22 May 2014

Why Democracy Always Fails

Stefan Molyneux: Stefan Molyneux guest hosts the Peter Schiff Radio Show and discusses why democracy is doomed to failure, a case for anarchism, the flaws of objectivism and a motivational speech for the unindoctrinated.


Misandrist Dr. Jennifer McIntosh, Anti-Father “Researcher” Humiliated

By : Jennifer McIntosh is an infamous anti-fatherresearcherwhose work has helped the family court system abuse millions of children by helping to estrange them from their fathers. Recent work by professional researchers has found that many of her claims are irresponsible if not outright fraudulent, and news of this has finally broken in the mainstream media even as McIntosh runs for cover. Robert Whiston explains. –DE
A few weeks ago the breaking news across the internet was of a crashing McIntosh.
Judging from what you will read below, Bettina Arndt, the highly respected freelance journalist (with a doctorate in psychology to boot) might well have been fighting to get her article critical of McIntosh’s 2010 report published (and uncensored) in “The Age” newspaper. But get it published she did.
Bettina Arndt‘s article has been censored by lawyers hired by McIntosh trying to stifle the story by insisting on redactions – no doubt to save McIntosh’s blushes, not to mention her professional reputation and pension. But we can grasp how explosive it was merely by reading the version that was probably heavily edited by the newspaper’s legal team.

Social Justice Warrior - Translated + Feminist Evil Pandering "Pigs are more equal!"

"I'm young stupid, privileged or all three. ...I think two wrongs make a right. I can only think in binary terms. ...I don't know shit."
Sargon of Akkad: It's not biased. They consider you, too. Not in a good way.

Boko Haram: Bring Back Our Boys - Western Cultural MIsandry

"...our media is simply not interested in the details of death when only males are the victims! ...the rampant ongoing slaughter of our boys didn't get a mention from the first lady."
HumanityBites: On the large-scale murder of Nigerian boys and men by Boko Haram which our media and politicians fail to address, whilst they simultaneously fall over themselves to take action over the kidnap of girls.

This Happened Twice Before And Each Time Stocks Crashed

By Wolf Richter: Stock market participants and the players around them cling to every word proffered by the Fed that might reveal its secret plans because everyone knows that the words from the Fed and the money it prints and the interest rates it sets have been the fuel for the stupendous rally that started over five years ago. Wall Street wrings the last drop of hype and hope out of these words and spins them and doctors them to rationalize ever higher stock prices.
But recently, there has been one word that has moved up on the central-bank public worry list. As so often, it did so in a coordinated manner, and within days, it cropped up at the Fed, the Bundesbank, the Bank of England, the ECB....

Wrong Side of Apartheid Wall and UK Tulip Mania - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Mitch Feierstein

"BOE is about bubble management" Max Keiser.
"That's not capitalism its extortion!" Mitch Feierstein.
Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert an Eric Pickles sized analogy for bankers operating in the dark and, thus, committing more crimes... not fewer. They also discuss Ben Bernanke as the Pastor Ezekiel of central banking as he commands high fees to provide spiritual guidance to hedge fund managers.

Libertarian Ethics Explained In Under 3 Minutes

"The only just society is a stateless society!"
carlos morales: The case for libertarian ethics in under 3 minutes by Carlos Morales of Truth Over Comfort - Libertarian ethics are objective and based off the self-evident truth that you own yourself, that any attack upon your body is unjust, and that any society that considers itself ethical cannot be based in direct opposition to your rights. Self-ownership is presupposed in any argument, for an argument to occur both individuals have to accept that each other has the ability to think rationally and be able to change their position, that each other is the exclusive owner of their body, and in doing so, one cannot rationally argue that you do not own yourself.

Perfect MHRA Tone - Paul Elam Blasts Queen’s Journal With Manly Goodness

By Following is another email that I felt was best answered publicly: Hi Paul,
I hope you’re doing well. This is Sebastian Leck from the Queen’s Journal. I interviewed you two weeks ago for a feature article we’re releasing at the end of this month.
After receiving feedback from my editors, I have a couple follow-up questions for you. Feel free to answer over email – I know you are away until the 23rd.
When did you start following the events at Queen’s? Was it after the assault of Danielle D’Entremont or before that?
Given the alarming history of Canadian student’s unions, academicians and feminist ideologues undertaking efforts to suppress free speech and harass those practicing it, particularly in regard to men’s issues, we have followed events at many Canadian campuses for quite some time, including Queen’s. It was not until the news story about the alleged attack on D’Entremont that Queen’s became of heightened interest to AVFM.
I will also offer you a respectful correction to how your question is framed. The “attack” on Danielle D’Entremont is alleged, not factually proven. It is not journalistically sound for you to assume anything else.
It is, as far as anyone at this point knows, allegation only, and for reasons that anyone at Queen’s Journal will likely never question, a dubious one. .
There has been more than adequate time for a police investigation, which has resulted in no support of her claims. We have a feminist community — along with D’Entremont herselfbeing conspicuously silent, They have actually withdrawn from the case itself, which leaves me with a question for you and your editors.

MGTOW: More Than Animal + We Don't Owe Black Women Shit! + Kool Moe Dee - They Want Money

MrDawson38: Although I only had four hours of sleep the night before, I wanted to talk to my MGTOW brothers again. This video is about the need to rise above the lower animal instincts that often conflicts with the ability we humans have to be self-directed, and how MGTOW as a movement should include this powerful ability to help men as they make the journey to create the life they imagine.

WOMEN ARE NOT SMART: A Response To TheAmazingAtheist

RazorBladeKandy2: The Amazing Atheist made a video entitled Women Are Not Smart, where he basically talked about why generalizing people and groups is wrong. His video is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnRkJ...