10 May 2014

The 6oodfella, Sparkyfister And Sargon Show + "MGTOW, The High Priests Of Freedom" The 6oodfella And Sargon Pilot Show

Sargon of Akkad: More Stuff
"Feminist's are such hard work" The men join forces
MGTOW North Atlantic Alliance ;-)
"Do you like cock or do you like vag?"

Institutionalized Misandry: Hey Amanda Marcotte, Did You Know “1 in 5″ Is Really 1 In 5,446? + Independent Women’s Forum On Gender Pay Gap

By : As Karen Straughan (GirlWritesWhat) has noted, rape is a unique crime in that it can often occur only in the mind of the alleged victim. Between adults, the same sexual acts can also be characterized as consensual sex to outside observers (or participants) if they have no understanding of the alleged victim’s actual internal mental state, or lack thereof.
The importance of this mental state is best summarized by the Latin legal term mens rea or “guilty mind,” a necessary element in most criminal prosecutions. The intent to do harm can not be ascertained where the perpetrator is unaware that harm is being done. This core, essential principle of law has vanished when it comes to the crime of rape. Instead of concerning ourselves with the accused’s state of mind and presumed innocence, feminists demand we concern ourselves only with the feelings and thoughts of the accuser.
The contents of a victim’s mind are, admittedly, important. Even a depraved perpetrator who WANTS to rape will fail if his or her desired victim is mentally willing.

Anti-Sanctions? Putin Lifts "Limits" And China Agrees To Increase Investment In Russia

Tyler Durden's picture As Putin warned earlier in the week, they do not see the effectiveness of sanctions; but it seems he had something else in mind. By rolling back informal limits on Chinese investment, Putin has opened the door for significant capital inflows from his new best friend... and China has already agree to increase investment. While Putin is careful to note that the Chinese will not be allowed to invest in gold or diamond mining, or hi-tech projects, Russia hopes to lure cash from the world’s second-biggest economy into industries from housing and infrastructure construction to natural resources. Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet in Shanghai May 20/21 and Chinese officials have already confirmed bilateral cooperation in the areas of investment and finance has made major progress as local currency settlement in two-way trade increases. Forget sanctions, just remove the US from the world trade equation...
As Bloomberg reports, Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to open the door to Chinese money as U.S. and European sanctions over Ukraine threaten to tip the economy into recession, according to two senior government officials.

‘Pilot program’ Revealed: Washington Sends Missiles To Anti-Syrian Mercs

RT: The US is sending missiles to Syrian rebels as part of a pilot programto strengthen the opposition, American media reveals. Addressing criticism the US is arming extremist militants, Washington claims its weapons will not fall into the wrong hands.”
Washington’s new initiative aims to find out whether it can supply opposition forces in Syria with weapons without them falling into the hands of Islamist extremists, American officials told USA Today on condition of anonymity.
"They will try this first and see how it goes" before expanding it, said a former official. According to reports, rebel groups have already received anti-tank missiles, known as TOWs, which are specially designed to destroy tanks and pierce reinforced bunkers.

Rebel fighters prepare to launch an anti-tank missile towards forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad in Maaret al-Naaman village, in Idlib April 30, 2014. (Reuters / Rasem Ghareeb)
Rebel fighters prepare to launch an anti-tank missile towards forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad in Maaret al-Naaman village, in Idlib April 30, 2014. (Reuters / Rasem Ghareeb)
This latest move by the US comes as the head of the Syrian National Coalition for Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, Ahmad Al-Jarba, visits Washington to lobby for more support. Al-Jarba will push for Washington to supply rebel forces with anti-aircraft missiles, the New York Times reports.

The Speculation Game - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Steve Keen

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the warning from legendary stock market speculator, Jesse Livermore, that speculation is "not a game for the stupid, the mentally lazy, the person of inferior emotional balance, or the get-rich-quick adventurer. They will die poor." And, yet, speculation has become the economic model for a nation of stupid and mentally lazy speculator-taxpayers. They also discuss splat collateralized debt obligations and fracking Walden Pond to pay off our bad debts.

World First: DAC7 - Flavour Of The New Lampizator Flagship + Full Review Update

By Angelo Agathangelou: A short introduction for the uninitiated. For those who missed it, there has been a revolution in audiophile technology. DACs have revealed that humble CD’s were always vinyl’s equal, sadly the dated concept of essentially using a light beam in place of a needle and other shortcomings of the technology used until now conspired.  These issues have been traversed by replacing the record playing mechanics of cd players with solid state ram buffers and the same information available on your CD is now most conveniently on a solid state hard drive. The results are the best music I have ever heard and I have cared to hear for almost half a century.

Schools out and the only benefit of vinyl is nostalgia. …That’s OK, there's a place for nostalgia, it’s just this reviewers opinion that music lovers are finally able to enjoy their current revolutionary music in a way that has been unavailable to the masses for more than a generation. I definitely think we took a step back there for a while and the lame stream continues to half step. That’s where artisans like Lukasz Fikus have come to the rescue.

The famous Lampizator DAC4 generation3 was a revelation of the above and I couldn’t bare to part  from my own generation 4. It goes like this, put a Lampizator DAC4 and Transport in between your computer and Hi Fi gear and magic happens, you’ve got every ounce of vinyl clarity but without the pops and scratches. This brings me to the all new DAC7.

