23 May 2014

Violence Against Women Warriors Don't Read The Research + Political Correctness 'Triggering' Dangerous Herd-like Mentality

johntheother: Why do the actors and operators of the shelter and grivance industries continue to use the misleading phrase "violence against women" - according to the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development, it's because they don't tend to read the research.

Mother Nature is a Sociopath!

Stefan Molyneux:  Stefan Molyneux speaks at the University of Toronto about the reality of the environment, growing up in cities and the fantasy of mother nature at the University of Toronto at the Liberty Now event.

Nazi-Supporting UK Royal Compares Putin to Hitler

Story #1: Did the Fed Launder $141B Through Belgium to Hide Massive Increase In QE?

Global Institutionalized Misandry: Conscription is Slavery

By : Quite possibly the single biggest injustice that has been committed and is still being committed against men is military slavery, also known as conscription or compulsory military service. This involves a person (almost always a man) being forced to live in a place his masters choose, usually a cramped room he has to share with fellow slaves. He has to eat what his masters give him and has to obey their orders, even if doing so causes him discomfort, pain, or humiliation. He even has to obey when he is ordered to kill other human beings or to risk his own life. For these services he is paid only a pittance.
Unlike chattel slavery, this servitude is temporary. There are also certain limits to what superior officers may order a military servant to do. But these are differences of degree, not of kind. Conscription and military service are still forced labour, which is a form of slavery.
The Forced Labour Convention of 1930[1], which has been ratified by 177 countries[2], gives the following definition:

For the purposes of this Convention the term forced or compulsory labour shall mean all work or service which is exacted from any person under the menace of any penalty and for which the said person has not offered himself voluntarily.

Diamond Miners in Zimbabwe Told to Sell Gems to Central Banksters as Collateral for Chinese Loans

By Michael Krieger: The exploitation of Africa by bigger, stronger and wealthier nations is nothing new. In contemporary times, it appears China has been making a particularly aggressive move considering its huge economy, enormous population and insufficient natural resources. While this topic has not been a focal point on this site, I have covered it in past. Most specifically in a Guest Post from late 2012 titled: Africa in the Crosshairs.
In the article below from Bloomberg, we learn that diamond miners in the country have been told they must sell their gems through the Central Bank to serve as collateral for government loans. The country’s deputy mines had said in earlier in may that “Zimbabwe may use mineral exports, including gold and diamonds, to underwrite loans from China.”
From Bloomberg:
Diamond miners in Zimbabwe have been told to sell their gems through the central banksters, who will use the stones to secure government debt, according to a letter written to them by the country’s mines secretary.
In the letter to miners, the secretary Francis Gudyanga, instructs that producers “prepare parcels of all your currently produced diamonds which must be sorted and evaluated with the involvement of the Minerals Marketing Corp. of Zimbabwe,” a state company, and payment will be made soon after.
The stones will be kept by the central banksters and used to “securitize a government loan,” Gudyanga said in the letter.

If Only Society Was More Like Whoopi Goldberg

"Here’s to you Whoopi ... if you are ever in Sydney, there’s a frosty beer here with your name on it."
By As some of you may be aware, (Honorary Honey Badger) Whoopi Goldberg has received backlash, from both feminists and traditionalists alike, after voicing her opinion on Solange’s elevator brawl with Jay Z. If you are not familiar with the story, you can view her original comments here and her later clarification here.

Her opinion can be summarised as Men should, and do, have the basic human right of self defence, even if their attacker is a woman”.
You’d think that most reasonable people would agree with her on this. Nevertheless, some people seem to disagree:

Barclays Banksters Fined For Manipulating Price Of Gold For A Decade; Sending "Bursts" Of Sell Orders

Tyler Durden's picture It was almost inevitable: a week after we wrote "From Rothschild To Koch Industries: Meet The People Who "Fix" The Price Of Gold" and days after "Barclays' Head Of Gold Trading, And Gold "Fixer", Is Leaving The Bank", earlier today the UK Financial Conduct Authority finally formalized what most in the "tin-foil" hat community had known for years, when it announced that it fined Barclays £26 million for manipulating "the setting of the price of gold in order to avoid paying out on a client order." Furthermore, the FCA confirmed that those inexplicable gold raids which come as if out of nowhere, and slam gold with a vicious force so strong sometime they halt the entire market, had a very specific source: Barclays, whose trader "Daniel James Plunkett, sent out a burst of orders aimed at moving the price of the yellow metal."

