25 Apr 2014

More Greek Debt Lies, More Coop Hypocrisy From Labour, More Deconstruction Of Voting Rights Bollocks, More Fracking Truth +

By John Ward: Greek freedom follower Kafenion wrote to me yesterday, confirming that Prime Sinister Antonikis Smallbrainaras is a black hearted liar on the subject of Greek surpluses: he lauded them bigtime – even though they failed to account for interest payments on Greece’s debt, the cost of running cities and towns, social security, some military spending, and any sense of reality.

The surplus ‘achievement’ was the key to giving the Coalition relief from €240 billion euros in debt owed to the EU-IMF-ECB Troikanauts. But the ‘exceptions’ above (disallowed for every other euro member) were a fraud: without them, Kafenion confirms, Greece would still be running a serious deficit.

As indeed is the Labour Partyboth financially and ethically

Feminism: Want A Baby? Trick A Man

Adam Haykal: Want a baby? Trick a man. This is the advice given by a mainstream US chat show host
Angelo: A sassy 2 year old??? (I had to rewind that bit to check I'd heard correctly.) Let alone the lie to your husband 'thing'. MGTOW is the only option and the MHRM a necessity. I personally didn't need convincing but this goes to further prove the validity of Stephan M's anti-spanking crusade. What moral code are these women imparting to our future society? Someone needs to report these women to the police. Spanking 2 year old babies, how inhuman. I bet they've already ritually mutilated the baby boys!

The Father Love Suicide Note Dina Mackney Did Not Want You To Read

By In the wake of legal threats to censor a dying man’s message to the world, a number of online sources, on YouTube, Facebook, and elsewhere, have taken to copying his message and even making videos of it reading it out loud. One of these is Gary Costanza, aka JerryTheOther:
He’s not the only one. It’s being mirrored all over multiple sites. (SGW: Our honour) Do you think Dina Mackney or her friends or relatives are aware of not just how much damage Dina’s done to her children, but of how very, very stupid it was to try to silence the internet?

Parental Alienation Awareness Day: Raising Awareness of The Abuse

By Much has been written and discussed on the issues surrounding parental alienation, or Parental Alienation Syndrome. That one of a child’s or children’s parents may become cut off from and out of touch with them has become a norm in modern life. The application of “family law”, and its attendant use of expert testimony, to back up motions to separate children from a parent has in recent years become an enormous influence in the lives and futures of children from across the economic and cultural spectra.
There are those who claim that parental alienation talk is mere junk science, that arguments in favor of children’s continuity with each of their parents are used by abusers to hide and even perpetuate their abuses of the children or the other parent or both. Indeed, for its first six years the Violence Against Women Act contained language encouraging petitioner’s counsel to use a respondent’s claim of alienation as in itselfevidence of abuse.” The language was quietly altered in a later reauthorization, but the mindset still stands in the divorce and custody fields, that such claims of children being harmed by lack of access to a parent are generally made by abusive spouses trying to use court strategy to cover their own misdeeds, or even that the exercise of one’s First Amendment right to petition government for redress of grievances in behalf of one’s children is itself a form of direct abuse of the ex-spouse.

This Chart Is A True Picture of The Bankster Credit Bubble In America, Now Bigger Than The Last One (Which Blew Up)

By Wolf Richter: For a while, rumor had it that banksters weren’t lending, and that this was the reason the recovery has been so crummy and that businesses weren’t expanding and that jobs weren’t being created fast enough. There was no demand for loans, and banks were too tight with their lending standards. Or so the story went.
Turns out, banksters have been lending. Not only that. They’ve been lending more than ever before. They have been lending even more than during the last credit bubble, when too many easy loans were made helter-skelter by loosey-goosey loan officers while the Fed’s spigot was wide open, which helped blow up the financial system.

Furious Russia, Downgraded To Just Above Junk By S&P, Proposes "Scorched Earth" Retaliation Against NATO Countries

Cyprus and Russia - what's the difference (aside from the fact that the former was a money laundering offshore center of the latter until last year of course)?
If you said one is a lackey to statist, selfish banker interests, and after having its economy thoroughly destroyed by the great doomed European sociopolitical (and pathological) experiment, came crawling back to its Eurozone masters, while the other couldn't care one bit about Pax Petrodollariana and the global central bank cabal, you are right. In which case it will also be clear why a few hours ago that joke of a rating agency, Standard & Poor's, which also earlier announced it was "affirming" France at an AA rating making it very clear it will no longer accept being sued for telling the truth and downgrading sovereigns or otherwise have its offices abroad raided, not only upgraded Cyprus from B- to B (please deposits your funds in Cyprus banks now: they are safe, S&P promises), but - far more importantly - delivered a political message to the Kremlin, and downgraded Russia from BBB to BBB-, one short notch away from junk status. This was the first downgrade of Russia by S&P since December 2008.

Institutionalized Misandry: My 77 Cents + Beyonce's Knickers

By : There is a debate between Thomas Sowell and Harriet Pilpel where the issue of a wage gap between men and women is discussed at length. If you are not familiar with either of those names, Harriet Pilpel is (or better, was) an attorney and feminist activist. Thomas Sowell is an economist and Ivy League professor. Here’s a summary of the debate:
Harriet Pilpel’s position: Women earn 77 cents for every dollar that a man earns.
Thomas Sowell’s position: Using the Department of Labor’s figures, along with existing data, when the earnings of all women, versus all men are compared, the sum of all earnings by women is less than that of men. When 1 woman is compared to 1 man and they have the same education, same time in that industry and position and are working for organizations with comparable earnings, women earn more.
When did this fascinating televised debate take place, must have been recent, right? This is a recent issue after all. Ten years ago, if you believe feminist propaganda, women were barely permitted in the workforce. Twenty years ago they had to ask a man permission to urinate or breathe.
The debate took place in 1981.
More than three decades ago feminists were throwing that 77 cent figure out there and they’ve never stopped.

Zombie Banks, Debt Schools - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Jan Skoyles

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss how with a university education, one may steal the whole railroad but will also leave the student heavily in debt with tumbling starting salaries.

Israel vs Palestine - Rap News + The Religion Of The Future + Jesus Gassed By Nazis In Stomach-Churning Ad

thejuicemedia: Decades of failed peace talks have led nowhere. But do not lose hope just yet: join Robert Foster as he attempts to host the first ever Middle East Peace Raps, using rhyme and reason to bring together Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu, and a representative of Hamas. We investigate the key arguments, counter-arguments, ad-hominems from both sides. But the picture would not be complete without a thorough discussion of "America's last taboo", as Edward Said once referred to it: the USA's role as Israel's best (and only) buddy in the world (Ok, together with Australia). Featuring special cameos from prominent American Jewish scholar, Dr. Norman Finkelstein, and Palestinian rap legends, DAM, this is an episode for the ages. Join us as we bravely (or perhaps stupidly) take on one of the most bitter, divisive and controversial conflicts of our times: Israel & Palestine.

The Male Martyr

Live People's Crimea Report - The Cult of Appliantology

Deek Jackson: Video Hangout - The Cult of Appliantology