21 Apr 2014

The Science of Spanking! A Conversation with Dr. Elizabeth Gershoff + The First Real-Time Study of Parents Spanking Their Kids + The Social Consequences of Everything

Stefan Molyneux: Stefan speaks with Dr Elizabeth Gershoff about the latest science on physical punishment and spanking, parenting without spanking - and why it is so important!

Avoiding Cohabitation and the Potential Risk of Common Law Marriage + MGTOW - EASTER THROUGH RED PILL EYES

Global Bankster Pillage: Reagan Set Up The Caper. Clinton Cased The Joint. Bush Robbed It. Obama Drove The Getaway Car

By Dan Roberts: Wall Street deregulation, blamed for deepening the banking crisis, was aggressively pushed by advisers to Bill Clinton who have also been at the heart of current White House policy-making, according to newly disclosed documents from his presidential library. The previously restricted papers reveal two separate attempts, in 1995 and 1997, to hurry Clinton into supporting a repeal of the Depression-era Glass Steagall Act and allow investment banks, insurers and retail banks to merge.
A Financial Services Modernization Act was passed by Congress in 1999, giving retrospective clearance to the 1998 merger of Citigroup and Travelers Group and unleashing a wave of Wall Street consolidation that was later blamed for forcing taxpayers to spend billions bailing out the enlarged banks after the sub-prime mortgage crisis.
The White House papers show only limited discussion of the risks of such deregulation, but include a private note which reveals that details of a deal with Citigroup to clear its merger in advance of the legislation were deleted from official documents, for fear of it leaking out.
“Please eat this paper after you have read this,” jokes the hand-written 1998 note addressed to Gene Sperling, then director of Clinton's National Economic Council.

N/A: KSU's Purple Pill + Truths You Won't Believe - Black Women Top This List

Feminists Stoop To A New Low + Danielle D’Entremont: Where is the feminist outrage?

By The following video shows a wasteful government & NGO-funded campaign by feminists painting males as abusers of women. Although we don’t know how much money was wasted on the planning, construction, and implimentation of this experiment – not to mention the money that went into the purses of those feminists who created it – we are betting it cost a cool half-million to produce. Source

TURDx Fembotcolypse: You Do You Feminism + 9 Reasons We Know Feminists Love Men - DEBUNKED

Zionist Jews Continue To Torture Palestinian Children

Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: Apartheid Israel continues its aggression against Palestinian children in the occupied territories, despite calls to end the ill-treatment of minors during and after arrests.
Tel Aviv said in February that it would implement a pilot program that relies on written summons instead of arresting Palestinian children at their homes at nights.
The plan came in response to repeated calls by the United Nations and international human rights organizations to stop the night arrests of Palestinian children.
However, the Palestinian section of an international child rights organization said the plan has failed to put an end to the violence against Palestinian children.
Defense for Children International Palestine (DCI-Palestine) said it recorded six cases in February involving children who had been summoned for questioning and who had been subjected to ill-treatment and torture while in Israeli military detention. They were summoned either by written notification delivered by Israeli forces in a night raid or by telephone calls from intelligence officers.
The children, all from Beita village in the occupied West Bank, reported to an interrogation facility and were promptly taken into jail while were denied access to a lawyer or a family member.
“In the previous two months, the DCI has documented cases of children who were summoned by Israeli army through phone calls or through handing invitations to their parents during night raids. Although they have introduced this new way, they are still using old tactics including ill-treatment, beating and torture of the children,”

War Against Boys. ADHD Drugs Are Unsafe!

By Have you heard anything in the media about the meds used for ADHD being unsafe? I would bet not. But guess what? There’s been quite a bit of scientific data pointing towards that very possibility. Just have a look at this page:
Leonard Sax, M.D. has been pointing out these potential risk factors for some time and I can’t remember seeing any articles in the news media other then those written by Sax.
The worst thing about these potential side effects and brain changes resulting from these meds is that they center around de-motivating the boy. The very thing that the medicine is trying to do, to help him focus, is negated by this potential impact of simply not wanting to get out of bed. Here’s what Sax says in his excellent book on boys, Boys Adrift:

The stimulant medications appear to exert their harmful effects by damaging an area of the developing brain called the nucleus accumbens.

This Means War: US To Target Putin's Personal $40 Billion Stash

Tyler Durden's picture: While the White House has continually threatened further sanctions against Russia for non-de-escalation (even as it un-de-escalates itself), the specifics of the additional sanctions have been sparse. German CEO warnings over blowback from economic sanctions... the "nonsense" of replacing Russian gas with US gas... the Russian warnings of "interdependence" and "boomerangs"... all reduce the West's arsenal of financial sanctions. But, as The Times of London reports, perhaps the US has found a crucial pain point for Putin - a sanctions regime that would target Putin's personal wealth, which includes a reported $40 billion stashed in Swiss bank accounts.
As The Hill reports,
The White House on Friday refused to comment on reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin's personal wealth could be targeted if the West were to move ahead with additional sanctions over Ukraine.

Hot Rods - MGTOW

Sandman: Today's video is brought to you by a donation from Ian. He wanted me to cover a specific topic and this is what he has to say: "Hello Sandman, when you have a moment, can you please view and discuss the 1971 movie "Two-Lane Blacktop", I think the main protagonists (all males, btw) show much MGTOW overtones right at the time that the feminist movement was starting to get a foothold. I watched this movie in 1986 as a teenager because I liked cars. I watched it last week for the first time since 1986 and to me it now speaks volumes about men going their own way.