20 Jun 2014

MGTOW: On Conspiracy Theorists And Pareidolia

bar bar: "The men's movement will be attacked with the use of a patsy."

MHRA: Well.....this is going to piss you off

RonaldoFearsEboue: 'Anti male circumcision (baby ritual genital mutilation) obsessives are the worst thing on the Internet.' Says feminist who thinks only female circumcision is an issue.

No, WWII Did Not End The Great Depression

corbettreport: The myth that war is good for the economy is needless to say a fallacious argument which is based on incorrect economic data.

MGTOW: A Young British Feminist

M: Sometimes I get bored and look-up 'feminist rants' and then sometimes I decide to reply.

Feminism Fail: Upworthy Hates Men

"It's OK to be bigoted towards men, it's OK to treat men as poison! ...The reality is that we have swung from the original intent of feminism and that now men's problems are, all of a sudden, not worth mentioning, not worth fighting for, men's problems are non existent, men's rights are a joke ...According to modern day feminists."
...State of Daniel


Terrence Popp: The causes and consequences of what you can expect if you play the blame game and refuse to take responsibility for your own crappy decisions.

The Propaganda Of Toxic Feminism Part 5

"Is it possible to rape a girl in a respectful way?"

Feminist Hypocrisy Exposed! - A Conversation With Paul Elam

Stefan Molyneux: Stefan speaks with Paul Elam on the feminist death threats, attacks and opposition which have impacted the upcoming international conference on men's issues in Detroit June 26-28th.

Mangina: Men Need To Be Women

Sargon of Akkad: Just listen to this guy, he knows the score.

Discussion Panel Debating 'Everyday Sexism' - MHRA 3 - Feminists 0

Angelo Agathangelou: Good old Mike Buchanan of J4MB UK (Justice for Men and Boys) pulls no punches in this London debate outnumbered by two feminists to one MHRA and apparently balanced by a fair (if she had bothered to ask the feminists where they got their statistics from too) female presenter. Mike challenges the feminists to put forward one area where women are disadvantaged compared to men by government or law in the UK. The feminists are first bemused then stumped and capitulate.

The score. I make no secret of the fact that I believe watching football in this day and age given any knowledge of history is mind numbingly backward behaviour. I speculate that for all their bravado, perhaps these are the most frightened masses, too frightened to face and address reality. Real life facing men and I dare say a few women too and certainly children in our western societies today in 2014, way past 1984 and 2010 Space odyssey, the level of corruption leading to millions of aggressive deaths at the hands of our own people through the machinations of the banksters in collusion with our lame stream political parties and media.

Disturbing: Woman Burning Copies Of Dr. Hoff-Sommers’ Book The War Against Boys

By There’s something symbolic about burning a book that fits perfectly well with the mentality of our opponents. I believe the phrase is “intellectually bankrupt.”
The vast majority of our opponents don’t have arguments. Developing arguments would involve actually considering potential counter-arguments, which would in turn cause a very discomfortable next step of introspection … of questioning their own positions.
Since arguments are out of the question, our opponents instead adopt the methods of name-calling, violent threats, logical fallacies, and censorship. And you can see this played out over and over again in the articles here on free speech.
The woman below is burning an older edition of Dr. Christina Hoff-Sommers’ book The War Against Boys. You can purchase the new revised edition, which was released late last year, at Amazon here.

The woman in these pictures is the author of a Tumblr blog. Here is a screenshot of her original post. I will be adding one of these pictures to the key AVFMS page “The Face of Misandry in Academia.” Check it out if you haven’t already.

The Death Of Men: Resurrection After Exploitation

Stefan Molyneux: Male isolation in the face of female disfunction, inability to express preferences and recovering from being financially exploited.