27 May 2014

The Brothers Karamazov - Book Summary & Analysis by Thug Notes

"Believe to the end, even if all men went astray and you were left the only one faithful... And if two of you are gathering together - then there is a whole world, a world of living love." Fyodor Dostoyevsky.
Thug Notes: If there is no God, then all is allowed.

Elliot Rodger: WHY?

The Amazing Atheist: What caused Elliot Rodger to kill 6 people? Was it Misogyny and Male Privilege as feminists insist? Or is there a better explanation? This video explores that.

Please sign this 'White House' petition to declare 'A Voice for Men' a Terrorist Group!

By Honestly, I had no plans to write about this ludicrous petition on the White House web page. When I first saw it I chuckled. Then another person sent it to me. And another. And another. And another. Here at A Voice for Men, people keep sending us this petition on Facebook, in email, in Skype chats. Every time we turn around, someone is talking about this petition, and almost all of them are panicked, angry, or upset by it.
Whenever we try to tell people that it means absolutely nothing, they just amp up their own adrenaline levels further, getting more and more agitated about this thing. So, I’m going to make a point: I have just now signed this petition, and I urge everybody reading this to do the same.
And then, after you sign it, I want you to come back here, and share a big belly laugh over the fact that you let yourself get scared over nothing. And then I hope you go urge all your friends to please sign it too.
Things you need to know about these White House petitions:

  1. They have no force of law of any kind, no matter how many people sign them.

"Spanish Feminist Thought Police" - UK Govt Funded Sex Change Drugs for 9 Year Old Boys - Berlin's Female Street Name Quota - Italy's Quota Electoral Engineering

"Confronting the issues facing men and boys at a European level. This is the place where feminism gets called out on it's lies and propaganda and the state is invited to get out of peoples lives. Please consider visiting AVfM.com and see how the truth in action sounds like. We are here and we don't plan on leaving any time soon
...Feminists and manginas be warned. While you are listening to this show, bricks of logic may fly out!" The Voice of Europe.

Refuting the Appeal to Dictionary - Lecture 3

Lecture No. 3
“Have you ever actually looked up the word feminist in a dictionary? It means equality between the sexes. It is not about hating men. This is very simple and you would know if you actually looked it up” – Diva
Following on from last week’s overview of Gynocentrism then and now, I propose that there is a common thread of female-worship running through, and linking, traditional conceptions of masculinity – historically expressed in what we might call ‘patriarchy’ – and feminism, which has taken over state and supranational institutions, and is poised to unleash the explicit persecution of men.
It may well take many more of these lectures before this is fully elucidated, but I mention it here for two purposes. The first is a reminder that reference to this common thread runs through all these musings: that Gynocentrism has been with us for a long, long time, and has only changed its form, not its content. This is the crux of Gynocentrism Theory, and it is the narrow focus which I am taking over a broad range of subjects.
Secondly, to shift the discussion towards feminism. There is the danger of reading into Gynocentrism Theory a minimization of feminism’s effects, considering that it is only the most modern version of a phenomenon which is centuries old. On the other hand, though, it is the most active form of Gynocentrism that we must presently deal with; it is the enemy, and as the all-singing, all-dancing tremendous final act in this regard, it is a phenomenon worthy of study in its own regard.

Former Bundesbank Vice-President Recommends Gold, Says Current Economic System is "Pure Fiction"

By Mish: Anyone who is thinking clearly knows the economic system fostered by central banks is totally and completely out of control.

Repetitive rounds of QE, competitive currency debasement, interest rates at zero, and sponsorship of the internet bubble followed by the housing bubble, followed by the current stock market bubble is proof enough.

So, what I am about to report is really nothing but common sense, except for the fact that it comes from an unusual place, where one does not normally hear such discussions.

Jürgen Stark, former vice president of the Bundesbank, and also former chief economist of the ECB (unofficial title) says "The System is Out of Control". Via translation from Libre Mercado, here are a few snips.

Stark, until recently one of the big hawks central bank of Germany for his fierce defense of monetary orthodoxy, resigned in late 2011 for his outright rejection to the purchase of government bonds by the ECB launched the president of the institution Jean Claude Trichet. Since then, Stark has used his rare, but valuable public appearances to warn of the risks associated with the current policy of central banks to the crisis.

Institutionalized Misandry: US University Men Face Witch-Hunt Rape Accusations

By In early May the University of Oregon dismissed three basketball players from its team amidst a fire storm of controversy over a sexual encounter which took place at an off-campus party on 8 March 2014. The encounter was detailed in a police investigation report which was leaked to the media, and charges of favoritism to college athletes soon carried the headlines in news reports.

A campus activist group, “University of Oregon Coalition to End Sexual Violence” mounted protests to pressure the administration to respond decisively to what its members characterized as gang rape. The local newspaper, The Register Guard, applied political pressure to the University of Oregon to make “examples” of the three alleged assailants, Damyean Dotson, Brandon Austin and Dominic Artis. News articles quickly appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the L.A. Times, the New York Times and ABC News. Much of the coverage speculated about the possibility of a cover-up in order to allow the three players to have participated in college basketball’s celebrated March Madness tournament.UO’s athletic director Rob Mullens and coach Dana Altman were soon fearing for their jobs. On 9 May they held a press conference to denounce the three students. President Gottfredson told the media:
“The type of behavior in the police report, released this week, is utterly unacceptable and will not be tolerated. I understand and empathize with the outrage people feel. As a father I was appalled at what I read. As president of this university I am angry and disappointed over this profoundly disturbing incident.”

Support The Troops and Be Anti-War?

carlos morales: Can You Support The Troops and Be Anti-War? Carlos Morales (True Objective Podcast) and Lauren Rumper (Objectivist Girl) dissect the idea of "supporting troops" on the True Objective Live

On Miscellaneous Gynocentrisms

To The Rape Mobile! - BadgerPod NerdCast

Works discussed: The Rapeman, Geraldine, Blurred Lines and She Hulk the She Slut.

The Truth About Elliot Rodger

Stefan Molyneux: An in-depth look at Elliot Rodger's Isla Vista, California mass shooting, manifesto and the lead up to these tragic events. A timeline of the mass shooting, predictability of such events, police failures, early childhood experiences, divorce, paternal abandonment, physical insecurities, jealousy, peer hierarchies, female credulity, discovering sex, video game obsession, bullying, racism, lottery obsession, financial entitlement, his sick ideology and the final day of retribution.

Bwahahaha! Austria to audit ‘Their Gold’ at Bank of England + First Germany, Now Austria Demands An Audit Of Its Offshore Held Gold

By Stacy Herbert: LOL. This is funny, but not really, to watch these suckers try to get their gold back.

Austria to audit gold reserves at the Bank of England

The Austrian accountability office will sent a delegation to London in order to check on Austrias gold reserves stored in vaults at the Bank of England. This is reported by Austrian magazine Trend. The measure is seen as a consequence of growing public pressure. There is a rising disbelief among Austrians about the existence of the gold.

“I acknowledge the request. Any grocery store is obliged to do inventory once a year. It is the only way of getting rid of these unreasonable allegations”, Ewald Nowotny, Governor of the National Bank of Austria tells Trend.

I reckon the audit will find this old woman: