20 Apr 2014

From The Mouths Of (Hot) Babes

By A modern complaint of modern women on modern sides of modern social and political aisles is over the “exploitation” of other modern women, and the idea of womanhood in general, supposedly inherent in what is chiefly a male hobby that spans ancient to modern times: the viewing of erotica.
I’m certainly not afraid of the word “pornography,” but that’s essentially what pornography is: erotica. It is designed to give you dirty thoughts. I say “dirty” not to denigrate the practice, but because the word is sexually provocative; and because I wanted to point out that the word “dirt” was put in there by society for a reason.
After all, what is dirt? It is rotting plants, mostly. It is also rotting animals, fish, birds, eggs, larvae, insects, and some of it is rotting humans. It is pooped out by worms. Worms are gross. Oddly enough, penises, which share a similar shape to worms, are often considered beautiful, even if the individual considering its beauty is merely the straight male who possesses it along with not the slightest interest in anyone else’s.
In complete disregard for this beautiful thought, and in ignorance of the philosophical implications of our species’ ability to understand beauty at all, we often make dirt of male humans in gigantic, hideously violent spurts. Not unlike ejaculation, which ironically, as John the Other has so eloquently stated, is not violent, but is instead a beautiful thing.

Cold War 2.0 And The Threat Of Nuclear Warfare

corbettreport: The rhetoric that has been spewed in recent years about nuclear disarmament is, of course, was always just that: rhetoric. The US government has never seriously considered giving up its nuclear stockpile, or even renouncing a first-use nuclear doctrine.

As Dr. Yuki Tanaka of Hiroshima University explains, the Obama administration has not simply continued the aggressive Bush-era stance on America's nuclear arsenal, but actually extended it.

MGTOW: Bachelorhood As A Fine Art (1900)

Commercial Banned In Switzerland + Syria - The Massacre Of Adra, WITNESSES SPEAK

Fight The Banksters

Arguing Cultural Marxism

RazorBladeKandy2: So I get into this argument with a guy in the comments of my last video and he thinks my description of civil rights, is cultural Marxism. Unfortunately, I didn't have the luxury of knowing if this guy was trying to point out that if I support civil rights I have to support cultural marxism (leftist marxist) or whether he heard my description of civil rights and thought I was being a cultural marxist (right wing lune).

Ban Bossy And Other Feminist Fails - C.O.C.K. Fairy + Fem Stabs Fiance + Mother Rapes 2 Year Old Child + Mother Strips In School

Feminism LOL: "Ban Bossy" is just another feminist fail.
Feminism is nothing more than a medieval string of therefores leading from one mistake to another. They hide this fact by refusing to allow debate.

Israeli Green Shirts Fire Tear Gas At Palestinians At Al-Aqsa Mosque + US Drone Strike Kills 20 More People In Yemen - Drones = 98% Civilian Deaths!

Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: Israeli forces have once again clashed with Palestinian worshippers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the occupied East Jerusalem al-Quds. Local sources say clashes erupted in the mosque compound when a group of Israeli settlers along with a Knesset member entered the holy site. According to witnesses, Israeli green shirts raided the mosque to 'protect the settlers.' They say the forces fired tear gas and sound bombs to disperse the worshippers. The Al-Aqsa Mosque has been the scene of clashes in recent months following frequent visits by Israeli settlers and officials to the Muslim holy site. Apartheid Jews say they want to demolish the Al-Aqsa Mosque and build a Jewish temple.

Ukraine's Big Oil & Big Angst - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with JP Sottile

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss American injustice in the age of the wealth gap and Weev's hedge fund trolling.

Why You Should Care About Legalizing Marijuana Even If You Don't Smoke Pot

Julie Borowski: It's 4/20. The national pothead holiday... So, let's say you don't smoke pot. Why should you care about legalizing pot? Watch this video and learn how it will affect you.

"Ban And Confiscate Excess Wealth!" Says Hartmann

Peter Schiff argues that a small group of individuals should be allowed to accumulate all of the wealth, on the Thom Hartmann Show

‘Cynical and Devious’ Male Inmates Abused Female Guards Says The New Yorker’s White Knight Jeffrey Toobin

By : Last year, the Department of Justice completed its study of sexual abuse in adult prisons and juvenile facilities.  It wasn’t a happy time for feminists.  The studies showed that most of the sexual abuse of inmates is committed by guards and most of that is committed by female guards.
Female wrongdoing, particularly sexual wrongdoing, is the type of thing feminists prefer to keep out of sight since it contradicts their narrative of female innocence and male corruption.  Worse, coming as that information did, in studies not subject to their censorship, readers were able to draw conclusions free of feminist instruction.
So, what to do?  Well, if you’re Adèle Mercier, you simply drop all pretense of intellectual integrity and claim that, in the case of boys abused in juvenile facilities, “they were asking for it.”  Yes, if the sexes were reversed and a male commentator said the same about girls abused by male guards, Mercier would be screaming for his head on a platter.  But one of the many privileges of being a feminist is freedom from the inconvenient strictures of intellectual honesty.