Net Neutrality - RAP NEWS

"Tell the FCC that you're not going to take this shit!"
thejuicemedia: Having covered conflicts in distant lands, we now turn our attention to our own native homeland, the Internet, where the battle for the hypersphere has reached new heights, as netizens take up arms against Telcoms and the FCC to defend the fundamental ethos which has made the Internet what it is today: Net Neutrality. What is Net Neutrality? And why is it so important to the future of the Internet? Find out by joining Robert Foster as he takes whimsical trip into the World Wide Web, with its founder, Tim Berners-Lee. Let's just hope no shady mega-corporatist, elite oligarchic malefactors pop up to mess with us on the way...

The US Government Explained In One Chart - Tens of Millions Will Lose Their Jobs

Driven by the Supply of Credit

By : Not much action in stocks… or gold… yesterday. So, let’s go back and see what we’ve figured out recently. For one thing: The middle class can no longer afford a middle-class lifestyle.
We’ve also confronted an awkward truth: America is more of an oligarchy than a democracy. A recent university study found that Washington often snubs the will of the democratic majority to serve the desires of the dirty dealing special interest groups.
And we coined a new word – “poligarchs” – for the teeming masses who enable it.
Former World Bank economist and author Richard Duncan came to visit yesterday. You may recall Duncan has developed an interesting theory about how excess liquidity affects asset markets:

“Milton Friedman said it was the supply of money that mattered. But he based that view on his analysis of the Great Depression. He was right. But about 40 years ago, credit money started to replace real money. Now, it’s not the supply of currency that matters. It’s the supply of credit.”

And here, we simplify Duncan’s conclusion: As long as credit is increasing at a healthy rate, markets and GDP go up. When they don’t increase, expect recession and bear markets.

Cloud Wars: Now Even the CIA Slams IBM’s Technology

By Wolf Richter: I assume without having even a scintilla of evidence that IBM, revenue-challenged as it may be, offers some decent hardware, software, and services, and that it has a thriving and close relationship with the Intelligence Community. All our American tech heroes yearn to get those big-fat contracts with “the Customer.” But when it came to cloud computing, the most hyped area in tech and IBM’s feeble hope for growth, the CIA – and this sort of stuff rarely seeps to the surface – slammed IBM’s technology.
So maybe IBM’s hardware and software engineering isn’t all that hot. But IBM excels in financial engineering. That’s what matters. Last year, it spent nearly $14 billion on buying back its own shares to prop them up and to hide the dilution caused by the shares it handed to its executives and to the owners of the acquired companies.
IBM lists 12 acquisitions last year and so far this year, bringing the total since 2000 to over 150. It dished out $2 billion last year for one of the hottest cloud-computing startups, SoftLayer, then wound down its own cloud-computing products. Buying over-hyped industry phenomena rather than creating its own technology has led to predictable results: withering revenues for eight quarters in a row.
A “terrific reverence for the shareholder” is what Warren Buffett called IBM’s financial engineering in 2011 during one of his hype appearances on CNBC where he touted IBM after he’d acquired a 5.5% stake. Perhaps IBM was too busy over the last few years manipulating up its stock while hollowing out stockholder equity and didn’t want to waste its resources on actual engineering.
And that’s how it got blasted by the CIA.

Men and Boys, the Acceptable Victims of Violence

karen straughan
Honey Badger Radio - Full Show
"Dead men and boys don't sell papers. ...Michelle and Barack Obama want to sway support for an attack on Nigeria."

Introducing “Subprime Business Lending” - Loans with 125% Interest Rates Are Being Securitized and Sold to Investors

By Michael Krieger: Salespeople said they were told to refer to “short-term capital” instead of loans and “money factors” instead of interest rates. Eight of them said they talked business owners into applying by saying they’d offer a good rate after reviewing bank statements.
World Business Lenders charged most people 125 percent annualized interest rates on six-month loans regardless of their situation, five former employees said. The borrowers often put up cars, houses or even livestock worth at least twice as much as the loan. About one in five were going bust as of last year, two people with knowledge of the matter said. One said that 9 percent of the loans made this year have already defaulted.
The sweet spot is someone who can limp along well enough for six months but probably isn’t going to be around much longer,” Opportunity Finance Network’s Pinsky said. “They’re in the business of helping these businesses fail.”
- From yesterday’s Bloomberg article, Wall Street Finds New Subprime With 125% Business Loans
The following story represents one of the most mind-bogglingly disturbing reflections of what is really happening beneath the lipstick pigged representation of the U.S. economy the lame-stream media regularly portrays.