25 May 2014

Feminists, Pussy, Ego, and a Madman + Public Hysteria Does No Favors

"Feminists confuse PUA (Pick Up Artist) with MRA (Men's Rights Activist)."
AlyssMajere: My condolences go out to the family's and the victims. This was a terrible event, and it saddens me to know that tragedy's like this can never be made right.

Unrequited Sociopath Kills 6: "4 Men" and "2 Women". Cause: Misogyny!

By By now you have probably heard of the Isla Vista Shooting, carried out by a disturbed young man named Elliot Rodger.  Elliot, who may have had autism and/or Asperger’s Syndrome, was living in a facility designed to help him address awkward social skills.  Elliot was part of an on-line community called PUAHate, a website devoted to revealing ‘the scams, deception, and misleading marketing techniques used by dating gurus and the seduction community to deceive men and profit from them.’ Elliot posted some very disturbing videos on YouTube in which he rails against the women who rejected his advances and muses about killing all the men on the planet except for himself.
If you could release a virus that would kill every single man on Earth, except for yourself because you would have the antidote, would you do it?

Putin: Prince Charles’s Hitler remarks ‘unacceptable and wrong’

Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: Russian President Vladimir Putin has dismissed UK Prince Charles’ controversial comparison of him with Adolf Hitler as “very wrong” and “unacceptable.”
Putin's response came just days after the Prince of Wales during his royal tour of Canada reportedly likened the Russian president to the anti-communist National Socialist leader.
Putin said, “It reminds me of a good proverb: ‘You are angry. That means you are wrong.’”

The Robots Are Coming And They Are Replacing Warehouse Workers And Fast Food Employees

By Michael Snyder:  There are already more than 101 million working age Americans that are not employed and 20 percent of the families in the entire country do not have a single member that has a job.  So what in the world are we going to do when robots start taking millions upon millions more of our jobs?
Thanks to technology, the balance of power between employers and workers in this country is shifting dramatically in favor of the employers. These days, many employers are wondering why they are dealing with so many human worker "headaches" when they can just use technology to get the same tasks done instead. When you replace a human worker with a robot, you solve a whole bunch of problems. Robots never take a day off, they never get tired, they never get sick, they never complain, they never show up late, they never waste time on the Internet and they always do what you tell them to do.

In addition, robotic technology has advanced to the point where it is actually cheaper to buy robots than it is to hire humans for a vast variety of different tasks.  From the standpoint of societal efficiency, this is a good thing.  But what happens when robots are able to do just about everything less expensively and more efficiently than humans can?  Where will our jobs come from?

And this is not something that is coming at some point in "the future".

This is already happening.


AP: A billionaire businessman at the heart of a $2.6 billion state bank scam in Iran, the largest fraud case since the country's 1979 Islamic Revolution, was executed Saturday, state television reported.
Authorities put Mahafarid Amir Khosravi, also known as Amir Mansour Aria, to death at Evin prison, just north of the capital, Tehran, the TV reported. The report said the execution came after Iran's Supreme Court upheld his death sentence.
Khosravi's lawyer, Gholam Ali Riahi, was quoted by news website khabaronline.ir as saying that the death sentence was carried out without him being given any notice. Death sentences in Iran are usually carried out by hanging.
"I had not been informed about the execution of my client," Riahi said. "All the assets of my client are at the disposal of the prosecutor's office."
State officials did not immediately comment on Riahi's claim.
The fraud involved using forged documents to get credit at one of Iran's top financial institutions, Bank Saderat, to purchase assets including state-owned companies like major steel producer Khuzestan Steel Co.

COLD WAR 2.0 and Net Neutrality

TruthTube451 (AKA MrGlasgowTruther): COLD WAR 2.0 with Paul Craig Roberts & Net Neutrality, Technology & Even Zombie Cats on The Kev Baker Show. The guys are joined by friend and researcher Dulan, and Kev recorded an interview with Dr Paul Craig Roberts earlier today and asked him to address the Ukrain Situation.

Apartheid: Zionists Protest Pope Francis Visit To Occupied Palestinian Territories + The Golem

Pope Francis has arrived in the occupied West Bank, part of the worlds largest open air prison, at the start of a two-day tour to the 'occupied Palestinian territories' amid protests by Zionists opposed to the "goyem".
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: Upon arrival in the city of Bethlehem on Sunday, the 77-year-old spiritual leader held a meeting with acting Palestinian Authority Chief Mahmoud Abbas.
During the meeting, Abbas blasted the apartheid Israeli regime for putting pressure on Christians and Muslims to leave al-Quds (Jerusalem).
“We have informed his holiness about the tragic situation in Jerusalem (al-Quds)...where Israel is systematically acting to change its identity and character, and strangling the Palestinians, both Christians and Muslims, with the aim of pushing them out,” Abbas said.
Meanwhile, Israeli forces have arrested at least 26 people protesting the Pope’s visit to al-Quds. Two Israeli soldiers were injured in clashes with the protesters.

Feminasty Chanty is She-it

I Need Feminism Because... + Whenever i hear a Feminist talk in public or university campus...

Josh O'Brien: Interesting, isn't it.

The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax - The Holocaust Exaggerations

Ry Dawson: The Treblinka archaeology hoax. "6,000,000 people did not die in this period. ...there were no gas chambers."

Ex-PUA Elliot Rodger Commits Mass-Murder; Establishment Attacks All Non-Feminists

Dean Esmay: A deranged lunatic named Elliot Rodgers appears to have recently committed a horrendous and despicable mass murder. Predictably, the Men’s Human Rights Movement is being blamed by many. In addition to an open smear by The Daily Kos, at this writing smear campaigns are being conducted in the comments sections at Jezebel and the SPLC, and we expect more attacks on our community in the next couple of days; an angry ex-PickUp Artist (PUA) recently committed an atrocity, so human rights advocates are to blame? The level of doublethink here is high; much of the MHRM is skeptical and critical of the PUA community, and most of the PUA community is anti-MHRM. But still, while simultaneously conflating PUAwith MRA (which is is already an apples-and-oranges comparison), the irony is that this murdering scumbag was an Ex-PUA, and a member of an Ex-PUA community that ejected him for his psychotic violent ramblings, as reported by Forbes. Yet still, somehow, any people critical of feminism or gynocentrism in general are to blame. We think Fidelbogen explains why this is very well.
By The Daily Kos, campus newspaper of Kent State University, has recently published the following article. Read it carefully, but bear in mind that the Daily Kos is a well-known reactionary bastion of the SJW (social justice warrior) tribe.
This journal is a mouthpiece of the feminist Establishment if ever there was, and here we see the maxim borne out, that feminism cannot tolerate the existence of people who are not feminist.

Does Feminism Discriminate Against Men? - Response To James Sterba's Opening Argument