3 May 2014

The Real Battle For Ukraine + Can The Jews Stop Putin? + Putin Foils The Jews In Syria + Putin's Speech Exposes The NWO


Men’s Rights And Poverty

Did you ever think what those sleepers are that underlie the railroad? Each one is a man, an Irishman, or a Yankee man. The rails are laid on them, and they are covered with sand, and the cars run smoothly over them.
Henry David Thoreau, Walden
By : Today’s culture of misandry could be considered the greatest complex of oppression and abuse seen in the modern age. Over three-billion men and boys are routinely exploited, overlooked and abused, with it all rationalized as necessary, as fair, or as simply not happening. This system of inequality is likely the largest (by head count) oppression of a single distinguishable demographic of the last century, if not of all history. 

However, there exists another structured inequality that is even more far reaching: poverty. For centuries the greater masses have been exploited by the wealthy to further grow their riches and to wage war between houses, kingdoms and nations at the whim of the plutocrats. Make no mistake, the mass poverty we experience to this day is enforced with the sole intent of sustaining the status quo; it is no accident, but a requisite of the current system. 

Together, these two cultural complexes, misandry and poverty, oppress and abuse the vast majority of humanity.

Men's Activism And Anger - MANstream Media v Lame-Stream Media

"...issues about people dying, about peoples lives being destroyed, about almost immeasurable suffering and pain and yet trying to address those issues, because they are about men, in this culture which depends on men so much to make the world go around as it were, talking about those things is met with anger, it's met with more than anger, it's sometimes met with violence, it is met with extreme condemnation, with character assassination. We've regularly been lied about in the (lame-stream) media, we have experienced people trying to do anything they can to discredit us." Paul Elam
Paul Elam: Men's advocates have a very perplexing problem. Many of them are very passionate about justice for everyone in a society that wrongly thinks it is pursuing that very thing; a society that is willing to practice a lot of injustice to prove it.

Goodbye Blue Sky - Celebrating The Pointless WW1 - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The Artist Taxi Driver
"A celebration of DEATH, a celebration of WAR, a celebration of misery, of destruction, of complete and utter wipe out, of a massacre. Why would you celebrate that?"

The Last Two Times This Happened, The Stock Market Crashed

By Wolf Richter: The last two times when margin debt reversed and fell after a record-breaking spike, all hell broke loose. In 2000, it was simultaneous. In 2007, it was delayed by a few months. Today, on the surface, everything is still hunky-dory. The Dow is just fractions below its all-time high that it set on Wednesday. But beneath the surface, parts of the stock market are already coming unglued, and holders of momentum stocks have been eviscerated.
The Nasdaq Biotech Index had beautifully shot up along an exponential curve. Then the hot air hissed out of it, and it swooned 21% in six weeks. The index includes big players, like Biogen, not just startups with big dreams and no drugs. After some buying on the dip, the index closed on Thursday down "only" 15%. But that hasn’t saved smaller momentum stocks: Exelixis is down 58% from its 52-week high and 92% from its all-time high shortly after its IPO in early 2000; Halozyme is down 60% from its high in early January. And so on.
In the social media space, the bloodletting has been ugly. The Social Media ETF SOCL is down 23%, but stronger stocks like Facebook (down 16% from its high a month ago) paper over individual fiascos, like Twitter, which has plummeted 48% from its peak last year to below its IPO price.

MGTOW vs Traditionalism vs Feminism vs M(H)RM

RazorBladeKandy2: This is the video I was talking about, this is the big one which was originally meant to kick off my MGTOW series.

If Man Obeyed God + Life as you've never seen it before!

DarkMatter2525: What if original sin had never occurred? I think you'll find that the fantasy concept known as "sin" is actually quite integral to our physical structure and success as a species. So, whether you take Genesis literally or not - if you believe we were designed by God - who is truly to blame for our "nature"?

Psychological Experimentation On Boys & Men - Tragic Story Of David Reimer

Adam Haykal: Can a boy be transformed into a girl?
Sick psychological experimentation performed on boys, is a deeply disturbing but real trend.
In this case the individual was David Reimer, who in the end tragically took his own life.

Anarchy In The UK, USA And Everywhere Else!

corbettreport: James Corbett, Sibel Edmonds and Peter B. Collins welcome Andrew Gavin Marshall for a discussion of his recent podcast on "Anarchy, Socialism and Free Markets." We talk about anarchism as a philosophy and what it really entails, as well as how it links to socialism, libertarianism and other political philosophies. We also delve into some of the questions and critiques that many raise to the idea of anarchism.

Doctor Money and the Destruction of David Reimer - Honey Badger Radio

The State Of The Deep State

By James H. Kunstler: We’ve been hearing a lot about the so-called Deep State lately. What to make of this shadowy monster? Some observers link it to the paranoid fantasy called the New World Order, a staple of political talk radio (and a hobgoblin I don’t believe in). In popular movies such as the Jason Bourne epics and Mission Impossible, the Deep State launches hyper-complex schemes that work flawlessly and never fail. That is exactly why they have such high entertainment appeal. Viewers are thrilled by the precision, by the conceit of seeming infallibility. The Deep State definitely exists; it just doesn’t work the way it is depicted in the movies. 

I like to say that I’m allergic to conspiracy theories because human beings are generally too inept to carry out schemes at the grand scale, as well as being poor secret-keepers. Insider knowledge is almost always swapped around, even in secretive organizations, often recklessly so, because doling it out confers status, tactical advantage, and sometimes money for the doler-outer. But the Deep State isn’t a secret. It operates in plain sight.
First, of course, is the Pentagon leviathan plus all of its suppliers, enablers, and lackeys — the beast that President Eisenhower warned his fellow citizens to beware of in his farewell address, calling it the military-industrial complex.”