11 Jun 2014

List of US Lawsuits Against Colleges and Universities Alleging Due Process Violations in Adjudicating Sexual Assault

By On April 4, 2011 the US Department of Education issued its disastrous Dear Colleague” letter to colleges and universities across the United States, requiring administrators who had neither the investigative nor prosecutorial prowess of the criminal justice system to determine the guilt and innocence of students accused of felony sexual assault, and to reach their conclusions independent of whatever the police and courts decide.
Worse – the Department of Education demanded these schools determine guilt via a radically low standard of evidence for sex-assault cases: the “preponderance of evidence” standard. Under this model if an administrator feels that there might be a 50.01% chance that the alleged crime occurred, he/she must find the student guilty (“responsible”) for sexual assault. This is further complicated by the lack of numerous other procedural safeguards and methods of evidentiary examination.
Predictably, a wave of lawsuits soon erupted as young men wrongly accused of sex crimes found themselves hustled through a vague and misshapen adjudication process with slipshod checks and balances and Kafkaesque standards of evidence. This page is dedicated to cataloging their legal challenges against schools which – they allege – have violated their rights to due process, unjustly destroyed their names, deprived them of educational opportunities, and committed various other crimes against them in the process of just following orders.”

My Mother The Psychopath - The Real Me: A Primer

Rizzle Dizzle: The man behind the eyepatch. Shout-out to mother dearest.


The Next Feminist Hero or Whatever

US Fem-Psycho Beats Innocent Male On Beach

Bernard Chapin: "...accept responsibility for your actions and don't lash out at men because the prevailing wisdom is that men are all creeps who stop at nothing to objectify and sexualize women." 

Feminist: Somali Mum's Fake Sex-Slave Activist Scam

CNN: She was the world's crusader against the trafficking of girls for sex in Cambodia, and she told an extraordinary personal tale: she was a village girl sold by a grandfatherly man into sex slavery.

Triumphant as well as beautiful, Somaly Mam won attention from Oprah Winfrey, a New York Times columnist, a PBS documentary, Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People of 2009, and even CNN, which named her a "Hero" in 2007.

Male Anger Is Not A Crime, Nor A Mental Illness

By : Yes. Many of us are angry. Not all the time, not so we can’t manage daily life, not to the extent that we cannot love, not so much that we are on the verge of psychotic actions. But yes, there is cause for anger among today’s men.
We are angry that our children are so easily taken from us, and so easily trained to believe that we abandoned them. We are angry that our sexuality and our anatomy are the butt of constant abusive jokes. We are angry that so few women take us seriously, because, well, they know they don’t have to. We are angry over being blamed for all the evil in the world, evil that harms us as much as anyone else. We are angry at being told for a lifetime that it is our fault that women cannot have everything they demand, and angry that it is never noticed how hard we try to help them with that.
We are angry that, every time one man does something stupid and destructive, he becomes a metaphor for all men, and the entire civilization points at us and says, “see? SEE? We always knew you were all lethal psychopaths!!” But when a woman kills or maims or castrates or abandons, we are told she had good reason, naturally something that is our fault. We are angry that entire programs are funded and administered for the betterment of women, while we are glibly informed that our “male privilege” has already provided us with the same opportunities.

‘Arrogant & Reckless’: London Mayor Buys England’s First Water Cannons + Support The People's Water Cannon Fund v Boris!

RT: London Mayor Boris Johnson has announced the purchase of first water cannons for the Metropolitan Police. The move triggered uproar in the UK as deployment of the cannons has not been authorized and reportedly 98 percent of Britons are against their use.
Johnson’s decision to give the go-ahead for the purchase of three secondhand water cannons has prompted accusations of arrogance and recklessness as their use has not yet been sanctioned on the UK mainland. Metropolitan Police have submitted an application to the Home Office asking for authorization.

Northern Ireland is currently the only place in the UK where the use of the cannons is sanctioned.

A document posted on the mayor's policing and crime website states claims purchasing at this time considerably improves the possibility that the Metropolitan Police would have the tool to deploy in the summer.” It adds that such tools are most likely to be needed in spite of the fact there are no expectations of violence.”

Self Defense is RAPE CULTURE!1!1!

Julie Borowski: Some are outraged that Miss Nevada dared to suggest that women can "learn to protect themselves" against sexual assault. "VICTIM BLAMING!!!" How about let's teach people not to rape AND teach people self defense?

Boko Haram Gendercide: A Vote Of No Confidence In The United Nations

By : From The Outset, I Propose that AVfM at the Detroit conference take a vote of no confidence in The United Nations due to the Institutionalised Gender Bias and Institutional Sexism that has been known for many years and which The United Nations have failed to address. In parallel, AVfM should call for censure of Ban Ki-moon as Secretary General for the failures since appointed 01 Jan 2007.
The failures of national governments, other governments (USA, UK, Europe, The Whole Of Africa) and transnational organisations such as The United Nations is simply yet another example of Institutional Misandry and the politicisation of male disposability.
The United Nations has made boys and men vanish in their internal paperworkjust as they did for decades over sexual assault (See AVfM Wiki – Misandry In International Law). When you look at the latests publications from the UN Security Council dated 22 May 2014 the invisibility of male victims is clear.

The Coming Digital Anarchy

Michael Krieger: Daniel Larimer, who is working on a tool called Bitshares to apply blockchain technology to banking, insurance and company shareholding, believes that this new breed of technologies will ultimately render government entirely obsolete.
“If you think about it, what is the reason for government? It’s a way of reaching global consensus over the theory of right and wrong, global consensus over who’s guilty and who’s innocent, over who owns what."
They’re going to be losing legitimacy as more open, transparent systems are able to provide that function without having to rely on force. That’s my mission in life.”
- From the excellent article published in The Telegraph yesterday, The Coming Digital Anarchy
Many of you may have already read this article considering it generated quite a bit of buzz yesterday when it was published. For those who haven’t, I highly recommend it.
While those of us who have been interested in Bitcoin for years may not learn anything “new,” it’s a great piece to send to friends and family members who have yet to make the plunge.
For those who haven’t been a fan of Bitcoin due to natural skepticism, confusion or any other ailment, this article presents in an easy to understand manner the inherently revolutionary characteristics embedded within Blockchain technology.
We have a chance to truly decentralize power for the first time in human history. We must not let this amazing opportunity slip away.

On Privilege and the Inexperience of Pundits

Victor Zen: "Privilege as original sin. ...Only men can stop rape propaganda!? ...the people who would say check your privilege don't realise how ironic they are being. ...Let's all hug and kiss whilst studio audiences masturbate!" ;)