18 Jun 2014

Putin Advisor Proposes "Anti-Dollar Alliance" To Halt US Aggression Abroad

Tyler Durden's picture It has been a while since both Ukraine, and the ongoing Russian response to western sanctions (which set off the great Eurasian axis in motion, pushing China and Russia close together, and accelerating the "Holy Grail" gas deal between the two countries) have made headlines. It is still not clear just why the western media dropped Ukraine coverage like a hot potato, especially since the civil war in Ukraine's Donbas continues to rage and claim dozens of casualties on both sides. Perhaps the audience has simply gotten tired of hearing about mixed chess/checkers game between Putin vs Obama, and instead has reverted to reading the propaganda surrounding just as deadly events in the third war of Iraq in as many decades.
However, "out of sight" may be just what Russia's political elite wants. In fact, as VoR's  Valentin Mândr??escu reports, while the great US spin and distraction machine is focused elsewhere, Russia is already preparing for the next steps. Which brings us to Putin advisor Sergey Glazyev, the same person who in early March was the first to suggest Russia dump US bonds and abandon the dollar in retaliation to US sanctions, a strategy which worked because even as the Kremlin has retained control over Crimea, western sanctions have magically halted (and not only that, but as the Russian central bank just reported, the country's 2014 current account surplus may be as high as $35 billion, up from $33 billion in 2013, and a far cry from some fabricated "$200+ billion" in Russian capital outflows which Mario Draghi was warning about recently). Glazyev was also the person instrumental in pushing the Kremlin to approach China and force the nat gas deal with Beijing which took place not necessarily at the most beneficial terms for Russia.

Is David Futrelle Covering For Violent Feminists?

David Futrelle has made a name for himself in the blogosphere by tracking down what he defines as misogyny for the purpose of mocking it. Futrelle insists that the manosphere is rife with hatred of women, and he is relentless in exposing that hate. How well does he deal with the hatred within his own movement? Let’s take a look.
In 2011 an intrepid explorer by the name of Agent Orange infiltrated the private forums of radical feminists at RadFemHub and he screencapped their conversations. RadFemHub has since been turned into an archives, but the original Hub was a collective radical feminist blog and its purpose was to post fresh, original radfem content, provide a male-free and safe platform for women to discuss, and promote radical feminist perspectives and interests.” The Hub delightedly proclaimed half a million page views, so these were not one or two crazy cat ladies in the basement but actually a rather large group of like-minded women.
When Agent Orange posted the files, Futrelle went about gleefully mocking them, as he promised he would do.  He writes, These files are apparently so vile and incendiary and wonders,What dastardly secrets do these files expose?” and he proceeds to mock the supposed violence and hate by reproducing a few comments about a midwife and a woman who would like to castrate men who create computer viruses. Nothing particularly violent or hateful about castration, right? Futrelle downplays the comment by writing, “That does seem a little excessive. Though I don’t think she means it literally.

Coming To A Protest Near You…A Drone That Blasts Pepper Spray

By Michael Krieger: What’s a crony status quo to do when it is ultimately confronted with an unruly mob of plebs frustrated with the fact median wages haven’t increased in forty five years, while the 0.01% has stolen everything in sight with the help of the Federal Reserve and corrupt Washington D.C. politicians?
Well, naturally you’d launch the South African made Skunk Riot Control Copter, fully equipped with a suite of high-definition and thermal imagine cameras, strobe lights, speakers and a pepper spray firing paint ball gun which can fire 80 shots per second!
We learn from The Verge that:

Crowds of protesters could soon come under attack from riot control drones outfitted with paintball guns, strobe lights, and speakers.

MHRM: Free For All - AVfM Radio

The Voice of Europe
"The only show at this time addressing the issues concerning men and boys at a European level. ...this is the place where feminism gets to be called out on it's lies and propaganda and the state is invited to get out of peoples lives. We are here and we don't plan on leaving any time soon. Feminists and manginas be warned."

Modern Feminism: Will 2016 Be the Year of Hillary Clinton and the Woman? + Are Leftists Nuts?

PJ Media: Trifecta examines modern feminism.

UK Admits Online Interception Of Citizens Without A Warrant

The Orwellian British government’s top security official has admitted that the UK government allows the interception of people’s online activities without a warrant.
Orwellian UK 'BANNED' Press TV: In a 48-page statement, released on Tuesday, Charles Farr, the director of the Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism at the UK’s Home Office, said the mass interception and surveillance of citizens’ activities on social networks is legal.
He said the practice of monitoring searches on Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as well as emails to or from non-British citizens abroad, by the country’s security services is permitted by the law because the communications’ US origins make them to be classified asexternal.”
Under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA), which regulates the surveillance powers of public bodies, the interception of externalcommunications does not require an individual warrant in the UK.
Commenting on the issue, James Welch, the legal director of Liberty, a human rights campaigning organization, said, The security services consider that they’re entitled to read, listen to and analyze all our communications on US-based platforms. If there was any remaining doubt that our snooping laws need a radical overhaul, there can be no longer. The agencies now operate in a legal and ethical vacuum; why the deafening silence from our elected representatives?”

