18 May 2014

Solid And Powdered Alcohol, The Disturbing Truth! + WHITE HOT METAL vs Water!

Thunderf00t: The majority of the reporting on powdered alcohol seemed to report this as alchemy. That is there was some magic that could be performed on alcohol that would transform it into 'powdered alcohol' rather than what was actually going on here, which is basically absorbing alcohol on a powdered matrix.

Religious Divisions In The End Times - Sheikh Imran Hosein Part 1

"It is at this time that we are going to be tested as no one has ever been tested in history!" Sheikh Imran Hosein.

Male Purpose And The Ensuing Void + MGTOW: Checking The Privilege Of Those Telling Me To Check My Privilege

Measuring The Arms Merchants - The Countries That Buy And Sell The Most Weapons

By R.L.W. and L.P. FIVE countries—America, Russia, Germany, China and France—accounted for three-quarters of international arms exports over the past five years. China tripled its share in that time, overtaking France. It is on track to surpass Germany to become the third-largest arms dealer. Business is brisk. Overall, sales between 2009 and 2013 were 14% higher than the previous five-year period, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, which tracks the arms trade. China sells to 35 mainly low- and middle-income countries, but is also a big importer (two-thirds of its weapons come from Russia). America exports to over 90 nations, with aircraft making up most of its sales. Russia exports more ships than any other country. Its weapons exports have significantly increased, thanks in part to being India's biggest supplier, accounting for three-quarters of its arms purchases. As for Ukraine, it exports more weapons than Italy or Israel. But with regional tensions flaring, it may choose to keep some of those arms for itself.

Tales from the Infrared

Paul Elam: Is the Oculus Rift sexist? Feminist Frequency back with list of games "they" have been playing. Women Against Feminist Gamers. Huge coalition led by Amazon, Microsoft, and others take a stand against FCC on net neutrality. Social Justice Warriors Upset That Marvel's Spiderman Still Isn't Gay.

Billionaires Are Psychopaths! + The REAL Reason You Own A Dog Or Cat

TYT Comedy: Comedian Lee Camp tears apart billionaires and what they do to our society. This clip is from his new special "We Are Nothing"

Gender Equality Debate - Cluj Napoca - Impressions, Criticisms & Praises

By : As AVFM News announced, I led a small non-feminist team attending the event called “Debate: Gender Equality and Women’s Rights” that took place at a hotel in Cluj Napoca in the context of the European elections that are due to take place on May 25th.
Let’s start with the positive things.
Contrary to what non-feminists would have expected, the presence of cameras (there were multiple cameras rolling) and AVFM Logo on my press identification did not seem to bother anyone.
Even though some of the points made during the debate were at the very least questionable and misandric and some of them downright horrific, the individuals assumed their positions and, for the most part, they welcomed (or at the very least allowed) criticism and feedback.
With the notable exception of a self-described “sociologist and leftist activist,” who called me a “troll,” individuals both from the panel and from the public listened to what I had to say and some of them even agreed and were surprised to find out that there still are voices who dare to question the predominant gender narrative aggressively promoted by the EU without appealing to religion or tradition. This was highly impressive for me given that a while ago in another country I was booed for arguing in favor of a non-EU-friendly opinion even though we were at a debate competition (so it didn’t even necessarily mean that the respective opinion was my own).

MGTOW Ramble: The True Goal Of Feminism

M: The title says it all; tell me what you think.

Why Don't You Vote... pt1, 2 and 3 - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The artist taxi driver
"More people voted in American Idol than for 
Barak Obama!"

Climategate: What They Aren't Telling You!

Stefan Molyneux: What happens if you question Global Warming or Climate Change? Is evidence that goes against the mainstream climate change narrative being suppressed for political reasons?

Thousands Across Europe Rage Against The EU Policie Machine

RT: Thousands of activists took to the streets of Germany and Spain on Saturday to protest the EU’s policies as the union prepares for parliamentary elections at the end of May.
In Germany, the EU's powerhouse, people participated in a day of anti-Brussels protests in Hamburg and the capital Berlin.
A rally in Berlin broke out into clashes between protesters and police.

She's a Patriarch! + Taxation = Theft? + Bearded Women, Social Justice