16 Jun 2014

Robotic sexism, wink, wink + Tony Blair 'Narcissist who went mad'

Men's Rights: The Truth About Domestic Violence - You'll Never Believe... + The Dangers Of Unschooling

Stefan Molyneux: Stefan breaks down the unspoken truth about domestic violence including: dating violence statistics, gender related statistical breakdowns, emergency room reports, perpetration, psychological aggression, chivalry, injuries and much much more.

This Debt Is Explosive, And It Sits On The Shelf Everywhere, Waiting To Go Off

By Wolf Richter: I was interviewed by Jorge Nascimento Rodrigues for Janela na web (a Portuguese site) and the printed edition of Expresso. After what I said, he might never interview me again :-]
1-      Sovereign bond yields of some Eurozone peripherals are at historical lows, in certain cases even below yields for US Treasuries and UK Gilts. So the three-year austerity adjustments worked?
Central banksters have performed a miracle: separating financial assets from reality. The crassest example are the Banksters of Japan. Not far behind are the Fed and the ECB. Japan’s fiscal situation is far worse than Greece’s. Gross national debt is over 220% of GDP. About half of every yen the government spends is borrowed. There is no solution in sight to bring down the deficit. Hence, the debt will continue to balloon. Standard & Poor’s rates Japan’s debt AA-, four notches from the top. Inflation in April was 3.4% for all items from a year earlier, with goods prices up 5.2%. And yet, 10-year JGBs yield below 0.6%. Whoever holds this dodgy paper is getting creamed. But by purchasing every JGB that isn’t nailed down, the BOJ has effectively imposed a peg on yields. Financial repression is the result.
Draghi’s promise to do “whatever it takes” has had a similar effect, but less pronounced. To investors, it no longer matters what the classic risks of holding debt are. The only risk that matters is what the ECB will do. With its whatever-it-takes promise, the ECB has effectively given investors the idea that sovereign bonds are a one-way bet.
So the austerity adjustments have had little impact on yields. But they’ve had a huge impact on the real economy in the affected countriesand rarely for the better.

Take Your Son To Work Day + Freedom The 13th - WB7

Why do you call yourself a feminist?

American Enterprise Institute
By : Someone we’ve long been a fan of, Christina Hoff-Sommers, has an answer to a question she gets a lot. We think it’s a fair answer, but we have another question we hope she will one day answer:

Conversation with Nocturnus Libertus + African Anarchism

Paul Elam: Nocturnus Libertus long a harsh critic of the MHRM plans to attend the Detroit International conference for men and boys issues for dialogue.

MGTOW are psychopaths: a response to RockingMrE + My Response to Ana Kasparian: The Final Battle

MGTOW, short for Men Going Their Own Way, is a dangerous terrorist group of narcissistic psychopaths just like Elliot Rodger, and everyone should distance themselves from us.
Well, that’s what you’d think if you had just gotten through watching RockingMrE’s newest video about Elliot Rodger.

MGTOW, why does everyone hate us? Is it because we’re communist leftists?
Is it because we’re a bunch of Ron Paul lovin’ Libertarians?

Manosphere: How Long Must The Farce Continue?

ThinkingApe-TV: "Feminism is a bogeyman! ...laughing over the joys of widowhood. ...Japanese professional break up artists. You are a cheap toaster oven and you will be thrown away, …they are looking forward to the day you die. No more of the humbug and Bollocks. ...we are at the point where we can not afford, men can't afford to believe in this crap anymore, to believe in the Cinderella bullshit fantastical, delusional chimerical, fairy-tail. It doesn't work anymore. This has to end by the cessation of being politically correct and telling the world the way it is." Stardusk.

MHRM: Thoughts From Afar

By When I first consulted a solicitor about divorcing my husband, I did so with great sadness. I’d been married nearly twenty years, and it had taken me nine of those years to make that decision, not least because I had married as a Catholic and we had always known that divorce would not be for us.
Haydn, my husband, was a lovely man, but unknown to us he was suffering an undiagnosed illness, compounded by ever-mounting work pressure. He was self-medicating by consuming ever-increasing amounts of alcohol, and I … well, I was self-medicating the emotional effects of a long-delayed but finally diagnosed gynecological condition and series of operations that left me unable to have children. My drug of choice was work.
Haydn was an alcoholic, I was a workaholic. The only difference between us was that mine was a more socially acceptable condition. As he drank more, I worked more to be able to cope with what was happening to us. Finally, I knew it couldn’t go on. For the sake of our individual future health and welfare, we needed to be apart.
And so I found myself sitting in the solicitor’s office, listening as he began to give me the wisdom of his years of training and experience.
You’ve given him the best years of your life, you’re entitled to …”

Feminist College Trigger Warnings and Silencing Tactics

"Orwell must be spinning in his grave!"
Josh O'Brien: Death Threats Over Men's Issues Conference

Chemicals Causing Infertility In Pigs Are Present Throughout Human Consumer Goods - National Geographic Reports

By Michael Krieger: Some of the same chemicals found in the pigs’ semen storage bags are routinely used in packaging food for humans and are known to migrate into food
Cyclic lactone, for instance, is a common by-product in adhesives used in potato chip bags and sliced meat packages. It was one of the chemicals found in high levels in the semen bags that had been used on the farms with the highest rates of reproductive failure.
Another chemical found in high levels on those farms: a compound called BADGE, a derivative of the notorious bisphenol A (BPA). It’s the building block of epoxy resins that form the basis for 95 percent of food and beverage can linings in the U.S.
- From the excellent and troubling article recently published by National Geographic, Infertility in Spanish Pigs Has Been Traced to Plastics. A Warning for Humans?
One of Liberty Blitzkrieg’s primary themes in 2013 was “food fraud.” When I use that term, what I am really referring to is the troubling fact that many of the things we consume are not what they seem to be based on what is represented by the package. From a study that showed food fraud in the U.S. was up 60% year-over-year, to pink slime in meat and the fact that the majority of “tuna” served isn’t actually tuna, the examples are seemingly endless.

Hilarious T-Shirt Parody of Hilary 2016: “I’m Ready…for Oligarchy”

By Michael Krieger: Dan McCall is no stranger to this site. Last summer, I highlighted the battle between the founder of politically themed T-shirt company Liberty Maniacs, and none other than the National Security Agency  (NSA) itself. Apparently, the NSA didn’t like Dan’s hilarious t-shirt that read: The NSA - The Only Part of Government that Actually Listens.

Well Dan is back, with a followup t-shirt that is just as good, just as timely as the original. This one takes aim at political crony and Wall Street lapdog Hilary Clinton. Her idiotic campaign propaganda slogan has already been rolled out and it goes: Ready for Hilary. Well, here is Dan McCall’s take on Hilary 2016.