It’s Official: Despite Media Hype, Eurozone STILL in Recession

By Wolf Richter: The media and statistical agencies have been bursting at the seams with stories about the Eurozone’s increasingly healthy economy. Government budgets remain a mess. But no one really cares as long as bond markets are willing to fund these deficits and roll over the debt at record low yields even of bailed-out countries with over 20% unemployment and spreading misery.
The European economy has simply been on a roll since 2012, according to the stock indices which have been soaring for two years. Politicians and Eurocrats have taken credit, and a whirlwind of backslapping has ensued.
But there have been indications that things are still a little rough. Despite soaring stock markets, ceaseless hype, and analysts’ estimates of double-digit earnings growth in the future, corporate earnings in Europe peaked in July 2011 and have been declining ever since [read.... Selling Your European Stocks Before Everyone Sees This Chart?]. 
But that was just me pointing it out a few days ago. Now comes the Centre for Economic Policy Research, a network of over 800 of the top economists conducting research on the European economy.

Americans Trained ISIS - Blockbuster Report from WND

By Michael Krieger: Just yesterday, I wrote what I think was one of my most important articles of 2014, titled: America’s Disastrous Foreign Policy – My Thoughts on Iraq. The key point of the entire article came at the end when I noted that:
So in the course of less than a year, the Obama Administration has proposed an alliance with al-Qaeda in Syria and now an alliance with Iran to fight those very same forces.
If you didn’t get a chance to read that piece yesterday, it’s important to do so before reading further.

Apparently, I didn’t go far enough down the rabbit hole in my observations. According to this blockbuster article from WND, a Jordanian official who is terrified that ISIS will be coming for the Kingdom next, has insisted that the U.S. itself was instrumental in training some ISIS fighters. Wait, it gets even crazier. We learn that:
The source told WND that at least one of the training camps of the group Iraq of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Syria, the ISIS, is in the vicinity of Incirlik Air Base near Adana, Turkey, where American personnel and equipment are located.
The source said that after training in Turkey, thousands of ISIS fighters went to Iraq by way of Syria to join the effort to establish an Islamic caliphate subject to strict Islamic law, or Shariah.

This is simply incredible. Our allies in the Middle East are now accusing us of intentionality arming and supporting al-Qaeda in Iraq. The children running things in Washington D.C. have no clue what they are doing and are about to blow up the world. They all need to go.

The Coming 'Tsunami Of Debt' And Financial Crisis In America

By Forces that caused the world economy to collapse, including income inequality and debt, are again in action, and could drag corporations down in their wake
The US Congressional Budget Office is projecting a continued economic recovery. So why look down the road – say, to 2017 – and worry?
Here's why: because the debt held by American households is rising ominously. And unless our economic policies change, that debt balloon, powered by radical income inequality, is going to become the next bust.
Our macro models at the Levy Economics Institute are showing that the US economy is about to face a repeat of pre-crisis-style, debt-led growth, based on increased borrowing. Falling government deficits are being replaced by rising debts on everyone else's ledgers – well, almost everyone else's.
What's emerging is a new sort of speculative bubble, this time based on consumer and corporate credit.

Caitlin Roper Professional Victim, Amateur Man Hater

By Online Opinion an Australian leftist website recently published a piece by Caitlin Roper a victim blogger and the West Australian coordinator of feminist group Collective Shout titled “The male cloak of invisibility.”
Roper argues that Australia is facing a serious epidemic of “men’s violence against women” manifest as “rape, battering, abuse even murder.”  But rather than provide evidence for such an assertion she simply links to other feminist advocacy groups (White Ribbon and UN Women) that are not independent arbiters of the current status of peer-reviewed violence research but rather the well-funded vocal mouthpieces of feminist orthodoxy.
So what is the current evidence concerning partner violence in Australia?
The most authoritative source of information it the Australian Bureau of Statistics Personal Safety Survey, with information collected in 2005 and again in 2012.  Even this research is tainted by feminist ideology and gender bias in that the 2012 sample included only 22% of male respondents (a decrease from 27% in 2005). None the less it showed on both occasions that men account for at least one in three of the victims of partner violence in Australia, but more importantly that the vast majority of perpetrators of dating and partner violence against men were female – only 6 or 7 per cent of incidents involved same-sex violence.
In relation to sexual assault the 2012 Personal Safety Survey found that almost one in three victims of sexual assault during the previous 12 months were male whilst more than one in three victims of physical and/or sexual abuse before the age of 15 were male.

ISIS Stunner: Terrorist Organization's Annual Reports Unveiled; Reveal Full "Investment Highlights"

Tyler Durden's picture In a day and age in which corporations rule the world, the brutal Al-Qaeda spin off known as ISIS is learning from the best, and as part of its credentialising and image-building has done something only major corporations do at the end of every year: it has issued annual reports for the past 2 years (unaudited, unless Ernst & Young has quietly upgraded from "massaging" the books for Lehman's Repo 105 and, of course, the New York Fed, without our knowledge).
That's right: as the FT reported earlier, "Since 2012 the Islamic State of
Iraq and the Levant, (known as Isis) has issued annual reports, outlining in numerical and geographical detail its operations – the number of bombings, assassinations, checkpoints, suicide missions, cities taken over and even “apostates” converted to the Isis cause."
But while publicly traded corporations focus more on revenues, margins, and profits, ISIS has other key considerations:

In 2013 alone, the group’s report claimed nearly 10,000 operations in Iraq: 1,000 assassinations, 4,000 improvised explosive devices planted and hundreds of radical prisoners freed. In the same year it claimed hundreds of “apostates” had been turned.
Wait... are you serious?
Why yes: below are the "investment highlights" pages from ISIS' 2012 and 2013 annual reports: