15 May 2014

When The Head Of The European Central Bank Lies To Zero Hedge On The Record: Presenting Europe's "Plan Z"

Tyler Durden's picture Who can possibly forget the following exchange from April 2013 in which a very simple question was asked: so simple that apparently nobody else in the very serious media had ever even considered it.

Scott Solano, DPA: Mr Draghi, I've got a couple of question from the viewers at Zero Hedge, and one of them goes like this: say the situation in Greece or Spain deteriorates even further, and they want to or are forced to step out of the Eurozone, is there a plan in place so that the markets don't basically collapse? Is there some kind of structural system, structural safety net, especially in the area of derivatives? And the second questions is: you spoke earlier about the Emergency Liquidity Assistance, and what would have happened to the ELA in Cyprus, the approximately €10 billion, if the country had decided to leave the Eurozone?

The US Department of Agriculture Launches Proposal to Purchase Submachine Guns

By Michael Krieger: The following solicitation from the U.S. Department of Agriculture almost defies belief. We’ve seen this type of bizarre behavior before, but it has mostly originated from the American Gestapo, aka the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). I highlighted this trend early last year in my post: Department of Homeland Security to Purchase 7,000Assault Weapons.
Here’s a screenshot of the solicitation from the Department of Agriculture (click on the image to get to the source page):
What is so important to understand about the current war/civil unrest cycle that the world has now entered into is that it will affect different regions and nations differently. It appears tensions in the Ukraine/Russia region and Asia/Pacific may rather quickly erupt into a war amongst nation-states. This could ultimately lead to a world war. For the United States region, I predict more of a rebellion and civil unrest scenario that consists of the status quo versus the people.

Jim Willie: Germany Preparing Gold-Backed Nordic Euro!

The Doc: Europe is the grand prize.  And it’s always been the grand prize. Well, due to NATO and World War II considerations, the United States is pretty much captured, colonized, integrated Europe.
That’s about to change.
I think Europe is going to turn its attention eastward.
They have a parade of gold-backed currencies coming.  It’s not just going to be the Russian Ruble or the Chinese Yuan.  It will involve the Gulf Dinar, with the Saudis. I think it will involve the Nordic Euro.
The Germans, with their friends the Dutch, the Austrians and the Finns, Finland… They’re all ready. They’re just waiting for the moment. They’ve got a Nordic Euro, and they’ve got plans for gold backing.

Obama-Nation's Disposable Men And Boys: Lame-Stream Media Hidden Information On Boko Haram School Attacks

By How long has it been since you heard of the name Boko Haram for the first time? It is all over the news now, so fill in the blank: They are a group of militant Islamic terrorists in Nigeria that ____________. (Fill in the blank.)
Boko Haram means “western education is sinful.” Thus the purpose of this group is to terrorize local people into not having their children attend schools which they consider “sinful.” How do they go about doing this? Well, according to hundreds of media news outlets, they apparently take girls hostage. There you go; the blank is filled. “Kidnap girls.”
This has prompted campaigns such as Bring Back Our Girls. Different Countries such as France and US are now determined to destroy this group. US planes have begun air search for the schoolgirls. So far so good, we applaud them. Nobody should be allowed to kidnap girls who want education.
They should, however be allowed to murder savagely, any number of boys and men apparently. The fact that the international news have abruptly gone to a state of frenzy, does not mean that this idiotic group has come to existence just recently, after taking several hundred schoolgirls hostage. They have been in business since the eighties and they are called terrorists for a reason.
In the past years, Boko Haram has attacked school after school, slitting open the throats of boys, burning them alive, and on more merciful occasions just shooting them down to make the point that in their mind this kind of education is “sinful.” 2,000people have been murdered so far this year by Boko Haram. Yes, people,” means that almost all of their victims have been men and boys.

Elite Greedocracy and Fraudopian Diet - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with 'Bad Ass" HBOS Whistleblower, Paul R. Moore

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the Fruitopian diet in which fruity accountants create a fruit salad for the banks, politicians and their cronies.

The Inevitability Of MGTOW

By When a MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) man and a woman engage in discussion it’s incredibly easy to predict what will be said:
“Aren’t you afraid of dying alone?”
“Don’t you crave companionship?”
“What are you going to do when you get old and need someone to care for you?”
“What about children? You can’t have children on your own.”
Then, after these and any number of variations on these, the cork in the bottle, the final conclusions are any or all of the following:

  1.  “You just never grew up.” – a way of shaming a man and declaring that he never became a man.

  1.  “You just haven’t met the right woman yet.” – Feigned sympathy and a statement that amounts to the idea that eventually you will get it.

  1.  “You just hate women.” – The most clever of the conclusions, it implies that you were damaged by a woman (because only a damaged man could have anything but complete love and devotion for women) and, if you were able to be damaged by a woman, you were never worthy of a woman in the first place.
Shame, shaming sympathy, and veiled attacks followed by more shame. It’s all predictable.

An Analysis Of The Women In Aliens v Feminists

Sargon of Akkad: It's a film full of strong, independent women who pull their weight...which is probably why feminists never mention it.

Alpha As Fuck

SmartWarthog: "Give me back my pen."

The Corruption Of The Lame-Stream Media - A Conversation With Allen B. West

Stefan Molyneux: Stefan speaks with Allen B. West about the Benghazi situation, lies from the Obama Administration which would have impacted the last presentational election and the corruption of the mainstream media to protect political interests.

Purple Heart's Final Beat - A Soldier Suicide Story

Blake Kleiner: Winner of Best Short Film of the Year and Best Editing for the Mitten Movie Project 2010, Royal Oak, MI
Official Selection of the 2010 Blue Water Film Festival
Official Selection of the 2011 Detroit Independent Film Festival, Central Florida Film Festival
A cry for help from SecondClassCitizen.org, dedicated to an old friend.

Big Trouble in the Pacific – Vietnamese Mob Burns Foreign Factories in Anti-China Riots

By Michael Krieger: As the war/civil unrest cycle continues to march forward, there appear to be two main geopolitical tinderboxes percolating at the moment. While we all know about Ukraine/Russia, which will only get worse in the months ahead, the South China Sea looks like it may be about to burst out into overt conflict.
Yesterday, I noticed a post on Zerohedge about how China had moved an oil rig into Vietnam’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), which was an obvious provocation accompanied by 86 Chinese vessels. They note:
With the additional deployment of a submarine and a missile ship, there are now 86 Chinese vessels accompanying the oil rig’s installation in Vietnam’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Local news reports that 3 Chinese military ships are surrounding a Vietnamese marine police vessel this morning and water cannon use continues against Vietnamese ships. We addressed the who, what, where, when and how of China’s HD-981 oil rig foray into Vietnamese waters here but, as we discuss below, the enduring question, as with many of China’s recently provocative actions in the Asia-Pacific, remains why?
So what really interests me at this point are the massive riots that broke out last night in southern Vietnam in response. The mob irrationally damaged mostly Taiwanese factories, but the focus of the ire was clear: China.

KSUM Heats Up Struggle Against Gynocentrism

By Dr. Bob Mattox is one of the Assistant Deans of Kennesaw State University, and an authority over the KSU Women’s Resource and Interpersonal Violence Prevention Center (WRC). I sat down with Dr. Mattox, Mrs. Wilson (the director of the WRC) and Dr. Gunn (The director of counseling) to discuss renaming the WRC. A record of the meeting is available for review, with KSUM (prospective) advisor names bleeped out for reasons related to preserving organizational stability.