27 Apr 2014

Misandry and Emasculation within Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

By : I wrote this essay for two reasons. Firstly to show some of the more subtle anti-male undertones in things which are seen to be pro male or even anti-female, and secondly to show how easy it is to use subjectivity to make a point that cannot be refuted. All others doing essays of this nature wrote about misogyny or negative stereotypes of women (Vanity, weakness etc.) I decided to go the opposite route both to credit my ideas and to discredit those of the others.
Disney’s Beauty and the Beast can be seen as a very honest way of depicting how society feels about the gender roles of men and women. Firstly, of the main characters, two out of the three are in fact males. The interesting thing about this balance is that despite there being a higher number of males in the film, they are both shown to be at least partially villainous. Throughout the entirety of the film, the only two characters, main or otherwise, who truly embody and possess typically masculine characteristics (chivalry, a wish to fight to protect women, strength etc.) are both depicted as being wrong, evil, and negative.

5000 Football Ultras Batter Anti-Govt Protesters And Police In Eastern Ukraine (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

RT: Peaceful rallies in eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkov turned violent as a crowd of several thousand football ultras attacked a crowd of some 300 pro-Russian protesters. At least 14 people were injured, including two law enforcement.
Thousands of fans of two Ukrainian football clubs Dnipro and Metalist have gathered in Kharkov’s Constitution Square where they joined some 250 pro-Kiev activists holding a rally.

Up to 5,000 ultras, according to local media estimates, intended to march in support of the country’s unity from the Square to Metalist stadium, which is some 3 kilometers away and where the game between the two clubs started, as scheduled, at 19:30 local time (16:30 GMT).
The march started with Ukrainian anthem and drum-rolls. Football ultras, some equipped with burning torches and petards, were chanting “Glory to Ukraine. Glory to heroes!” and “Ukraine’s above all!” 

What Happens When Jezebel Lets A Man Take Over? Brilliance, Quite Frankly!

'One weekend, one man, and we have women sabotaging birth control, woman suing dead child she herself killed, women lap-dancing young boys, women sucking off horses...'
By : Well, this has been one of the most interesting weekends I’ve ever seen on Jezebel, with virtually all of the posts coming from a man named Mark Schrayber. Mark lectures in psychology at San Francisco State University, and he is a former behavioural health counselor.
Part of me thinks Mark is gonna be in for some hell come Monday for posting a lot of articles that don’t show women off in their best light.  Let’s take a look:
First up, he writes about Wendy Williams suggesting that it is okay to trick a man into getting you pregnant by going off birth control, using the justification that hey, it’s your body, your choice, right?

UK Banksters Threaten Public Over Leaving EU

liarpoliticians: The criminal Banksters have a mouthpiece called "City UK", and they've made a report that threatens the rest of the UK population with armageddon if the UK leaves the EU communist block, and how it would be ruinous to the criminal banksters, who have already stolen directly £1Trillion from taxpayers, and even more indirectly with QE and other financial terrorist tactics.

How Feminism Betrayed Women + Verbally Vomiting About Feminism

BraveTheWorld: UK Feminist: Britain is most sexist country in the world -

Western Women - The Most Privileged Demographic Ever + Go Tell The Feminists, Stranger Passing By

6oodfella: If I sent you here, it is because you disrespected the genuine victims there are, and that there have ever been, when you claimed that western women of today are oppressed, or discriminated against. You'll probably have difficulty understanding this video (if I sent you here), because an opposing view is hard to swallow when you're already choking on privilege. Enjoy.

Wow!! How Cute Are The Royals?? Look At Them!! - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The Artist Taxi Driver
"Get down on your knees!!! ...The First step is for the monarchy to go!"

Orwell's 1984 USA

“Otherwise harassed?” Lee asked. “Does that include those who may have been targeted, harassed, imprisoned, or otherwise, whatever, by the United States Government?”

RT: Announcing its third annual Free the Press campaign to highlight censorship and oppression of journalists “around the world,” the US State Department made clear it doesn’t consider press freedom issues in the United States the same way it does abroad.

3 Feminist Outrages That Pissed Me Off + The Gender Gap... Who The Hell Cares??? + Advice On Feminism +

"Pussy equals qualified according to feminists!"
That Guy T: Many feminists would refer to these events as the work of "Radicals". Granted some of it is, but honestly moderate feminists aren't much better. The modern feminist movement in my opinion is a JOKE. I just used these 3 examples to give a brief explanation as to why I hold that viewpoint towards modern feminism.

Of Hypergamy And Commitment MGTOW Elaboration

PsychologicalCynic: What is the major issue men have with Hypergamy? Well, it really isn't about being replaced, it's more about the lies that were told and the trust that was betrayed. Men must hold women accountable for their words and actions. If not, they'll continually play the fence in order to get what they want. Being equals on convenience and victims upon benefit. Say what you mean, mean what you say. Hold yourself and others accountable for your words and don't say anything that you're not prepared to back up.

Dear Obama The Baby Bomber, What Happened To Common Sense US Foreign Policy?

Julie Borowski: My take on the Russia/Ukraine situation and why sanctions will make everything worse.

Liars, Damned Liars, and Spanish Banksters

By Don Quijones: “Spain’s banks are back on track.” That was the upbeat message announced to great fanfare at the last meeting of the Spanish Banking Association (AEB for its Spanish acronym), Spain’s biggest financial sector lobbying group, held in Madrid earlier this week.
The most visible sign of improved health was in the sector’s profits. In 2013 the AEB’s member banks notched up 7.2 billion euros in profits between them — a significant step up from the previous year’s delusory 2.8 billion-euro loss. During a presentation titled “End of an Era: A New Chapter,” Miguel Martín, the AEB’s outgoing president, attributed the dramatic turnaround to the sector’s “reduced need for allowances and provisions” following its “exceptional restructuring” in 2012.
According to Martín, Spain’s banking reform has led to a “stronger, more viable, more efficient and more competitive” financial sector – good news not just for the banks, but for everyone. As Spain takes yet another giant step towards full recovery, its creditors and investors can rest assured that they’re backing the right horse, and Spanish businesses and families might finally begin getting the credit they need to get back on their feet.
Well, at least that’s the official story. On the QT and off the record, it’s a bare-faced lie, a cynical deception masking a much bleaker reality — one consisting of the following four features: