16 May 2014

Standing On Hind Legs

Politicians want you to vote so they can claim to represent you. Then they do what they want.

The bizarre Danish 'Voteman' video
By : Most people have no idea what government is about. They think it is a benign institution, designed to make life better for everyone.
“The government is all of us,” said Hillary Clinton, talking her book.
This myth helps keep the voters and the taxpayers in line. Some governments, desperate to get more “buy in” from the public, even insist eligible voters go to the polls – or face penalties. In Argentina, for example, you can collect welfare benefits – but only if you can prove you voted. In other words, you have to stand on your hind legs before they throw you a bone.

US FCC Issues Its Proposal On Net Neutrality As Protesters Are Tossed From Hearing

By Michael Krieger: As spring unfolds here in the Northern Hemisphere, the future of the free and open Internet hangs in the balance. As such, I strongly believe everyone should have at least some understanding of what is at stake. When most people hear or read the words “net neutrality” their eyes glaze over with a feeling of confusion and despair: “I can’t remember, am I supposed to be for or against this?” This is exactly how the lawyers and lobbyists in D.C. want it, but unless the citizenry is informed we could lose the most important weapon of free speech in the history of mankind.
Recognizing the convoluted nature of the subject, I did my best to lay out what “net neutrality” is and what is at stake with the current FCC rule-making process in my recent post: Say Goodbye to “Net Neutrality” – New FCC Proposal Will Permit Discrimination of Web Content.
Well the FCC voted on its proposal yesterday and it passed with a 3-2 vote. More on that later, first I want to share an article I recently read on The Verge, which is extremely important to understand before you form an opinion on what should be done.
The first buzzword you need to familiarize yourself with is “Title II regulation.”

Annelie Sjöberg Pilloried By The Radical Feminist Sisterhood For Asking Inconvenient Questions

By There’s a special place in Hell for women who Betray the Sacred Doctrine of Feminism. That´s how one could reformulate a classic feminist book title after having, with increasing distaste, experienced the last few days the formidable lynch mob against High School teacher Annelie Sjöberg from Norrköping.

She has been called Piglet,” “Gender Traitor,” “Rape Defender,” and worse in quantities of idiotic posts in public social media. They have contacted and harassed her employer and headmaster, both by telephone and email, in the hope that she will lose her job and her livelihood. They have also contacted the leadership of the Centre-Party where Annelie is active, hoping, I suppose, that she would be excluded from politics as well.

A special place in Hell? What for, the uninitiated ask? What could Annelie possibly have done to deserve being subjected to vile persecution of this kind?

Did she hurt or maybe even kill someone? Has she perhaps behaved stupidly or badly? Been rude? Jerked the pacifier from a baby or tortured a kitten?

No, actually none of the above. Her crime consists in the fact that she had the nerve to question the One and Only, according to the net-feminists, True Doctrine. The smelly mix of feminism, Marxism and Stalinism that goes under the name of radical feminism, and that too many naive fools in this country still believe stands for good.

Men Can’t Be Raped According To Irish Law

By I was talking recently with a few acquaintances and the topic of rape came up.
How’s that for a bold opening gambit?
As you might expect, it came up sideways and almost out of nowhere. The general conversational theme concerned European directives and definitions, how these affect statistical data, which can, in turn have an impact on policy via public opinion. Oh yes, it’s not all football you know.
In any case, it was suggested that a commonly-accepted broad understanding allows for the rape of males. This, the argument goes, came from a long and concerted effort to broaden our understanding of rape, to include other forms of coercion in addition to the traditionally accepted idea of a violent sexual crime.
No surprise there, as it regularly forms a part of public discussion (By which I mean radio, TV and print opinion column interviews). Even the Dublin rape crisis centre, on its information webpage, states that “Men are raped and sexually assaulted too”, something reiterated by its poster campaigns.

