29 May 2014

When Guilt Serves Exploitation

"The US and UK mums special relationship of beating their babies on average more than 18 times per week! Ownership is not the issue, worse than slavery, this is sheer female sadism."
Stefan Molyneux: The state as an effect of the family, children are prisoners of war, why men are not portrayed as victims, guilt as fascism and saying no when there is no reciprocity
10:35 - Why Men Are Not Portrayed as Victims
1:07:34 - When Guilt Serves Exploitation

Sweden’s Totalitarian Feminist Initiative Wins A Seat In The European Parliament

By : STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN. Following the European elections that took place on Sunday, May 25 in Sweden, the political party Feminist Initiative (Feministisk Initiativ) earned 5.30% of the voters’ share, surpassing the 4% national threshold for the first time. The voter turnout in Sweden stood at 48.8%, the largest turnout in Sweden since this country is a member of the European Union.
The percentage that Feminist Initiative (sometimes referred to as F!) got in these elections entitles the party to one seat in the European Parliament which will be occupied by FI’s top candidate Soraya Post, who will quit her job as the strategist at the rights committee in the Swedish region Västra Götaland.
Soraya Post joined the Feminist Initiative in November 2013 declaring that reading the Party’s political program was like “finding home”.
Prior to the elections, Soraya Post declared that she would like to have the EU create a “Commission of Truth” to investigate the “crimes against gypsies” and establish a EU-wide truth on the matter. She also said that if elected she will push for the creation of two new Commissioner portfolios in the European Commission – The Commissioner for Gender Equality and the Commissioner for Combating Racism.
After the results were announced, Soraya Post declared to the Swedish media that she feels vindicated:

You Want To Blame The MHRM For Elliot Rodger? Blame Gynocentrism Instead.

By There have been a couple of articles on why the lame-stream media is dead wrong trying to blame the Men’s Human Rights Movement (MHRM) for the shooting spree Elliot Rodger went on. The absurdity of those accusations has been led bare by fellow AVfM authors Janet Bloomfield and Luigi Logan already. My goal, in this article, is therefore to highlight some facets that show an infinitely stronger link of the horrendous act Elliot Rodger committed to, no, not the MHRM, but to gynocentrism.
What strikes you when you read up on that young man’s life is that he seemingly had it all. He was certainly good-looking, came from a privileged background, and was highly intelligent. By no means do I want to justify the utterly dark and reprehensible prose in his manifesto, “My twisted world,” but it is safe to say that he was very intelligent. He was certainly more articulate than most of the children of the elite I’ve met in my life.
Eyeballing it, I am tempted to say that he was in the top 1% of the population in terms of wealth, education, intellect, and social status. I furthermore hold the opinion that he was very good-looking. For a less mature audience I would now have to add “not a homo,” but suffice to say that he is far above average. Looking at those factors alone, one wonders what drove him into insanity. He had it all. In his manifesto he recounts a childhood that has very little to do with Joe Average: early childhood in a stately home in England, exclusive communities in California, private kindergarten, elite high schools, celebrity friends, extensive travels.

Crack Boosted GDP - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Satyajit Das

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss driving GDP high on cocaine, banking fraud and new-fangled derivatives products.

Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan Sign ‘Epoch' Eurasian Economic Union

RT: Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan signed the historic Eurasian Economic Union which will come into effect in January 2015. Cutting down trade barriers and comprising over 170 million people it will be the largest common market in the ex-Soviet sphere.
"The just-signed treaty is of epoch-making, historic importance," Russian President Vladimir Putin said.
The troika of countries will cooperate in energy, industry, agriculture, and transport.
"In fact, we are shaping the largest common market in the CIS, with huge production, scientific and technological potential and enormous natural resources," the President added.
Citizens of Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan will have the right to work freely throughout the member states without having to be issued any special work permits, Putin said.
Over the last three years, trade within the Customs Union has increased by $23 billion, or nearly 50 percent. At the end of 2013, it stood at $66.2 billion.
Belarus and Kazakhstan are in third place in foreign trade with the Russian Federation, after the EU and China, Putin said.
The Russian leader said that the document brings Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus to a new level of integration yes lets each individual state fully retain its sovereignty.
We ensure a close and coherent economic collaboration and cooperation. Today we have created a powerful and attractive center of economic development, a large regional market that brings together more than 170 million people.

Anatomy Of A Victim Ideology

“The weakness of men is the façade of strength: the strength of women is the façade of weakness - Warren Farrell
By Lecture No. 5
Among the worst mistakes that freedom-loving people can make is to stereotype feminists as a small, motley crew of angry lesbians who have long since ceased to be relevant. Take note: this stereotype helps them.
I must repeat myself: this stereotype helps them.
Let that sink in for a moment. Every time you have belittled feminists as a bunch of cranky old hags that nobody takes seriously, you have helped to obscure their program and indeed, their very existence as a form of organized power. Belittle them, you must – but do so in a way which exposes, not obscures! For feminism is far from being a relic of the past. The feminist movement is taken very seriously indeed by those with the power to enforce its core aims:

(1) The expropriation of resources from men to women.
(2) The punishment of men.
(3) To increase (1) and (2) in terms of scope and intensity indefinitely.
Obscurity assists the realization of these goals by creating doubt amongst potential opponents.

UK Middle Classes Will Disappear In Next 30 Years Warns Government Adviser

By : The middle classes will die out within 30 years because of rising property prices, which will rob today's children of their dreams, an economist has warned.
David Boyle, a government adviser and fellow of the New Economics Foundation think tank, said that youngsters can no longer expect the same level of affluence as their parents.
Speaking at the Hay Festival he warned that Britain will be left with a "tiny elite and a huge sprawling proletariat" who have no chance of "clawing their way out of a hand-to-mouth existence".
He predicted that the average house price will reach £1.2 million by 2045, putting a home beyond the range of most people as wages fail to keep up with huge increases.
Mr Boyle said that the traditional middle classes will need three or four jobs just to be able to pay soaring rents. People will no longer have the space or time to pursue cultural interested. 
And he blamed bankers bonuses for artificially inflating the property market.
“The really scary thing is if in the next 30 years house prices rise as much as they have done in the last 30 years then the average house in Britain will cost £1.2 million,” he said.
We cheered the rise of property prices not realising that it would destroy, if not our own lives, but the lives of our children.

BILDERBERG 2014 - William Banzai 7

Global Youth Unemployment

Tyler Durden's picture We have some bad news... for Africa: according to the latest data released by the International Labor Organization, your youth unemployment problem is almost as bad as that of Europe.
Maybe more to the point, just what is it about those bracing Mediterranean sea breezes (not to mention mandated Eurozone "political capital" and relentlessly liberating - of one's job - globallization) that makes the young people in the adjoining countries choose to do pretty much anything but work?

Why MGTOW is the Way Forward... + The Religion of Sex

ThinkingApe-TV: "The MRAs are fighting a lost cause. The truth will be buried under the choir of voices. MGTOW Indifference is the way forward."

HELP C.O.C.K.: A Domestic Violence Help Line, For Men

johntheother: The Duluth Model, guaranteed to not stop domestic violence, but to keep the money flowing to grievance organizations

The Propaganda Of Toxic Feminism Part 1