9 May 2014

Bankocracy: 18 Year Old Thanassis Kanaouti, Murdered For A Ticket

For Thanassis Kanaouti murdered on 14/8/2013, Greece.
This is what bankocracy looks like. Every day, through the semblance of normality, children fainting in class through malnutrition every day, desperation every day, multiple suicides every day. Merc shock troops control Athens for the banksters aided by the lame-stream propaganda divided society's own fascist civil servant traitors. Greek society is torn to shreds. It's worse today than it was last year, aided by our shill western lame-stream media blackout.  
Perseus999: Για τον Θανάση Καναούτη που δολοφονήθηκε στις 14.8.13 από ελεγκτή του ΟΑΣΑ.

The Istanbul Convention: Sleepwalking Into Ruin

By : Modern western societies are enormously complicated affairs composed of byzantine organisations and influences, often difficult to understand and navigate – despite which most of us get how the system works.
We vote for our local politicians, they have certain powers, they do things that influence our lives. We vote for national politicians, they have wider powers with further reaching effects.
Changes to these powers and the results of legislation created under this authority are closely scrutinised by voters and political pundits, journalists and special interest groups – not much is missed, as a rule.
And yet we are often blind to the very real power wielded by those in faraway offices and boardrooms, often acting on a transnational basis, which will unquestionably reach down and touch every one of us in our day-to-day lives through that same political system we so confidently feel we understand.
The very existence of the Istanbul Convention is unknown to many, even to high level journalists in national newspapers, politicians and pundits alike. It has been quietly put together, quietly pressed, and quietly ratified by enough countries to make it binding across those European states who have signed it, from the first of August 2014, with the last three being Spain, Andorra and Denmark. It will be going before the European Parliament soon, and if ratified there will become binding across the EU.

What is the Istanbul Convention? 
In short, it’s an agreement that governments will undertake to act within its guidelines, said guidelines being essentially a feminist blueprint to inflict every manner of injustice on half the population purely because they have male genitalia.

Rickards, McCullough Unplugged on Fed, USD, Economy & More

Hedgeye: Controversial best-selling author James Rickards sits down with Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough to discuss a number of important subjects in this wide ranging interview:
00:58 Keynesian Economics = Junk
3:00 The Fed Uses The Wrong The Model
5:50 Think About Risk The Right Way

The Origin of Sexual Fetishism

Stefan Molyneux: "The government provides an enormous incentive to murder, it pays people to do that and it gives you free college tuition and it gives you free pensions, you get medals, you get adulation, ticker tape parades if you've murdered allot of people."
0:00 - Introducing Anarchism/Anarcho-Communism and the Womb
28:50 - Overcoming Toxicity to be a Good Father
1:17:00 - Breaking Down Secular Morality
1:49:34 - The Origin of Sexual Fetishism

Dear Feminism: NAFALT Goes Both Ways, Parts 1 & 2

By : NAFALT: Not All Feminists Are Like That. It’s usually the argument used to say that not all feminists are evil man-hating narcissists and liars. Which seems to sometimes be true. But there’s another side to saying Not All Feminists Are “Like That”: feminists are in the habit of claiming feminism is responsible for things they were never responsible for things they claimed.
Recently, PolicyMic published an article apparently intended to help renew feminism’s sinking reputation. The article, an opinion piece by Elizabeth Plank, listed off 23 Ways Feminism Has Made the World a Better Place for Men.
It would seem like a pretty good reason to be thankful, if feminism actually improved the world for men. Unfortunately for men and the author of the piece, her assessment is far from accurate. Let’s take a look at those claims.
1. It gave our economy a huge, long-lasting boost.
No, it didn’t.

GLOBAL ECONOMIC REALITY: Why we no longer need gut feel to sense the Bust

The writing on the wall street construction is as big as it gets
By John Ward: I suspect that Wolf at Testosterone Pit was one of the first out of the blocks last week to start calling The Bust, and Nasdaq bloodletting merely the overture to it. I followed within 36 hours, chiefly because having reached such a decision many times previously, I didn’t want to be caught wolf-whistling too early yet again.
A big lesson we have all learned over the last five years is that there are two ways to change reality in the 21st century: hitech media use, and money. A lot of the time they are used with great effect together, and the effect is to remove any and all faith in what we used to call The Fundamentals of any market. And despite this learning curve having at least some positive effect, lessons lead to lesions: my own SIPP pension has been bruised to the tune of 40% by staying too bear for too long.
The technology was invented by the science end of business, and the money donated (unwillingly on the whole) by taxpayers. Governments and banks put nothing into their application, but they have taken by far the lion’s share of its benefits. I believe that future economic historians of any value will see the period 2004-16 as one during which the earnings of the inventive and the productive were ruthlessly hijacked by the cunningly useless: media barons, legislators, bankers, accountants, lawyers, national security officers, and above all all bureaucrats.

The Craven Cliven Bundy - Honey Badger Radio - MHRM

"Study, ...51% of college men report being sexually assaulted or raped since the age of 16!"



George Galloway MP v 'Strong Supporter Of Israel'

Molucca Media: George Galloway takes a call from Yusuf in Germany.

Feminists, Marxists, Racists, "Check Your Privilege" Is An Idiotic Phrase!

By Julie Borowski, honorary honey badger: "Check your privilege" an insulting and self-righteous phrase. It's used as a way to shut down discussion. It only creates more division, guilt, and jealously. Stop reducing people to their skin color or body parts. It's not cool.

World War 3: The Death of America - Russia, Crimea and Ukraine

Stefan Molyneux: Stefan speaks with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts about the death of the constitutional American republic, what can be learned from the situation in Crimea and Ukraine, the United States showdown with Russia, the German response to Edward Snowden, the rise of the Wolfowitz doctrine and the failure of United States intelligence before 9/11.

"Unlocking The Cage" (or whatever) - Part 1

"The challenge is human psychology and getting past the mental inertia in people's minds that keep them from thinking about new ideas. ...Every single person, when he simply removes the contradictions inside his own head,
he ends up as an anarchist."
Larken Rose: This will be the first in a disorganised series of videos where I explain a ridiculously ambitious project I've started to work on.