13 May 2014

Woman DARES To Record Her Arrest, Now She Faces MAJOR Charges

The Young Turks: "A Chicopee woman was arrested on unlawful wiretapping charges in Springfield early Sunday morning after police responded to a street disturbance at 140 Chestnut Street.
Springfield Police Lieutenant Robert Moynihan told ABC 40 24-year-old Karen Dziewit was drinking outside of a building at 140 Chestnut Street around 2:15 AM, along with yelling and disturbing residents. After several failed attempts to calm her down, she was arrested for disorderly conduct.
During the arrest, Dziewit told police she turned on a recording device on her smart phone that was hidden inside her purse and recorded her arrest."

Heroism And Its Absence In Modern Culture

My Thoughts On Sexism

Angelo: Interesting considerations for discussion by SP32. "You find someone who's extremely honest and I'll show you someone with poor social skills. Being able to navigate the shifting sands of social interaction requires, REQUIRES, that a person learn how to lie very well, You show me someone with allot of friends and I will show you a big liar!"

Environment plays a big part and the conclusions may be correct as a generalisation of western culture of the moment and I have experience of rare people that defy this logic I believe due to environmental factors, e.g. within a supportive bubble of functioning culture, unlike our current bankocratic gynocracies. Unless we include omissions as lies. That is to say, though the conclusions may be true for our time and place, it ain't necessarily so.

America's Lies On Ukraine

The Tiger In The Alley - A Story Every Woman Should Know

By Imagine if you will a dark, damp, alley in the most dangerous section of a vast and terrible city. The brick walls sweat dirty water. The stink of trash and week old food lingers in the air. It’s never really quiet there and the most terrifying sound is that of footsteps echoing behind you too late at night or too early in the morning.
You stand across from this alley for some reason or another. You are waiting for a bus, maybe a taxi or just on the street trying to get air slightly fresher than that found in your cramped apartment. And then, far down on a corner, you watch as a 900 pound Bengal tiger strolls into view and casually walks towards the mouth of that alley. Head low to the ground, muscles rippling, yellow eyes steady, it comes close to you, snorts and, thankfully, turns and disappears down into the cut between two tall buildings. It disappears into the alley directly across from you and you exhale, hard. You have been spared a terrible death.
Just as you turn to go back into the relative safety of your building, a click clack click clack sound rolls over you and you spin about to see that a young women is slowly walking up the street across from you, following in the footsteps of that Bengal tiger.

Glen Greenwald On Richard Bacon About Edward Snowden - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The Artist Taxi Driver

Agent Provocateurs: The Odessa Massacre - What REALLY Happened

StormCloudsGathering: Contrary to what the mainstream media has tried to convince you, it's not at all a mystery how the fire started in Odessa, Ukraine and it's not at all a mystery who started it. We owe it to the victims to expose what really happened.

"If You Don't Have Anything To Hide, You Shouldn't Care About NSA Spying" DEBUNKED

Mark Dice: "If You Don't Have Anything To Hide, You Shouldn't Care About NSA Spying" DEBUNKED
Mark Dice is a media analyst, political activist, and author who, in an entertaining and educational way, gets people to question our celebrity obsessed culture, and the role the mainstream media and elite secret societies play in shaping our lives.

“They’ll Probably Have a Gay Person After Hillary” - Glenn Greenwald on the 2016 Elections

By Michael Krieger: Glenn Greenwald is not one known for pulling punches, and in this excellent interview with GQ Magazine titled, The Man Who Knows Too Much, he is in particularly rare form. Credit must be given to the interviewer, who asked a wide range of very interesting questions that allowed Greenwald the opportunity to discuss a lot more than merely his Pulitzer Prize winning journalism on the Edward Snowden documents. From the fact that the biggest NSA stories have yet to be published, to thoughts on the 2016 elections, this interview really has it all.
Here are some of what I thought were the most interesting and informative excerpts. From GQ:
How much more is there to release—and what burden do you feel to get it out there?
We published the first article [about the NSA collecting Verizon phone records] while I was in Hong Kong last June and won’t stop until we’re done. I think we will end the big stories in about three months or so [June or July 2014]. I like to think of it as a fireworks show: You want to save your best for last. There’s a story that from the beginning I thought would be our biggest, and I’m saving that. The last one is the one where the sky is all covered in spectacular multicolored hues. This will be the finale, a big missing piece. Snowden knows about it and is excited about it.

Not All Men - BadgerPod NerdCast Two

"The defender of the defended, the lone protector of the protected and the voice for the voicefull?"

In other words....... Feminist

Male Spaces Must Not Be Allowed To Exist!

By : There must be no male spaces! This is not allowed!”
Or at least this seems to be the message conveyed by a significant proportion of the European media following the appointment of Portuguese-native Helena Costa as manager for the French Ligue 2 football (soccer) club Clermont Foot Auvergne 63.
The middle class Guardianista-style pricks that we usually call “journalists” regarded the news of Costa’s appointment as another progressive step forward and the French press rushed to pick some statements from the (all-male) players in the hope that they can find something to spin into some patriarchally misogynistic conspiracy against the poor little female coach. And they found as the left-back Emmanuel Imorou told L’Equipe that the players have asked questions to each other along the lines of “who is she?” and the goalkeeper characterized her naming as a “smart media stunt” – a characterization which enraged the aforementioned pricks even further, despite the fact that it’s the truth, an aspect which, although uncomfortable, has even been admitted by Costa herself. Because yes, in the feminist mind, google-ing the new coach’s name and pointing the obvious is now misogynistic.
As it’s usually the case with feminist ideologues, the issue is not the naming of Costa per se as supposedly the first woman to coach a team in the first two divisions in Europe. By the way, that information is also false. Duygu Erdoğan coached for Galatasaray Istanbul replacing none other than Fatih Terim. The fact that she spectacularly failed is a different story – but the point is that the press rushed so hard to make ideological points out of Ms. Costa’s appointment that they got their facts wrong. Who would’ve thought?