you think that the price of food is high now?  Just wait.  If current trends continue, many of the most common food items that Americans buy will cost more than twice as much by the end of this decade.  Global demand for food continues to rise steadily as crippling droughts ravage key agricultural regions all over the planet.  You see, it isn't just the multi-year California drought that is affecting food prices.  Down in Brazil (one of the leading exporters of food in the world), the drought has gotten so bad that 142 cities were rationing water at one point earlier this year.  And outbreaks of disease are also having a significant impact on our food supply.  A devastating pig virus that has never been seen in the U.S. before has already killed up to 6 million pigs.  Even if nothing else bad happens (and that is a very questionable assumption to make), our food prices are going to be moving aggressively upward for the foreseeable future.  But what if something does happen?  In recent years, global food reserves have dipped to extremely low levels, and a single major global event (war, pandemic, terror attack, planetary natural disaster, etc.) could create an unprecedented global food crisis very rapidly.
A professor at the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University named Timothy Richards has calculated what the drought in California is going to do to produce prices at our supermarkets in the near future.  His projections are quite sobering...

‘Letter To Jews’, Kerry Cited, Is Fake

RT: A letter urging the Jews of Donetsk to get registered, which the US Secretary of State cited in Geneva, is a fake says a man whose signature appears on the communication.
Following the four-side meeting on the Ukrainian crisis in Geneva on Wednesday, John Kerry lashed out at a letter that was allegedly sent to Jewish citizens in Ukraine’s eastern town of Donetsk, asking them to register and report all their property, or be stripped of citizenship and face expulsion.
In year 2014, after all of the miles traveled in all the journey of history, this is not just intolerable, it's grotesque… beyond unacceptable," he stated.
Images of the letter have been circulating online.
The letter was stamped and signed by Denis Pushilin, who was identified on it as the “People’s Governor.”
However, Pushilin denied he had anything to do with the letter, claiming it was a fake.
There are similar letters not only addressed to Jews, but also to businessmen, foreign students, people of certain other occupations,” he told RT.This is actually a fake, and not a good one. There’s a sign “People’s Governor”. First of all, no one calls me by that title, no one elected me. Secondly, the stamp is the former mayor’s. Everything’s photoshopped.”

"We're Having The Time Of Your Lives" - THE FKN SHOW

Deek Jackson:
"I Don't Give A Fuck, Economic Niggers!"

Is Privilage Checking Racist, Sexist And Useless?

Oops! Carlos interviews a brain rinsed feminista.
carlos morales: Feminist Cathy Reisenwitz of Young Voices discussing privilege, racism, feminism, and sexism in the libertarian community.

What is Equality, LEAF's Misandric Definition + 25 Examples of The Usual Bollocks

johntheother: The first rule of LEAF (the Women's Legal Education and Action Fund) is that you don't talk about LEAF.

The second rule of LEAF is that you don't talk, or write about LEAF.
At least, not without their permission.

Political Deception, Voter Apathy: Building The European Paradise Of A Transfer Union

By Cassandra in the Netherlands: In the Southern half of the Eurozone, people feel crushed because their lives and future have been sacrificed on the altar of the Holy Euro. I'm writing from the Netherlands, so from the Northern side of the Great Divide in the soon-to-be-established cozy, happy Political Union and Paradise.
Here we are not suffering as much as the people in Greece, Spain, and Portugal. Not yet. But our politicians are bent on continuing on this road to a federal state which incorporates enormous cultural and economic differences. Oh, these will of course miraculously disappear as soon as the United States of Europe is ordained. Just as they did in the past after the euro was introduced.
People south of the Great Divide are paying now, but the bill for the Germans and the Dutch and the Finns will arrive sooner or later. The euro and a political union can only survive if it is a transfer union, which means that the economically most competitive countries in the Eurozone will have to pass part of their wealth to the non-competitive countries. Forever and ever. A fact that our politicians try to hide as long as possible. 
They succeed well in this deception, I must say. The general public is only interested in their own wallets: will my house rise in value, will I get a good pension, and how much in taxes do I have to pay? They don't see the big picture and are not interested in the long term and the deeper causes of the crisis. They desperately want to believe that the current uptick in the economy is real and the housing market (in a deep slump in the Netherlands) will recover soon.

Misandric Rio 2: Not Safe For Kids!

Stefan Molyneux: "Rampant sexism against men in this movie." It's a jungle out there for Blu, Jewel and their three kids in Rio 2. Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, reviews the new animated feature from Sony.