10 Jun 2014

Female Privilege in Action

Sargon of Akkad: Jennifer Berube remains at large to presumably cut more throats. But then, I am a feminist and I do assume the worst, so perhaps she is going to just go back to credit card fraud and give up the throat-slitting game.

‘Rubby Dubby’ Market Rigging - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with David Graeber + Max Re-enacts Jamie Dimon Emerging From The Large Intestine Of Sandy Weill

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss chumming in financial markets being the rigging of prices and indexes, like Libor, forex and gold, which convinces people it is safe enough to get back into the markets. The fraud is now so huge, Max says, that the ECB needs a bigger boat.

MHRA Erin Pizzey Arrives - Domestic Violence and Detroit International Conference on Men's Issues

StudioBrule: Erin Pizzey arrives in Toronto to speak at a conference on Domestic Violence. Quick interview and preview of what's to come in Detroit.

Japan, Saudis, & Germany Will Turn Against US, Join Russian Alliance! - Jim Willie’s MOST SHOCKING CLAIM EVER

By : Jim Willie was on fire, dropping numerous new BOMBSHELLS:
  • Dead Petro-Dollar Event Coming- Saudis set to announce the acceptance of ANY CURRENCY for oil, ALL OPEC Nations to Follow!!
  • US Economy in Free-fall- stark evidence screaming full collapse ahead as monetary velocity plunges to 20 year lows!
  • QE has been a dead-weight millstone on the neck of the US economy- true purpose is to collapse the US economy and institute global fascism!
  • And Willie’s MOST SHOCKING CLAIM EVER: Japan, Saudi Arabia, France, & Germany are preparing to turn against the US, & join the Chinese/Russian Alliance!
Jim Willie’s full MUST LISTEN interview with The Doc is below:

Western Women Where Oppressed? .... MY ASS!

Turk man: "Back in 1914 there was an admiral named Charles Fitzgerald that founded the order of the white feather with the support of a prominent author Mrs. Humphrey Ward and obviously these bitter feminists had to jump the bandwagon and this feminist suffragette known as Emeline Pankhurst following with her daughter Christabel, they handed out these feathers to shame men into going to war. These so called feminists that are always fighting for equality were shaming men into getting killed. It just goes to show what an absolute fucking fallacy it is that 'feminists want equality'. What feminism is about is female superiority and it's blatant in this case. ...To me that's scumbaggery to me that's bullshit, just shows you how noble men are."

Excuse Me, What Is So Wrong With Being Anti-Feminist?

By If you haven’t seen Dean Esmay’s interview on Fox 2 News Detroit, watch it. It’s great and after you watch it about five times (you won’t be able to help yourself), watch it again, only this time, turn off the volume. Watch the eyes. Watch the expressions. Note the subtle changes in body posture. Read the hateful tweets displayed at the bottom of the screen throughout.
There is so much going on in this interview. Many of the deeper issues at play here almost instantly come to the surface. For example, there is an obvious fundamental disregard, on the part of the two females, towards the very concept that men are equal to women. There’s the rush towards shaming tactics. There’s the drive to blame men as individuals for a legal system that has been gamed for decades by the feminist lobby.
There’s one thing in particular that Dr. Heather Delaway, the feminist representative said, that bears particular scrutiny. It’s simply incredible that she said it, kind of like Jack Nicholson’s character in, ‘A Few Good Men,’ shouting, You’re goddamn right I gave that order!”

Jehovah's Feminists and The Terrifying Patriarchy! + Not The BBC MGTOW Hour

"Are you a massive bigoted wanker from the patriarchy?"
Sargon of Akkad: Excuse me, could I talk to you about our faith?

How Many Jezebel Feminists Will Mention This?

6oodfella: They would never shut up about it if the victim were a woman, so how often will the warriors of equality mention it when the victim is a man?

13 Tough Libertarian Questions - Answered!

1:18 - What is Anarchy?
7:10 - In a libertarian society, what can be done to help people in third world countries?
13:48 - What is the relationship between anarchy and capitalism?

#MenArePeopleToo - #MisandricLameStreamMedia

By : As much as I am happy to see the international community paying attention to the problem of Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism in Nigeria, I can’t help but notice the widespread hypocrisy and double standard of the mainstream media in reaction to the kidnapping of 234 female students by Boko Haram. Let us review the facts. Here is a list of recent massacres by Boko Haram in Nigeria:
(1) 6 July 2013: Boko Haram militants attacked Yobe State school dormitory and killed 42 people, all male, most of them teenage boys staying at the residential school. Some victims were burned alive [1] [2].
(2) 29 September 2013: Boko Haram attacked the College of Agriculture in Nigeria. Only the male sleeping quarters were targeted: “[The terrorists] appeared to know the layout of the college, attacking the four male hostels but avoiding the one hostel reserved for women”. 40 school boys were killed [3].
(3) 16 February 2014: Boko Haram attacked the Christian village of Izghe. They went door to door and forced the men in the village to gather, then they hacked and shot them to death. Women were let go out of the village. 105 men and 1 elderly woman were killed. She was a brave grandmother who was trying to protect her grandson [4].