2 May 2014

"The Conspiracy To Feminize Males And Masculinize Females"

"...exploding rates of smaller penises and man boobs..."
GnosticMedia: I heard Curtis on Red Ice Radio's 3Fourteen a couple weeks back and reached out to him and we wanted to have him on Gnostic Media as well to follow up on our interview with Karen of GirlWritesWhat.

Men Are Guilty Until Proven Innocent

The Good People Of Slavyansk Rise Up Against Bankster Backed Mercs

Civilians near Ukraine’s flashpoint city of Slavyansk have stopped a column of armored vehicles and troops from entering their city amid a bankster backed Kiev offensive on pro-Russian protesters.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: Local residents prevented the column from entering Slavyansk on Friday as the acting Kiev government deployed armed forces to the city’s suburbs in a bid to retake the city.
The acting Kiev government launched the military offensive earlier on Friday, using armored vehicles, helicopters and tanks, but their advance towards the city has been limited.
According to Ukraine’s Interior Ministry, the country’s armed forces are now controlling at least nine Slavyansk checkpoints set up by the protesters. 
However, the city of 130,000 residents is still mostly under the control of pro-Russian protesters.
Kiev also confirmed that pro-Russian gunmen shot down two army helicopters, killing two pilots. In addition, another pilot was injured and taken to hospital by the armed men.
This is while pro-Russian protesters near the city of Yasynuvata seized a rail control center for the Donetsk region.

End Misogyny In Chess #BanChessy

6oodfella: We must fight misogyny wherever we find it, and one of the places where it is most rampant is the Chess world. #BanChessy

Where Law Stands on the Wall

Please Stop Me Before I Vote for a Bought-&-Paid-For Demopublican Again

If we only voted for unbuyable candidates, money would become poison in politics rather than mother's milk.
By Charles Hugh Smith: The solution to money in politics is simple: stop voting for politicos who accept millions of dollars in bribes, ahem, campaign contributions and who court lobbyists. It's really that easy: stop rewarding those who collect millions and start punishing them by refusing to vote for any politician who accepts more than $100 from any entity in any one election cycle.
As with so many other issues, we have been well-trained to expect a centralized authority to save us from ourselves: in effect, we're asking the Supreme Court, Congress, etc. to please stop us before we vote for a bought-and-paid-for politico again.
Nobody forces us to vote for the candidate who raises the most money and blows it on media buys to persuade us that they're not bought-and-paid-for. But think about it: the very fact this craven toady can afford to spend millions of dollars on advertising proves he/she is well and truly bought-and-paid-for.

Chris Mackney Didn’t Suicide - He Drowned + The Red Pill

By Despite attempts by lawyers and an ex-wife to delete Chris Mackney’s existence from the public record, he will not be forgotten. YouTuber Gregory Becker gives a moving tribute to a man he says did not suicide, but rather drowned as a result of misandric forces he was powerless to stop. Like a rat in a scientific experiment, Chris Mackney was forced to swim and swim till he no longer had the energy to remain afloat. Source

Gregory Becker: "Learned helplessness. ...No matter how much you beg or plead they will not feel sorry for you. All of your begging and your pleading makes money. It's a sadomasochistic relationship and no matter how much the masochist is trying to win the love of the sadist, the sadist despises them all the more, that is the nature of it ...it's disgusting."

Endocrine Disruptors: Our Boys And Men Are At Risk!

By The following article is another example of a problem that impacts boys and men considerably more than women and girls.   The difference is that this problem does not seem to be a result of feminism, gynocentrism, or our white knight legislators.  This is a result of our lifestyle, our corporations, and our biology.

The sad truth is that we are living in a world that is saturated by chemicals that mimic human hormones.  These chemicals have been dubbed “Endocrine Disruptors” since their mimicking confuses and throws off the delicate balance of our human endocrine system.  EDC’s as they are called, (endocrine disrupting chemicals) are all around us. They are in our streams, our lakes, our grocery stores, our carpeting, our lawns, our cars, in the food we eat, in our toothpaste, soaps, plastics and just about everywhere you look. Most of these are derivatives of fossil fuels, often plastics.  They are in fertilizers, pesticides, even the byproducts of pills like birth control pills,  This stuff is everywhere.

But what is the big deal?  Why get hyped up about these small amounts of chemicals?

Lessons From The Bankster Crisis - Punk Economics

David McWilliams: "...consider a forest fire. The Banksters are the pyromaniacs who actually started the fire. The central banksters and the regulators are like the firemen but they were looking the other way!"

What's So Bad About Nazis? + Five Stupid Complaints About Freedom

Larken Rose: The question is not rhetorical. Too many people are really, really sure that there's something really bad about being a Nazi, or about being a communist, but they can't actually say WHAT is so bad, and can't even define or describe what those philosophies advocate, or why they are so dangerous.

How To Lower Your Child's IQ - A Conversation with Dr. Murray A. Straus

Stefan Molyneux: Stefan speaks with Dr. Murray A. Straus about the prevalence, social causes and scientifically proven negative effects of spanking.
Dr. Murray A. Straus is Professor of Sociology and founder of the Family Research Laboratory at the University of New Hampshire. Dr. Straus is also the author of "The Primordial Violence: Spanking Children, Psychological Development, Violence, and Crime".

MHRM's $3000 Reward For Danielle's Elusive Assailant + Bitches And Billionaires