Moscow Says Massive "Holy Grail" Gas Deal With China Is 98% Ready

Tyler Durden's picture We have previously profiled the "holy grail" gas deal between Russia and China on several occasions, and with its announcement scheduled for next week (barring some unmitigated disaster) during Putin's first visit to China since Xi's appointment as president last March, it is time to do a status update on where it stands even if according to SCMP, at this point finding the "holy grail" is merely a formality.
The Hong Kong publication reports that China and Russia hope to sign a massive deal for natural gas supply when their leaders meet in a regional summit in Shanghai next week, a senior diplomat has said. Under the deal, Russia will supply 38 billion cubic metres of natural gas annually to China for 30 years. Deputy Foreign Minister Cheng Guoping told reporters yesterday that President Xi Jinping would discuss the deal and other points of co-operation with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, who will visit Shanghai on Tuesday.
Russian Deputy Energy Minister Anatoly Yanovsky said on Monday that the deal was "98 per cent ready". Supply would begin no later than the end of 2018.

Greece: Police Station Surrounded By Anarchists. Policemen In Panic

Perseus999: On late night Wednesday 14 May 2014, few days before the European Parliament, County and Municipality elections that take place on Sunday May18th, a group of 15 anarchists in Vironas suburb of Athens was putting up anti-elections posters around the electoral kiosks of political candidates. Some of their self-described "democrat" voters called the police that ambushed the 15 anarchists with almost 10 police cars and a dozen police bikes. As it was obvious a fight broke out that led to the police kidnapping of 6 anarchists, showing that just few days before their democratic fun fare what democracy fears is exactly that, i.e. the antiauthoritarian context of freedom speech.

9/11 Whitewash Memorial Opens In NYC

corbettreport: The most important developments in open source intelligence news.
This week:
Story #1: Brazil Tells World Cup Attendees "Don't Scream When Robbed"
Brazil Crime Bosses Threaten 'World Cup of Terror'
Brazil's Plans for Anti-Terror Law Alarm Rights Groups

Work: The Police Keep Everybody In Harness + The Right To Be Lazy - The Right To Think - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The Artist Taxi Driver
"Money is your bondage, indebtedness is your fate!"

MHRA's Letter To Rachel Maddow + Chris Mackney: My Suicide Note

By In Turkey, as I write this, there are, as you already know, approximately 150 miners trapped one mile below ground in a burning coal mine. It was you, Miss Maddow covering this disaster on your show on MSNBC who brought it to my attention.
These 150 miners who may still be alive, or not. There are also, based on your report, at least 270 already dead.
Watching your video segment, describing this, and similar mining disasters - I was overwhelmed by emotion, and for the first time in more than 30 years, I wept.
But, not for the miners still trapped a mile below the earth’s surface, in what may become their mass-grave. I did not cry, even for those who are already known to be dead. Miners, loggers and workers in all manner of dangerous fields die by the hundreds all over the world on a daily basis. A fact that while tragic, is so commonplace that it is rarely considered by people not directly affected.
Your report Miss Maddow provoked my temporary loss of control and my tears, by the words you used to describe those who are trapped a mile below ground, and those who are known to now be dead in that particular burning coal mine.
You called them people, and also, significantly, men.

Turkish PM's Aide Viciously Attacks Protester Being Held Down By Police

Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: Outrage is growing in Turkey over a photo that shows an aide to the prime minister kicking a man protesting a deadly mine disaster in Soma.
The photo was taken during Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to the western city of Soma a day after the devastating disaster that took place on Tuesday.
The man, detained by police forces, can be seen lying on the ground as Erdogan's deputy chief of staff, Yusuf Yerkel, aims a kick at him.
The shocking image has outraged many across Turkey, prompting an outpouring of anger by activists on social media.

10 UK Mosques Invaded 'Britain First' Christian Extremism

"10 UK mosques invaded, desecrated by Christians wearing shoes whilst handing out bibles."
Molucca Media: George Galloway MP outlines the extremism and vicious attacks on the Muslim community by Christians 'Britain First' and the subsequent BBC and other lame-stream media silence [in Bradford].


carlos morales: The blood on Obama's hands is the blood of innocent children.