European Elections - A Voice For Men - Voice of Europe

List of feminist MEPs: http://www.avoiceformen.com/feminism/...
"European Elections ...we focus on anti-male messages in the campaign in various countries and on proven misandrist candidates."

100 Men: Apartheid Gulag Palestine Inmates Continue Hunger Strike

A major hunger strike by over 100 Palestinian inmates in the self proclaimed "Jewish State" gulags has entered the seventeenth day.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: The prisoners have been refusing to eat in protest against 'Israeli administrative detentions'.
They say they are determined to continue their open-ended strike until their demands are met.
Israeli gulag regimes have imposed additional restrictions on the 'detainees', preventing most of them from meeting their lawyers.
Most of the striking 'prisoners' are elderly and many of them suffer from serious health conditions.
Palestinians have recently held solidarity demonstrations across the West Bank and the Gaza Strip gulags to show support for the hunger-striking prisoners.
One of the largest demonstrations was held in the West Bank city of al-Khalil (Hebron) where thousands took to the streets.
The event was organized by the Coalition of Youth of the Intifada, Hamas, and the Islamic Jihad. It was the largest demonstration held in the city over the past seven years.
Administrative detention is a sort of imprisonment without trial or charge, allowing the apartheid 'Jewish' regime to imprison Palestinians for up to six months. The detention order can be renewed for indefinite number of times.

Our Man In New Zealand: We Haven't Yet Had To Push The Big Central-Bank Button Labeled “Panic & Self-Destruct”

By Lee Hughes, New Zealand: You're absolutely right (Wolf Richter) that NZ hasn't engaged in QE and hasn't suppressed interest rates to the degree that the US has done and also that the labour force participation rates are high and unemployment is low. No shit – the labour force figures produced aren't tweaked either. Unemployment really has dropped steadily for five years now, and pay has risen a little too. But there are a few other factors in play that help explain NZ's present comfort at a time when other developed economies are tanking.
Firstly, NZ has been enjoying high prices for agricultural commodities finally. We've had to wait forty years until our products were in demand by a growing population of wealthier consumers – especially the Chinese. From the early 70s through to the late 90s, world food production climbed faster than populations could consume it, and so our economy suffered from the competition and overabundance of cheap food. But that has changed now and is unlikely to reverse course for a generation. So that explains some of the good times – we have something the world wants more of now. Something we are shatteringly good at producing. Better than anyone else. Much, much better. We grow food like the Saudi's used to pump oil.
Secondly, we got a Keynesian stimulus like the one old Krugman pants and salivates about – you know the one where you bury money in jars and it pays people to dig them up? It happened like this.

Insiders Get Rich On IPOs, Masses Lose

By Regular individual investors are taking the biggest hit from the crashing values of companies that have recently sold shares to the public - while the privileged investors are largely spared.
There have been 41 initial public offerings over the past 12 months, including Internet stock Twitter, restaurant chain Noodles and natural foods store Sprouts Farmers Market, where privileged investors who bought shares at the so-called offering price are sitting on big gains, even while most individual investors are suffering massive losses.
An IPO’s offering price is the price initial investors, usually wealthy clients of brokerages and large institutions and investors, pay for shares of IPOs the day before the trading starts.
Twitter is perhaps the most high-profile example. Investors that got in at the IPO price back in November, $26, are sitting on a 23% gain. Those that jumped in and paid the first-day closing price of $44.90, though, are down nearly 29%.

And it’s not just a few bum deals, but a broad trend in the IPO market. Investors who got in at the offering price of the 242 initial public offerings sold over the past 12 months are still up 12.3%, on average, from their offering price, based on a USA TODAY analysis of data from IPOScoop.com.
It’s an entirely different story for the masses though, who typically buy IPOs after they start trading.

The Meat Grinder, Canada Style: The Aaron Joseph Harms Story

By : In September 2013, Joseph Aaron Harms began writing a blog, Tortured by the Canadian government.” Much of his story is there. In eight months the site has garnered 16,000 views, rather impressive for a guy nobody’s ever heard of.
After being contacted about the case by Men’s Rights Edmonton, A Voice for Men reached out to Harms and began investigating his case. We now have the complete story and the documentation to go with it. This article is the first in a series that will bring his story to an even wider audience.
Joseph Harms’ nightmare began almost three years ago, and it has yet to end. On May 21, 2011 his fifteen year old common-law stepdaughter, Angel Roberts, called 911 and reported that he raped her. On October 9, 2013 Joseph was acquitted during his trial, after Angel confessed in court that it was all a lie. He is still facing very-much-related “unrelated” false charges of assaulting his girlfriend and “assaulting” police officers, who broke down his door without identifying themselves while threatening to kill him, during an unjustified and unlawful raid. He defended his home and his person. I’ve heard that the bear spray he used on them hurts like hell, and I hope it did.
The consequences of Angel Roberts’ false accusation are staggering. Joseph Harms was questioned and arrested, and he has since been subject to nonstop pressure and coercion to confess to anything at all, which might justify the initial charges and conveniently discredit him as well. He has lost his home, his family, his pets, his job, and everything else he has worked for in life.

Terrifying Exploding UK Starving: "People are getting penalised for being poor"

FMQUnofficial: Food bank providers (Denis Curran) told MSPs it was "clear" that UK government welfare reform had been one of the drivers of the "terrifying" increase in the number of people using food banks in Scotland.
Denis Curran from Loaves & Fishes said the use of food banks was "not just growing but exploding" saying people were being penalised for being poor and the "heart of the matter is people are starving".