4 May 2014

Dozens Of CIA, FBI Agents "Advising Ukraine Government", German Press Reports

Tyler Durden's picture Now that the situation in Ukraine has officially been upgraded to "war", what really happens on the ground will remain largely wrapped by the fog of war on either side, with just one thing assured: a war it may be but more than anything it is a proxy war - one in which both western and Russian interests are manifest in the fighting, and killing, of mostly innocent civilians in Ukraine - a carbon copy replica of what happened last year in Syria.
The latest reminder of just this comes from AFP which reports, citing Germany's Bild, that "dozens of specialists from the US Central Intelligence Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation are advising the Ukrainian government."
From AFP:

Citing unnamed German security sources, Bild am Sonntag said the CIA and FBI agents were helping Kiev end the rebellion in the east of Ukraine and set up a functioning security structure.

Apartheid Gulag: Gazans Harvest Wheat Untimely Due To Israel Attacks

Wheat farmers in the besieged Gaza Strip have begun harvesting their crops before they are fully grown for fears of being targeted by apartheid Israeli attacks.
Orwellian UK Banned Press TV: The report said on Sunday that international activists have been present at the Palestinians’ fields to help protect the farmers’ lives. Wheat has not fully matured yet but farmers say they prefer to have some wheat rather than none.
Farmers say Israeli soldiers deliberately burned most of their wheat fields last year at the peak of the harvesting season.
“We started harvesting earlier than usual because Israeli soldiers burned most of our crops in previous seasons. Israeli soldiers open fire at our fields at night and in the morning for no reasons,” a Palestinian farmer told Press TV.
The farmers in Gaza have been forced to plant their fields with wheat to replace thousands of olive trees which had been uprooted by Israeli bulldozers in the past years.

US County Sheriff Admits Big Brother Is Here "But We Kept It Pretty Hush Hush"

Tyler Durden's picture "This is the future if nothing is done to stop it," is the ominous way The Atlantic describes the recent Big Brother tactics used by LA County Sheriffs to "police" areas such as Compton. Residents were unaware ("A lot of people do have a problem with the eye in the sky, the Big Brother, so to mitigate those kinds of complaints we basically kept it pretty hush hush")that, as the police stated, "we literally watched all of Compton during the times that we were flying, so we could zoom in anywhere within the city of Compton and follow cars and see people," as they trialled a new system which if adopted, would mean Americans can be policed like Iraqis and Afghanis under occupation. As The Atlantic concludes, the sheriff didn't conclude that the "wide area surveillance" wouldn't be like Big Brother after all, just that Big Brother capabilities would help to solve more crimes... so why not tryout mass surveillance?

As The Atltantic reports,
In a secret test of mass surveillance technology, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department sent a civilian aircraft over Compton, California, capturing high-resolution video of everything that happened inside that 10-square-mile municipality.

The Raw Story - Slightly Cooked

By The title of this article is oddly fitting. First, the name “Raw Story” refers both to an online publication, and also the kind of story you get when you hear all sides without any key voices being silenced.
Interestingly, The Raw Story (a publication that claims to promote independent journalism) does not seem to possess the virtues consistent with its brand. It seems to prefer its “raw” stories just a bit cooked after all.
Travis Gettys is gonna give it to you rawTravis Gettys cooked an appetizing piece on Chris Mackney’s suicide letter. He kicked it up a naw’tch by using my stunning face as the featured image since I read Mackney’s suicide letter and encouraged the public to circulate the original footage.
The article reception was mixed. Some comments were sympathetic to Mackney, while others were openly anti-Mackney and anti-MHRA.
But one thing held constant in comment moderation of Gettys’ article: MHRAs are not allowed.
Peter Nolan was not censored as aggressively as others, most likely because he’s more consistent with what The Raw—I mean “The Cooked” Story wants people to see as representative of the MHRA perspective. To be fair, Nolan claimed to need to create a new account to subvert being banned. Resident grandwizard and rapey beaty beardman Dean Esmay smelled the misrepresentation sizzling on the grill, but unfortunately an apple was shoved in his mouth, and he was used to garnish a bowl of Shut the Fuck Up a la Gordon Ramsay.

Advice For Women Regarding Online Abuse

6oodfella: The British Brainwashing Corporation (aka BBC) are showing a programme this week about the abuse that women receive online, because as we all know, women are the only demographic on the Internet that gets any form of abuse, and being perfect, they're also the only demographic that does not abuse anyone online.

South-East Ukraine: Crisis Diary (Unique Documentary Shot by Ordinary People) + Ukraine Mariupol. Bank Burns +

RT: While Crimea has already had a referendum, the situation in other Ukrainian regions is still unstable. People want their voices to be heard and are demanding a vote. RT managed to get footage from people living in various cities in southeastern Ukraine. Many of the videos and interviews you will see in this film have never been shown on television.

The Watchers + The IMF

'The Watchers' by Conspiracy 1600 
The Artist Taxi Driver

The Male Privilege Checklist Debunked #5 + Tell Men Not To Rape + US Colleges, AKA Rape Traps


Last testament of a loving father 
abused by the family court system 
and alienated from his children

CAFE's Robert Samery On Sun TV + Queen's Journal Questions Paul ...Briefly

Dannyboy CdnMRA: Sun TV Micheal Coren has CAFE's Robert Samery on as a guest. They start of the show talking about Danielle D'entremont, the student who alleges she was assaulted on Mar 26 , 2014 for her feminist activism. They go through a couple of different topics.

My Call To The White Male Privilege Hotline

Sargon of Akkad: I don't think they can help me "cash in" my white privilege.