24 Jun 2014

Unmasked: The Face of Abuse - Malignant Narcissism

By The Face of Abuse: What does it look like to you? A man with a five o’clock shadow and a “wifebeater” T-shirt, perhaps? He’s probably sitting in a well-worn recliner and shouting, “Shut up, bitch! Go fix me a turkey pot pie!” If this is the image you conjured in your mind’s eye, then you don’t know Jacqueline about the Face of Abuse as it appears to far too many men.
Similar to the supernatural creature known as the Hydra, the Face of Abuse is a loathsome monster with many faces. And like that nightmarish serpent, the Face regenerates two heads for each one that’s severed, and its breath and blood are the deadliest of poisons. Unlike the image of the male chauvinistic brute that mainstream society associates with abuse, the Face can be female, and at first she seems far from the dreadful reptile of Greek mythology.
This Face of Abuse begins as one of exquisite beauty. Ask any guy who’s come eye to eye with this she-beast and at first he’ll describe soft, loving eyes, angelic cheekbones, and a smile that took his breath away. Beneath this fa├žade of expertly applied lipstick and eyeshadow, however, lurks a monstrosity that harbors a seething animosity toward men. It won’t be long before she attacks her unfortunate Victim with unmatched and unchecked violence and ferocity; such is the case for a creature spawned upon the arid plains of No Accountability. Punching, scratching, biting, and kicking are all too common, and the law of the jungle dictates that the Victim must suffer these attacks in silence and restraint: bruises, cuts, and even trips to the hospital are a regular occurrence, yet the damage to his psyche goes even deeper. If there’s an upside to this incarnation of the Face, it’s that it doesn’t last long.

Women Almost Never Admit When They Are Wrong - MGTOW

"At this point men are just tolerating us."

Wall Street Jihadists - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Luke Rudkowski

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the fact that neoliberal capitalism has become terrorism and that the ‘terrorists’ don’t see themselves as any different than Halliburton or Chevron, producing glossy prospectuses filled with gory facts for prospective investors.


 Be afraid America. Be VERY afraaaiiiid!
ISIS EXPOSED 100% AS CIA OPERATION: "The Next Bin Laden is Here" - Don't Be Fooled.


Julie Borowski: Iraq is a mess. What should be done? My thoughts. My rant.

Why We Must Fight Against All Child Protective Services

Carlos Morales: "Your children belong to the state. ...The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people." Adolf Hitler warned. "As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any depravation."

The Patriarchy

Sargon of Akkad: DUN DUN DUN! Women have no idea how much they need the Patriarchy.

Does Russell Brand Believe in More or Less Government? + MSM 'ingredient for oppression' ignored #NoMoreAusterity

WeAreChange: Luke Rudkowski talks to Russell Brand to grasp his understanding and beliefs when it comes to government. Since Brand has made previous contradictory statements on both big and small government, we found it important to understand what he truly believes. We were able to get the first 3 questions in to Brand and the rest where from other journalists at the #nomoreausterity protest that brought out 50,000 people.

Map Of Grassroots Groups In Greece +

Presenting... our new grassroots map (June 2014)!

Still think Greeks are sitting idle, the helpless victims of events in their country? Think again. In 2013, we carried out an extensive study to map all the grassroots movements in Greece who are stepping in where the system is failing, and produce the first edition of our grassroots map, titled 'Coffee-drinking lazy Greeks?'.
Now, we've released a second edition of the map – 'Ouzo-drinking lazy Greeks?' – fully updated and including over 60% more groups!

What is this?

The map is a poster showing all the grassroots groups that are currently active in Greece, split into ten categories from neighbourhood assemblies to education movements to alternative micro-economies, with information on each group and details of an example group in each category. We've also included a list of all these groups in text format, with links to their websites (below).

Men Defending Themselves Is Harassment, Says US Law Professor

By : Former Iowa State University basketball player Bubu Palo has filed a civil action for defamation against the woman who accused him of sexual assault two years ago. Criminal sexual assault charges had been brought against Palo, but they were dismissed before trial. A forensic analysis of a blouse the alleged victim wore the night of the incident determined that it had been torn after the alleged assault, contrary to statements the alleged victim had made under oath.
The local newspaper that reported the story quotes Stanford law professor Michele Landis Dauber saying this about the Palo lawsuit: “I think that there are valid public policy reasons that a judge might want to look very carefully at such a case and make sure that there’s really good evidence to support (the defamation claim), because otherwise it is going to be very harassing of sexual assault victims.”
Dauber’s comments are the legal equivalent of gobbledygook. The standard of proof for defamation claims is preponderance of the evidence. “Really good evidence” has no legal meaning.
Does Dauber mean that a judge should require Bubu Palo to produce evidence beyond a “preponderance of the evidence”? If Dauber didn’t mean to suggest that, why did she bother making the statement? The implication of Dauber’s quote is that because the alleged defamation arose in the context of a sexual assault claim, the plaintiff should be subjected to a different—presumably enhanced—standard than plaintiffs in every other defamation action. (If Dauber meant something different, she can tell us, and we will happily report it.)

Domestic Violence Symposium - Martin S. Fiebert - MRM

"The history of victimisation in intimate partner violence. ...Twice as much severe violence from women towards men."

A Politician Who Cares About Fathers?

The presumption of equal parenting after divorce.
By Check out this interview with newly elected Canadian Liberal MPP Sophie Kiwala. She clearly states support for equal parenting at 10:28. She offers a moving Father’s Day message at 6:00, talks about her own father at 7:08, and discusses family issues at 8:58.