6 Jun 2014


By Alison Tieman: Geraldine is a cartoon short about Gerald who wakes up one day as the woman Geraldine. It’s somewhat cliched in its depiction of Gerald’s transition but does have interesting things to say about female privilege. Geraldine is suddenly seen as an object of concern by men who give her gifts, rides home and compassion. On the flip side Geraldine is also subject to sexual harassment leading to the cliched scene of a man smacking her ass and Geraldine flipping out and head butting him unconscious.
Which leads me to one of my main criticisms. Geraldine is angry; way, way, way too angry to be believable as a former man.

Being Badger - Honey Badger Radio

HoneyBadgerRadio: The Detroit Men's Rights Conference is under threat of feminist violence.
Additional members of Honey Badger Radio will attend the Detroit Men's Rights Conference to challenge the lame-stream media's narrative about who Men's Rights Activists are. In addition having a highly visible group of women at the conference should serve to dissuade anyone who attends with the intent to engage in violence.
If they want to silence the Men's Human Rights Movement with violence, they can damn well go through us.

How to Break a Dialectic + Another Great Moment in MGTOW

"Feminism helps men too!” – late 20th century folk saying
If you have spent even a short amount of time browsing the multitudinous websites and blogs of the Men’s Rights sphere, you will have no doubt encountered a feminist detractor or two asserting that “Not All Feminists Are Like That.” This has become so common that MRAs have taken to referencing this as the “NAFALT” defence. But should the claim be so readily dismissed? Depending on the context, the feminist might well be right. A hypothetical feminist who stumbled upon my last two posts, which point to the eventual outcome of feminism as the physical extermination of men, might well object that she does not hope for this future, and therefore is Not Like That – and she is not necessarily wrong.
Of course, our hypothetical feminist would not have read closely enough, for I clearly stated that the physical extermination of men is more likely to be attempted as the result of an organic process, beginning with hostile indifference, followed by active persecution through state bureaucracies, without the requirement that extermination be consciously articulated or advocated by any more than a small number of feminists. The others only need to go along with the programme; they do not need to understand where it will all end. At the heart of this is the dichotomy between Earnest and Radical Feminists.

5,000 Years of History Shows that Mass Spying Is Always Aimed at Crushing Dissent

Tyrants Have Always Spied On Their Own People
By WashingtonsBlog: Spying has been around since the dawn of civilization.
Keith Laidler – a PhD anthropologist, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a past member of the Scientific Exploration Society – explains:

Spying and surveillance are at least as old as civilization itself.
University of Tennessee history professor Vejas Gabriel Liulevicius agrees:

Espionage and intelligence have been around since human beings first began organizing themselves into distinct societies, cities, states, nations, and civilizations.
Unfortunately, spying hasn’t been limited to defense against external enemies. As documented below, tyrants have long spied on their own people in order to maintain power and control … and crush dissent.

Swordfight Wounds 6 At Indian Golden Temple On 1984 Massacre Anniversary

RT: Sword-wielding Sikhs clashed at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India, as prayers were being held to commemorate the bloody military assault at the holy place on this date 30 years ago.
Footage from the event showed the Sikhs slashing wildly at one another on the steps of the temple in the northern state of Punjab.
At least six people, among them a police chief constable, were injured in the clashes, said Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Special) Harjit Singh Brar, the Indian Express reported.

Women Sexualizing Their Daughters

AlyssMajere: There are no words to truly describe how disgusted I am. This is the wages of feminism. I guarantee you that if a man had been in that fat cunts place there would have been lawsuits filed from the mothers and the media would have had a field day! Yet because it is a woman suggesting this sexualization of little girls, the mothers accept it with little to no remorse.

China & Russia Have Accumulated Over 40,000 Tons of Gold Reserves for USD Replacement! - Jim Willie Bombshell

The Doc: Willie dissects the Holy Grail Gazprom gas deal, which he states is an OPEN DOOR for the dumping of Treasury bonds in exchange for energy
  • Russia Liquidating T-bonds through Euroclear in Belgium to acquire gold
  • Big Surprise Coming for London Boys: Frankfurt to Become Financial Hub For All of Europe & Asia- Willie reveals insider details
  • Large sovereigns (Russia, China, India, Saudi Arabia) now working together to source massive gold reserves for gold-backed USD replacement
  • China & Russia Have Accumulated Over 40,000 Tons of Gold Reserves for USD Replacement!!
Jim Willie’s Full MUST LISTEN interview with The Doc is below:

Honey Badger Bring it Campaign

karen straughan aka GirlWritesWhat
 "And now to unveil the honey badgers cunning plan." ...to foil cupid stunts who are making death threats to hotel staff, patrons and MHRA's aiming to stop the first international conference ever for the purpose of confronting the issues facing men and boys.

A Gentlemen's Guide To Rape Culture - White Knight Zaron Burnett III

6oodfella: Zaron Burnett III has written a nice little guide for all us gentlemen, to help us all understand how pathetic he thinks women are. How nice of him.

Help With Young UK MHRA Author Josh O'Brien's New Book On Gynocentrism And Patriarchy + Other Great Moments In MGTOW

Josh O'Brien: "Help me to write this book with relevant statistics and information."

US Launched The Murderous Coup In Ukraine: Gordon Duff

The United States launched an “armed murderous coup” in Ukraine that ousted President Viktor Yanukovych months ago.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: Gordon Duff, a senior editor at Veterans Today, made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Thursday.
In a speech in Poland on Wednesday, Obama accused Moscow of resorting to the "dark tactics" of the 20th century in Ukraine and vowed to resist Russian “aggression” in eastern Europe.
Obama also said that he would ask Congress for one billion dollars in additional spending to bolster the US military presence in Poland and its neighbors.
“President Obama’s recent… election year rhetoric is obviously divorced from reality:  The idea that the United States is going to give the Poles a billion dollars somehow; that the US is going to stop the Russian aggression, when it was the US that only months ago started an armed murderous coup against the people of Ukraine. Ethnic cleansing has begun there; they are actually using fighter bombers against their own cities. The US is bringing the terrorists into that country,” Duff said.

KKK Feminists talk about Elliot Rodger + US Psycho Fems Report

RazorBladeKandy2: A cartoon depicting the feminist view on Elliot Rodger and an exploration of whether or not Elliot Rodger was a men's rights activist.