21 May 2014

Guilty Until Proven Innocent: The Tort of Defamation

corbettreport: Defamation laws are an historical relic of the age of nobility and reflect an exact inversion of the core tenet of western jurisprudence, that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. They retain their historical roots by remaining almost exclusively the tool of the rich and powerful to squelch criticism by the poor and powerless.

The Mangina Chronicles + Heroes of History: Pyrrhus of Epirus, the Fool of Hope, Part 5

Sargon of Akkad: Mangina says. "Blah, blah, gender violence issues." "Oh the current paradigm that says women are always brilliant and men are always evil and useless? Well, I'm looking forward to changing that paradigm, lets here what you have to say." Responds Sargon of Akkad.

Julie Schenecker Convicted Of Murders Of Her Two Teenage Children

By : Jury Rejects Ex-wife of Retired Army Colonel’s Insanity Plea. Defense Attorney unsuccessfully tries to blame husband.
The Tampa Florida murder trial for 53 year old Julie Schenecker is now over. A jury has convicted her and she has been sentenced to life without parole.
In January 2011, while her husband, now retired Army Colonel Parker Schenecker was stationed in the Middle East, Julie Schenecker murdered her kids, 16 year old Calyx and 13 year old Beau.  She shot both in the head at point blank range, Beau in the car while on the way to soccer practice and Calyx while she did her homework on the computer.  For extra measure, Julie sent a second bullet into their heads just to be sure.
Julie Schenecker left Beau in the minivan after shooting him, then after shooting Calyx, she placed the dead 16 year old on the bed and attempted to manipulate her face into a smile.
After the killings, Julie Schenecker, covered in blood, wandered near the back porch in a Zombie like trance until police arrived, where she admitted the killings and stated that she did it because her kids were mouthy.”  Shortly after the arrest, Parker Schenecker was granted a divorce, (ya think).

Paul Craig Roberts on Elite Domination & Chris Martenson on Risk & Asset Allocation

Boom Bust: Erin sits down with economist Paul Craig Roberts to talk about elite domination in the US economy and politics. Roberts talks about imbalance of influence of interest groups in American economy, and he gives his take on Tim Geithner's new book "Stress Test." Check it out.

Check Your Privilege! - A Conversation with Karen Straughan

Stefan Molyneux: Stefan and Karen Straughan aka. GirlWritesWhat discuss female responsibility avoidance, the female role in the cycle of violence, feminism as a government program and blame as relief plus helplessness. Misogyny. Patriarchy. Feminism. Oh my!

European Elections II And Are UK Mums Pulling Their Weight? - A Voice for Men Radio Europe

Paul Elam
"...the actual things that were said in the (feminist) debate were absolutely horrific for any sane individual. We had a female politician saying that we shoud brutaly sensor the media in order to counteract what she considered to be the objectification of women in the media ...we had a female attourney asking whether the state should'nt fund courses for women on how to manipulate men." Lucian.

Stop "The Chosen People" From Rebuilding Their Stinky Abomination

Brother Nathanael
"We don't need some fraudulent stinking priest-less temple that God himself destroyed!"

China Bans Windows 8 From Government Computers After Leaked Warning By Germany About Backdoor To NSA

The unthinkable just happened to (NSA bathroom buddies) Microsoft in China.
By Wolf Richter: China’s Central Government Procurement Center posted a notice on its website about the use of energy-saving products. Embedded in that innocuous notice was a categorical ban on installing Microsoft Windows 8 on any government computer.
The state-owned Xinhua news agency then reported the ban, emphasizing that it was to ensure computer security. Last month Microsoft stopped updating Windows XP, which makes it more vulnerable to viruses and hacking. XP is still installed on about half of the desktops in China, according to Reuters. So a switch to a new operating system will be necessary for security reasons. But it won’t be Windows 8.
Microsoft refused to comment. “Neither the government nor Xinhua elaborated on how the ban supported the use of energy-saving products, or how it ensured security,” Reuters explained.
Microsoft’s sales in China have been strangled for years by competition from bootlegged copies of its software. But this is worse. The ban on installing Windows 8 on government computers likely includes computers of state-owned or state-controlled enterprises, hence much of China’s corporate glory – the largest banks, the defense sector, telecom... plus computers of anyone who wants to follow the government’s security recommendations.
So was this the first strike of a broad array of measures the Chinese government would inflict on American corporations in retaliation for the indictment of five Chinese military officials that the Justice Department had announced with such media-savvy fanfare?

Why The Global Bankster Risk Is Not Calculated, But Incalculable….

and why RBS is a basket-case

By John Ward: US Fed Reserve vice chairman Tom Hoenig (below) is still worried about taxpayers’ exposure to the banks’ risky positions, he told Fortune Magazine recently. Poor old Tom is behind the music here, for shurely any foole know that it is the creditors, not the taxpayers, who will cough up this time. On the other hand, maybe Tom has spotted that they’re the same people, and simply can’t be bothered to go along with the robotic Newspeak.
Some tentative steps have been taken to make banks safer since 2008 – increasing the leverage ratio from 3% to 5% for bank holding companies, and 6% for banks – but these are slim streams of urine to fire at the approaching tidal wave…and even those have been fought tooth and nail by the frontal lobe tendency. Hoenig points out with refreshing honesty that the difference between collateralised debt obligations that got banks into a pickle during the 2008 crisis, and the collateralised loan obligations they now have on their books, are little more than cosmetic. Similarly, the book ‘value’ of derivatives is more silly that it was before the Crunch. And of course, when it comes to the loan portfolio, every last one of the beggars is leveraged like a Geithner bazooka gone nuclear.

"Go Forth And Flip Houses" and Positive Money - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Ben Dyson

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss trading houses for silver, but not gold, in China and hoarding houses like gold in London.



Holy Grail: The Birth Of Eurasia - Russia & China Do Pipelineistan

By Pepe Escobar: A specter is haunting Washington, an unnerving vision of a Sino-Russian alliance wedded to an expansive symbiosis of trade and commerce across much of the Eurasian land mass - at the expense of the United States.
And no wonder Washington is anxious. That alliance is already a done deal in a variety of ways: through the BRICS group of emerging powers (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa); at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Asian counterweight to NATO; inside the G20; and via the 120-member-nation Non-Aligned Movement (NAM). Trade and commerce are just part of the future bargain. Synergies in the development of new military technologies beckon as well. After Russia’s Star Wars-style, ultra-sophisticated S-500 air defense anti-missile system comes online in 2018, Beijing is sure to want a version of it. Meanwhile, Russia is about to sell dozens of state-of-the-art Sukhoi Su-35 jet fighters to the Chinese as Beijing and Moscow move to seal an aviation-industrial partnership.
This week should provide the first real fireworks in the celebration of a new Eurasian century-in-the-making with Russian President Vladimir Putin visiting Xi in Shanghai this Tuesday and Wednesday. You remember Pipelineistan,” all those crucial oil and gas pipelines crisscrossing Eurasia that make up the true circulatory system for the life of the region. Now, it looks like the ultimate Pipelineistan deal, worth $1 trillion and 10 years in the making, will be inked as well.