23 Jun 2014

Misandric US Scorched Earth Campaign Against Men's Sports

American Enterprise Institute: "Something went wrong with the law's implementation." The impact has been disastrous. Check your facts not your privilege.

It’s Official - German Gold Is Staying with The New York Banksters

By Michael Krieger - *Update: A couple of people have made a stink about this post claiming that it is misleading because the prior agreed upon repatriation schedule has not actually changed. That said, anyone who reads the Bloomberg piece will quickly conclude that the article clearly implies something had changed, which is why I made this assumption. In fact, the source article was so misleading that Peter Boehringer, co-founder of Repatriate Our Gold,” posted the following in the comment section: 
What Mr. Boehringer makes clear, is that there is nothing “new” in the Bloomberg article. That of course is not to say that the repatriation schedule as it stands is not preposterous. It is, and he agrees with that wholeheartedly. So the reason for this update is clarify this one key misunderstanding. That doesn’t change many of the key points of the post. Those are:
1) The interesting observation that German officials and politicians continue to put so much faith in the Federal Reserve just as “End the Fedprotests spread through the nation.
2) The ridiculous notion that it is in any nation’s interest to liquidate gold for Central Bankster created fiat, which can be conjured into existence in infinite amounts, at zero costs in no time.

Freaking Feminism! - Rant! + Feminism 2: The Re-Privileging

JatonPlanet: "Ra, ra, ra. A fucking shoe shop poster, will damage her kids!? Oversensitive feminist sack of shit."

Demonising Russia - Anti Socialist

Rocking MrE: "Russia, pushed so far that only a more confrontational course of action is possible if the country is going to avoid becoming another hegemonic state in a globalist world order."

Having "The Sex Talk"

0:00 Constantly changing my mind about career. 5:41 Should I stay in a passionless relationship? 17:11 Kids and having "The Sex Talk ...How much will you pay me, not to masturbate?"

How A Country Dies

A country dies slowly.
Monty Pelerin's World: Those living during the decline of Rome were likely unaware that anything was happening. The decline took over a couple of hundred years. Anyone living during the decline only saw a small part of what was happening and likely never noticed it as anything other than ordinary.
Countries don’t have genetically determined life spans. Nor do they die quickly, unless the cataclysm of some great war does them in. Even in such extreme cases, there are usually warning signs, which are more obvious in hindsight than at the time.
Few citizens of a dying nation recognize the signs. Most are too busy trying to live their lives, sometimes not an easy task.  If death occupies their mind, it is with respect to themselves, a relative or a friend. Most cannot conceive of the death of a nation.
A Country Dies Slowly First
For those interested, signs or symptoms precede death for a country. There are patterns:
1. The Economy
Economically, people become poorer. It becomes harder to feed a family. Growth stalls and stagnation occurs.  Job opportunities decline.


Joel Benjamin tweets:
. As MP 4 do u think it acceptable regime broadcaster ignores demo & complaints? 

. why is it hires are scrutinised by Mi5, & not the British taxpayer who pay their salaries?

Leon Walker: The Consequences of Speaking Out In The USA

By : My name is Leon Jermane Walker and I am a whistle-blower. For reporting the discovery of a gross waste of government funds and for reporting the endangerment of my child by her politically well-connected mother, I have faced years of ongoing persecution at the hands of Oakland County Government, my former employer. As a result, my career has been ruined, I’ve been financially destroyed, and in only a matter of days, my family and I will be evicted from our home.
On February 1, 2010, only weeks after I had submitted to Oakland County Government the findings of an investigation I had conducted after discovering what appeared to be a financial boondoggle, I was arrested and charged with a five-year felony by the Oakland County Prosecuting Attorney. I’d learned details of this scheme when, out of fear for the well-being and treatment of our daughter, I reviewed emails written by my wife. In reviewing the emails, I discovered that some correspondence outlined the existence of an ongoing wasteful purchasing scheme that was possibly being used to siphon hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from Oakland County taxpayers. In this same email, I also learned of the prolonged and ongoing endangerment of my daughter and stepson.

MHRA: Feminist Contradictions

KellyJones: 1. The ostensible goal of feminism is a political gender equality between all sexes. But feminists believe all males are privileged and oppress females. So the true goal is to oppress all males generally.
2. Feminists believe all men are privileged, yet men grossly outnumber women in prisons, defence forces, work fatalities, and suicides.

US Feminist College Kangaroo Courts: George Will MHRA

Angelo: George Will comments on the feminists shrieking against the column he wrote regarding sexual assault on campus, exposing false feminist statistics/propaganda and the trivialisation/expansion of the definition of rape.

Disabled MGTOW + True Forced Loneliness + MGTOW Stephen Hawking

Inhuman Warmongering Genocidal Apartheid Zionist Jews In Occupied Palestine Just Brutally Bombed 9 Places In Syria

RT: Nine Syrian populations have been mercilessly bombarded by Zionist jets and guided missiles, the Israel Death Squad says, claiming it was a decisive response to a series of cross-border shootings to protect the citizens of Israel.
The strikes on targets in Golan Heights were carried out shortly after midnight, Haaretz reports citing an IDF (Israeli Dumb Fucks) official, who called it a direct response to Sunday’s deadly incident when an anti-tank projectile fired from Syrian territory struck near the border fence on the Israeli occupied Golan Heights.
“The shooting [on Sunday] was a very serious act of provocation, and a continuation of a series of attacks carried out over the past several months against IDF forces throughout the border region, and in this area specifically,” the statement reads.
A military command headquarters defending against Israeli backed mercs was reportedly was among the targets hit in Syria.
Earlier on Sunday, in response to the killing of Israeli teen Mohammed Karaka, IDS pounded military outposts on Syrian territory, with speculations about possible strikes against other targets.