8 May 2014

Is The U.S. A Capitalist Democracy Or Oligarchy? Bankster Capo Di Tutti Capi Janet Yellen Can’t Answer…

See for yourself:
By Michael Krieger: During yesterday’s Senate hearings, Janet Yellen was asked by Senator Bernie Sanders if the U.S. was a capitalist democracy or has morphed into an oligarchy. While readers of this site already know the answer to this question, which was recently proved empirically by a Princeton and Northwestern academic study, it was still stunning to note her unwillingness to answer the question.

Medieval Tortures From Wall Street And The US Prisoner Industrial Gynocracy - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Reggie Middleton

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the brutal tortured to death industry in America and suggest some Medieval ideas, such as the Tub, the Lead Sprinkler and the Brazen Bull. They compare these old techniques to the modern financial and monetary systems in which, for example, investors' wealth is trapped inside the 'Brazen Bull' and the Dow hitting all time highs is actually these investors screaming in financial pain.

Russia Launches 2 ICBMs, Rebuffs "Simulated Massive Nuclear Strike"

Remember when Putin "de-escalated" and promised the Russian forces were being pulled back from the Ukraine border? That didn't last long. Fast forward 24 hours, when we learn that the very same Putin oversaw a military exercise involving Russia's nuclear forces.

Scorched-Earth Monetary Policy in the US And What Happened In New Zealand

By Wolf Richter: After five years under the Fed’s relentless money-printing and zero-interest-rate regime, the US labor force participation rate has shriveled to 62.8%. You have to go back to February 1978 to see worse. It’s a terrible indictment of the Fed’s policies that kicked in during the Greenspan Fed at the real wage and employment peak in 2000.
This long-term structural decline has befuddled the Fed, at least publically. Various economists and Fed heads have come up with all sorts of hairy excuses for this phenomenon, including demographics – that somehow suddenly changed in 2000? Yet they never once questioned their scorched-earth monetary policy.
As if to needle the Fed's spin-meisters personally, the labor force participation rate of another developed country, New Zealand, just set a record high.
OK, I have a lot of fond memories of New Zealand (for your entertainment at my expense, here is my Pipeline bungee jump ). But as a driver there told us tourists, “In New Zealand, there are more sheep than people, except during the summer, when there are more tourists than sheep.” So it's not exactly a huge economy.
And it has its own challenges, but over the last 12 months, it created 84,000 jobs, the most since the data series began in 1986.

What Feminists Don't Know

“I am a feminist, and I DON’T KNOW…”
realraven2000: To feminist ideologues all male suffering is invisible. Low paid workers to them basically don't exist.

MHRA: Canadian Senator Anne Cools’ Ongoing Battle Against Gender Feminism

Gynocentrism, "It is a personality disorder in the body politic of this nation."
By (aka The C.O.C.K. Fairy): Senator Anne Clare Cools was appointed to the Canadian Senate in 1984 by Pierre Trudeau. She was the first black senator in Canada and the first black female senator in all of North America. Beginning her political career as a member of the Liberal party, Senator Cools is now an independent and has continued to boldly and conscientiously speak out against gender feminism where it threatens to undermines the integrity of Canadian society.
In her foreword to The Most Dangerous Branch, a book by law professor Robert Martin about corruption in the Canadian Supreme Court, Senator Cools provides a history of the battle to curb the power of judges to alter laws outside of the proper parliamentary processes.

The Canadian courts’ foray into politics on the ground and justification of Charter rights and Charter values is currently termed judicial activism. Some have called it kritarchy, that is, government by the judges.”
In numerous Senate Chamber speeches, Senator Cools has addressed gender feminism, even introducing the word gynocentrism on March 4, 1999, while confronting “judge bashing” and feminist influence in the Supreme Court.
In that speech, Senator Cools challenges the Senate to research the roots of current feminist demands upon the legal system in Canada.

Why Govt Doesn't Want You To Be A "Dangerous" Artist - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The Artist Taxi Driver


carlos morales: GOVERNMENTS: THE LARGEST TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS IN THE WORLD. An analysis with Complete Liberty's Wes Bertrand and Carlos Morales.

China Calls Iran A ‘Strategic Partner’ + Eurovision 2014 - WB7

By : On Monday China and Iran agreed to deepen defense ties, according to Chinese state media. The announcement was made following a meeting between Chinese Defense Minister Chang Wanquan and his Iranian counterpart, Hossein Dehqan.
According to Reuters, which quoted a report in Xinhua News Agency, China said that bilateral relations “remained positive and steady, featuring frequent high-level exchanges and deepened political mutual trust.” Reuters also quoted Chang as saying that he is personally “confident that the friendly relations between the two countries as well as the armed forces will be reinforced” as a result of “increased mutual visits and personnel training cooperation between the armed forces.”
According to an Iranian news report, Chang also said that China views Iran as a strategic partner. “Given Iran and China’s common views over many important political-security, regional and international issues, Beijing assumes Tehran as its strategic partner,”

Ladies, How Would You React If You Saw This On TV?

6oodfella: Ladies, if this was actually real, and not a Pixar-esque animation, what would you think? How little would you think men thought of you?
How utterly disgusted would you be?
Would you respect men if they behaved like this?
Now watch this:

Publisher to Students: Your Property Book is Not Your Property

By Daniel Nazer: EFF has been fighting for years for the principle that if you bought it, you own it. The first sale doctrine – the law that allows you to resell books and that protects libraries from claims of copyright infringement – is crucial to consumers. Unfortunately, first sale has been under threat in the digital realm, as copyright holders increasingly insist on saddling “sales” with onerous restrictions. You may think you are buying a product (like software, music and ebooks), but as far as they are concerned, you are just renting it, on their terms, whether you know it or not.
The latest attack on first sale comes from Aspen Publishers, and the target is the lucrative textbook market. Aspen is insisting that students who are assigned and purchase physical textbooks Aspen published cannot resell those books to recoup some of the expense.
Aspen’s announced its move in an email to professors. In the coming academic year, Aspen declares, its popular property law case book will only be available under a so-called ‘Connected Casebook’ program. Students will still pay full price (a cool $200) but will be required to return their casebooks at the end of the semester. Students will supposedly also receive “lifetime” access to a digital companion to the casebook. But, as Professor James Grimmelmann noted, “we know from sad experience that gerbils have better life expectancy than DRM platforms.”
The ‘Connected Casebook’ program is a cynical ploy to destroy the secondhand market for books.

Quantum Leap In The Gold Price, Ukraine-Russia Crisis And More - Golden Jackass + Swedes Doomed To Die In Debt + China Demands Gold As Collateral For Zimbabwe Loans

Greg Hunter: Dr. Jim Willie (aka Golden Jackass) says big news on the progress of convertibility of the Chinese yuan is being ignored by the mainstream media. Dr. Willie says, "Fully convertible capital account for the Shanghai Free Trade Zone is an enormous story, and it is not in the U.S. news. Why, because it signals that the yuan is about to become an extreme competitor to the dollar in trade settlement and, therefore, rival it as a global reserve currency.