1 May 2014

Honey Badger Radio Tonight! + Puppet Rape Culture + Marketing For MGTOW

The US Has Become A Worse Police State Than Orwell Could Imagine + Why We Fight + "It Can't Happen Here!"

By Paul Craig Roberts: The United States pretends to be a home of freedom and democracy. In fact, the US is rapidly degenerating into a police state and a worse dystopia than George Orwell imagined in his book, 1984.
John W. Whitehead describes below the prison that is being constructed for all of us. This prison is the work of many of our fellow citizens including scientists and entrepreneurs who have gained fame and fortune creating a prison for mankind. What were they thinking as they threw their energy and their lives into constructing a police state dystopia?
Putting Big Brother in the Driver’s Seat: V2V Transmitters, Black Boxes & Drones
By John W. Whitehead:
“It’s a future where you don’t forget anything…In this new future you’re never lost…We will know your position down to the foot and down to the inch over time…Your car will drive itself, it’s a bug that cars were invented before computers…you’re never lonely…you’re never bored…you’re never out of ideas… We can suggest where you go next, who to meet, what to read…What’s interesting about this future is that it’s for the average person, not just the elites.”—Google CEO Eric Schmidt on his vision of the future
Time to buckle up your seatbelts, folks. You’re in for a bumpy ride.

Iranian Academic Says Obama The Baby Bomber's Drone Warfare, War In Disguise

An Iranian academic says US assassination drone attacks across the Muslim world are given inexcusably scant attention in the lame-stream media, describing the drone warfare as a war in disguise indeed.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: In an article entitled Killer Drones and Obama’s Invisible War and published on Press TV website on Thursday, Iranian author and Middle East expert Dr. Ismail Salami wrote that US drone attacks are meant to lull American public who are manifestly fed up with their government’s military interventions on the one hand and to vindicate their gory policies through a mechanism of invisibility on the other.
“Contrary to their claims that the drones are only used to wipe out the al-Qaeda elements in different parts of the Muslim world, their strikes have however proven to kill civilians. Women and children are unfortunately among the routine victims of their ‘targetedassassinations,” Salami said.

Radioactive Zombie Bankster Copyright Cartel Takeover - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Dan Collins

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the pawnshop for gazillionaires, the Asia pivot as opium war 2.0 and the fact that should the Fukushima of Jamie Dimon's derivatives book meltdown, and then TPP nations will not be able to do anything to try to stop it.

International Monetary Fraudsters (IMF) To Ukraine: Fight For East Or No More Ponzi Debt Money Enslavement + And Then There's This: "The Oceans Will Rise; Nuclear Winter Will Be Upon Us; And The World As We Know It Will End"

IMF stuck a $17bn tranched debt gun to Ukraine last night, Gazprom gets paid; Ukraine gets its cash; and the door's wide open for the US and EU to pour more 'controlling influence' into the divided nation... Except there's one thing:
Which, roughly translated, appears to mean go to war with pro-Russian forces (and thus Russia itself if Putin sees his apparent countrymen in trouble) or you don't get your money!
Some other items of note include:


Bra Oppression? Feminists Should Be "BE-HIND BRA'S!" + A Request

Bernard Chapin
"Back pain is a social construct!"

Government War On Language + Doves - Kingdom Of Rust - Acoustic

carlos morales: The True Objective Podcast examines the Orwellian New Speak that is plaguing modern society today.

Women Good. Men Bad. Got it?

Stefan Molyneux: Potential moral responsibility, conditional love, history is not an excuse, women are good, men are bad, terror breeds excellence, risk vs. safety, the worship of heroes who excuse inaction, the price for slaughtering a million plus people, risky behavior and escaping toxicity.

International Monetary Fraudsters Offer To Stick Ukraine With Additional $17 Billion Debt Syphon + Russia Will Retaliate If West Persists

RT: The International Monetary Fraudsters have approved a two-year $17.1 billion loan package for Ukraine. The immediate disbursement of $3.2 billion will allow Ukraine to avoid a potential debt default.
The IMF’s 24-member board agreed to the two-year program to aid Ukraine’s troubled economy on Wednesday.
The approval gives the green light for the immediate release of $3.2 billion to Ukraine, which will allow the nation not to fall into default, Reuters reports. More than half of that money will be dedicated to supporting the country's budget.
The package will open up loans from other donors totaling around $15 billion. The goal is for Ukraine to use the money to stabilize its economy.
"The authorities' economic program supported by the Fund aims to restore macroeconomic stability, strengthen economic governance and transparency, and launch sound and sustainable economic growth, while protecting the most vulnerable," the IMF said in a statement.
IMF managing director Christine Lagarde commented on the aid package, stating that the plan may come with geopolitical and implementation risks.
"On the implementation front, we are taking all the precautions we can in order to mitigate those risks," Lagarde told reporters on Wednesday.

Schlafly On Hypergamy

bar bar
"A subtle anti-male entity. ...Admits marriage is essentially a prostitution racket!"

"Grow Grass" The FKN Show

Deek Jackson: "I call for stringent action for anyone who can be bothered, which is difficult to do when you yourself like a smoke. I think the slogan of the legalise cannabis campaign in something like ...What do we want? (deep inhale) that's an interesting question isn't it. When do we want it? Mmm, no rush.

Selfish Women Are Selfish Because Of Selfish Men

6oodfella: Selfish Melissa Kite, who selfishly writes for The Mail Online, selfishly claims that the reason she is selfish, is because of "selfish men", as she so selfishly puts it.