12 Jun 2014

Apartheid: Families of Palestinian 'Administrative Detainees' Join Hunger Strike

Families of Palestinian hunger strikers in Israeli jails have gone on hunger strike to show their solidarity with the inmates.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: “I am a father of two martyrs and a prisoner. I have been on hunger strike for nineteen days and I continue protesting in front of the Red Cross (office) every day. The administrative detainees will not end their hunger strikes unless their demands are all met,” Nidal al-Srafeesi, a prisoner’s father said.
Some 290 Palestinians are on hunger strike to express their opposition to the Israeli administrative detention, which is a sort of imprisonment without trial or charge that allows Israel to incarcerate Palestinians for up to six months. The detention order can be renewed for indefinite periods of time. More than 120 of the hunger strikers have been refusing food since April 24.
“We disapprove…force-feeding of the prisoners. It is their right to end their strike without being forced to do so,” Srafeesi added.
Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) has called on the international community to take action against the Tel Aviv regime for its treatment of Palestinians in Israeli detention.

Brainwashing Men, Brainwashing Women, Part 2

By Part one went over the basics of brainwashing and began to look at some of the similarities that male feminists seem to share with those who were brainwashed by the Chinese.  We discussed how the parallels we were drawing were not precise and were general though striking and eye opening.  I think a similar situation can be seen when we turn to the similarities of the feminists with those who were doing the brainwashing, the communist Chinese.
We saw how the Chinese first depended on attacking the identity of the captives and added the prolonged use of guilt and shame.  This was all done within an environment where they (The Chinese) were held as infallible.  I think a good case can be made for some strong similarities existing in the way feminism has attacked men and boys.  It is a curious question why they would do so.  Let’s start there.
So why did feminism attack the identity of men?  Well, it’s pretty simple really.  Telling the truth that women suffered and faced discrimination due to rigid sex roles just wasn’t that sexy and the media and politicians would fail to be interested.  But, if you can find a bad guy, you know, someone to blame, then the ordeal becomes sexy and interests the press and those politicians knowing they need something to get re-elected. We will just blame men and claim they are the problemHey, we could juice it up even more and call them oppressors!    
And that is just what they did.

Derp-Like Policy of ZIRP and NIRP - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Ondi Timoner

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the derp of Nirp and Zirp as zero growth in labor hours and a climb in misery exposes the lie that is zero percent interest ratemiracles.’ Max also argues that QE causes deflation.

22 Million Copies Of The Sun: Not My England! - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The Artist Taxi Driver
"The biggest UK propaganda leaflet drop in history!"

Inspiring Father’s Day Stories

Real Dads
By In order to widen my perspectives and earn a living I started ghostwriting privately published autobiographies for a fee. The tales below are true, although identities are disguised.


Two years before Castro took over Cuba, Faustino was twelve and returning on a flight to Havana from Miami where his dad took him on a shopping trip. Over the straights of Florida one of the airliner’s four engines caught fire. After efforts to extinguish the flames remotely failed a steward announced the pilot decided to ditch the plane.

Recently Faustino told me, “I’ll never forget the panic in his face. Some passengers began to scream as he told us to buckle our seatbelts, put on life vests, remove our shoes, and brace for the impact.”

Despite the steward’s attempt to stop him Faustino’s dad disobeyed. He unbuckled his seatbelt and knelt in front of the boy where his body could act as a modern-day airbag. He told the child, Once the plane stops, get out. Don’t wait for me.”

#YesAllMen - Men's Rights - Misandry Is Alive & Well (NSFW) + A MGTOW Declaration Of Non Violence

Libertarian Polymath: Because men live in a brutally fucked up world too...

#YesAllWomen - Male Entitlement and Other Bullshit + But Women Have To Worry About____

BASSFZz: "Regurgitated feminist bullshit. ...by saying not all men are crazy lunatics that sound like super villains that want to go kill people, I am somehow a part of the problem too?"

Study: Children Assaulted 936 Times Per Year!

Stefan Molyneux: Stephan speaks with Dr. George Holden about "The first real time study of parents spanking their kids!"

Parasite Fascist Zionism: What If Jews Ran America?

Brother Nathanael: "The union of synagogue and state. ...America is a Jewish Occupied Territory!"

Patriarchy: Women Own You + Marriage 'Unsafe' For Men

johntheother: "...During the first world war, which was an extended argument among aristocrats, fought through the proxy of sons of the poor, millions of conscripted men were ordered to charge against entrenched machine guns over open ground. In just one extended battle fought between july and November of 1916, German and allied casualties totalled more than 1,000,000 dead men. Good men, but not good in the sense that they were noble or brave, simply good in the sense that they died for the convenience of aristocrats and the leisure cast. No corresponding mountain of female corpses appears anywhere in history because it is men who are disposable, it is men and boys, or at lest their pulped corpses which grease the machinery of civilisation because obviously that is what they are for.

US Threatens to Take 13-Year-Old Student From His Father Due to “Non-Conforming Behavior”

By Michael Krieger: While this story is not new, I must have missed it back in April when it first broke and it is absolutely incredible. The reason I am posting on it today is because we have new information which turns an already shocking story into something far more terrifying.So let’s get into some background first.
This is the story of Ethan Chaplin, who back in April was twirling a pencil in his seventh grade classroom in Vernon, NJ. One of the class bullies saw an opportunity to be a jerk and yelled: “He’s making gun motions, send him to juvie.”
Rather than demonstrating any sort of common sense, the teacher apparently had a panic attack and reported him, which resulted in a two-day suspension. Here’s what Vernon Superintendent Charles Maranzano had to say about it:

“We’re responsible for their mental and physical health and safety and security. When a student misbehaves or displays actions that are non-conforming or don’t meet our expectations, it causes us some concerns.”
I guess I don’t understand what schools are like these days, but the classes I grew up in were filled to the brim with misbehavior to the extent that a twirling pencil would be seen as a positive indicator of student interaction. Somehow, we all survived.
As if that part of the story isn’t bizarre enough, Ethan wasn’t allowed to return to class until he underwent a psychological evaluation in which he was forced to strip and give blood samples that caused him to pass out (sounds a lot like how police in New Mexico force anal probes on citizens for no reason).

Anonymous #OpWorldCup - Brazil Press Release - World Cup 2014

RT: The hacktivist group Anonymous has claimed responsibility for cyber attacks on websites of the Brazilian government and major sponsors of the World Cup. Dubbed #OpWorldCup, the operation is protesting corruption and “actions against the people.”