3 Jun 2014

The Insanity Of OCCUPY, MARXISM & IP

carlos morales: The Insanity of Intellectual Property, Marxism, The Occupy Movement, Anarcho-Communism and The Rejection of Property Rights with Jeffrey Tucker, Carlos Morales, Michael Shanklin, Wes Bertrand, and Lauren Rumpler on The True Objective Podcast Live.

Democracy, Dissent and the Men’s Human Rights Movement

By The hallmarks of a democratic society are free speech and exploratory thought. All opinions and ideas should be heard, and individuals and society as a whole should strive to find new, better ways to understand the world and to interact with it.
Unfortunately these are ideals that, like every utopian dream, have not and may never be truly realized. Human relations, whether friendship, marriage, family, community or nation, are collections of compromises. Speech is free, unless it is threatening or hateful. New thoughts are explored, unless they are dangerous, such as the development of new weapons of mass destruction. All good things in moderation.
No matter how democratic, every society defines a list of acceptable beliefs, ideas and activities for its citizens. Sometimes the list is expansive, banning only the most obviously dangerous items, and other times the list is narrow, a rigid regimen of thought that everyone must follow. Now, as has happened time and time again throughout history, the number of compromises is growing. A lengthening selection of views are being deemed hateful and ever more ideas are branded dangerous and retrograde.
With each passing day we are slipping further and further into this trap, our culture’s list of acceptability dwindling until the agenda of acceptable opinions on some topics can be counted on one hand. In a few cases, on the joints of a single finger.

"This is where we fight, this is where they (police mercs) shit their pants!" Unleash The Angry Greek Cleaning Ladies...

Tyler Durden's picture It would appear there is only so much the Greek people will stand for. With a fragile coalition increasingly tilting to a more euro-skeptic (give us more money or else) perspective, the cleaning ladies of Greece have exploded onto the streets with great vengeance and furious rebukes at the riot police mercs. The reason for this chaos - they were asked to clean up this mess in the finance ministry...
As RuptlyTV notes,
Janitorial staff in Athens obstructed the entrance to the Ministry of Finance on Tuesday. Riot police attempted to push the cleaners away but were unable to move them.

Bond Bubble Burst - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Ian Fraser

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss investors picking up nickels in front of steamrollers as both stocks and bonds soar.

Feminist False Consciousness & Kafka-Trapping - "Think you know what you think? Think again, buddy!"

“Never mind whether it’s Critias or Socrates who is the one refuted. Just concentrate on the argument itself, and consider what on earth will become of it if it is examined.” - Socrates of Athens

By It is necessary, at this point, to set aside the thread I have been weaving, and take a detour into the deep wilderness of feminist logic. The phrase feminist logic will strike most of my readers as a misnomer – if not an oxymoron! – so let me reassure you that what I really mean is feminist attempted logic. And there is nothing logical about that, I assure you!
First, why is the use of logic so threatening to feminists? We know, assuredly, that it is – with some feminists going so far as to claim that logic is nothing but a tool of the patriarchy. Of course, this is absurd. Logical argument is, by definition, a collection of valid inferences – so it is not possible to argue against logic. To put it another way, you cannot reason against reasoning, because the very attempt to do so involves the (attempted) use of reason. The only way to attack logic without using (or attempting to use) logic would be to attack it most randomly – that is, without entailment. The argumentative points you make, in attacking logic, would have to have no relation to each other whatsoever. You could not say, for instance:

Men use logic to defeat women in argument, therefore logic is a tool of the patriarchy

Global Infrastructure Sticker Shock: Banksters Want More Than Builders

Funding infrastructure through bonds doubles the price or worse. Costs can be cut in half by being your own bankster.
By Ellen Brown:  
“The numbers are big. There is sticker shock,” said Jason Peltier, deputy manager of the Westlands Water District, describing Governor Jerry Brown’s plan to build two massive water tunnels through the California Delta. “But consider your other scenarios. How much more groundwater can we pump?”
Whether the tunnels are the best way to get water to the Delta is controversial, but the issue here is the cost. The tunnels were billed to voters as a $25 billion project. That estimate, however, omitted interest and fees. Construction itself is estimated at a relatively modest $18 billion. But financing through bonds issued at 5% for 30 years adds $24-40 billion to the tab. Another $9 billion will go to wetlands restoration, monitoring and other costs, bringing the grand total to $51-67 billion – three or four times the cost of construction.
A general rule for government bonds is that they double the cost of projects, once interest has been paid.

What The Hell Is Philosophy For? + 8 Unsolvable Philosophical Questions - Solved!

Stefan answers the question: What the Hell is Philosophy for?

Shocking Radical Feminists' Death Threats Against MHRAs, Hotel Staff, Visitors And The People Of Detroit!

Paul Elam
Angelo: "The short story is, The Double Tree Hilton, ..has been receiving an escalating number of DEATH THREATS and threats to vandalise their property and harm their guests as well as their staff because they have allowed us to rent their facilities to host the first international conference on men's issues!" Said Dean Esmay.
I noticed on the AVfM site that various people from the US armed forces etc. have pledged support and the capability to have hundreds of troops made available to guard the event and allow the event and debate to happen by any means necessary. Guess they're concerned about rights for men and boys. That's cool. Break the grip of shame.

George Galloway MP on Peter Robinson & Audience Bigot

Molucca Media: "This pastor said Muslims were "THE SPAWN OF THE DEVIL!"" George Galloway MP discusses Peter Robinson's decision to back crackpot Pastor James McConnell and his anti-Islamic remarks - The Nolan Show.

Gynocentric UK: Mark Brooks (Mankind Initiative) and Polly Neate (Women's Aid) on 'Woman's Hour'

By Mike Buchanan: Mark Brooks, chairman of Mankind Initiative - http://mankind.org.uk - was his usual convincing self in this interview. Predictably, the narrative of the presenter, Jane Garvey, was more sympathetic towards Polly Neate, the head of Women's Aid. I'm sure if Mark had been given even a little more time, he'd have made some very strong points in response to Polly Neates's claim that 89% of victims of 'repeated abuse / coercive control' are women. It's a claim Women's Aid spokeswomen keep trotting out without being challenged, but we're going to publicly challenge Polly Neate on it (along with other claims WA spokeswomen make) later this week.

MGTOW: All Men Are Responsible? Plus Some Thoughts on Elliot Rodger

"Religious feminism, ...men are guilty of original sin! Only THEY can provide the solution, shame on you, ...this is so religious, ...you are born guilty if you have a penis. Feminism is a hateful destructive ideology, it simply is. ...there is no way that someone like this could ever provide a shred of evidence that we live in a society that condones and normalises misogyny, not one shred of evidence, but we in the MGTOW movement can and do on a daily basis, provide evidence that we do in fact live in a misandric culture."

Syrian Girl: Can We Call This a Victory in Syria? + Even After Syrians Make The Peace - Jihadists Will Continue

"...it's a whole scam from the beginning. The whole incitement of the war in Syria is about getting the refugees, ..just uprooting them, divorcing them from their history and background. Destroying their culture in effect." Morris.