1 Jul 2014

Former BBC Entertainer Rolf Harris Guilty Of More Charges

The British police have received fresh complaints about former BBC entertainer Rolf Harris, who has already been found guilty of 12 indecent assaults.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: The fresh complaints came on Tuesday following the former BBC entertainer being convicted on Monday of 12 indecent assaults against four girls during the 60s, 70s and 80s.
Following the verdict for the celebrity broadcaster, 12 people have contacted a British law firm with new complaints.
Among the abused was a seven-year-old fan and another was a friend of his daughter.
The 84-year-old former entertainer will remain on bail pending a medical report before his sentencing on Friday.
The latest high profile media scandal in the UK comes on the heels of an investigation showing that disgraced former TV host Jimmy Savile had sexually abused dozens of patients for more than four decades.
According to a report published on June 26, Savile, who had access to multiple hospitals as a celebrity fundraiser, abused both patients and hospital workers. The inquiry was held at 28 different hospitals across the United Kingdom.
The TV host was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II and honored by Pope Benedict

Institutionalised: These 5 USA Censored Books Tell A History The Establishment Wants Hidden

breakingtheset: FORBIDDEN BOOKSHELF. "Take heed, reader: Phoenix has come to define modern American warfare, as well as it's internal homeland security apparatus. ...political security forces engaged in population control and suppression of dissent."

"Everyone has right to be different" - West Should Stop Turning World Into "Global Barracks"

RT: Vladimir Putin said that the Western powers should allow countries around the globe to live at their own discretion, not under someone’s haunting dictation.” Here are the Top 10 quotes from the president’s meeting with Russian diplomats.
Non-interference principle must be fit into European realities
Western interference in Ukraine led to catastrophic consequences for the country, Putin said, suggesting measures to prevent the repetition of a similar scenario in other countries on the continent.

“The task is to fit the traditional principle of non-interference into modern European realities, initiating a serious international discussion of the issue. We all need some kind of a safety net in Europe, so that the Iraqi, Libyan, Syrian and Ukrainian precedents won’t turn into a contagious disease.”
Blackmail wrong tool in international relations

What THEY say is FILTERED and what WE say is CENSORED.

Part of the reason is pressure of building works here: every day I go to one builders’ merchant or another to pick up wood, cement, plaster, fixative, parquet, taps, or paint. I do this because to hand-pick a team of good people and then get them to spend 90% of their time doing what they’re good at for a reasonable price, the client has to do what the expensive ‘design & build’ consultancy would include at three times the price. Also I know what I want, and nobody else does…which would be the same for anyone who’s been around the block a few times.
But mainly, I avoid the news first thing these days because it is either superficial, spun, biased, poorly analysed or, at times, all of those things. This brings me, after a little throat-clearing, to the point: that we are all, like it or not, being censored and monitored, pointed and driven, poked and discouraged, confused and misled round the clock.

Israel Promises 'Revenge' A Collective Punishment - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News + Lieberman Calls For Full-Scale War On Gazans!

The Artist Taxi Driver: "Israeli hate and prejudice is so raw, ...they put Palestinian children in open cages with no roofs. ...When will people realise, the UK, America, Israel don't want peace, they want the Palestinians out of the way, ...slowly committing genocide!"


The Amazing Atheist: "Did you have the nerve to be born after the year 2000?" ...No freedom of choice for you, no personal responsibility. DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD! ...THEY OWN YOU!"

Economic Growth in America’s “Two-Tiered Society”

By Wolf Richter: The news has been good. Global M&A in the second quarter soared 47% to over $1 trillion, Reuters reported. It was the highest since the record set in 2007, which was followed by the financial crisis. In its sixth year, the phenomenal, global free-money tsunami is bearing fruit for those who have access to it.
The first half saw 38 big hostile takeovers, accounting for over $150 billion in total, over twenty times more than a year ago. There were white-hot deals where US corporations bought overseas companies with “offshore cash” in order to become a foreign company for tax purposes. A strategy to cut their US tax bill. “Inversion” it’s called. To fund these deals, companies can still borrow at record low rates. And in this feeding frenzy, buyers paid out of their nose, hitting 13X earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA), the highest since 2008, when the financial system was already cracking under the weight of our Wall Street geniuses.
Even in California, the news is starting to be good: 44% of the registered voters said that they were financially better off than last year, the best score since 2001; only 28% said they were worse off, the best score since 2004; and 28% saw no change, according to the Field Poll’s latest annual assessment; “a much more positive assessment of personal financial well-being than each of six prior Field Polls conducted since 2007.”  
However,” the report continued...

US Home Depot Has Declared War On Women and Jews!?

ramzpaul: Frank Blake, Home Dept CEO, declares war against women. The Supreme Court supports his war. Radical Feminist Hillary Clinton finds the ruling "deeply disturbing".

Christine Lagarde - The Most Dangerous Woman in the World - IMF (International Monetary Fraudsters) Advocate Taking Pensions & Extending Maturities of Gov’t Debt to Prevent Redemption

By Martin Armstrong: I have gone on record that the most dangerous organization is the now French led IMF with Christine Lagarde at the helm, which has presented a concept report that debt cuts for over-indebted states are uncompromising and are to be performed more effectively in the future by defaulting on retirement accounts held in life insurance, mutual funds and other types of pension schemes, or arbitrarily extending debt perpetually so you cannot redeem. Yes you read correctly, The new IMF paper is described in great detail exactly how to now allow the private sector, which has invested in government bonds,  to be expropriated to pay for the national debts of the socialist governments.
I have been warning that there is an idea that has been running around behind the curtain that the national debt of the USA could be settled by usurping all pension funds in the country. Here is a remarkable blueprint that throws all previous considerations concerning the purchase of government bonds over the cliff. The IMF working paper from December 2013 states boldly:

“The distinction between external debt and domestic debt can be quite important. Domestic debt issued in domestic currency typically offers a far wider range of partial default options than does foreign currency–denominated external debt. Financial repression has already been mentioned; governments can stuff debt into local pension funds and insurance companies, forcing them through regulation to accept far lower rates of return than they might otherwise demand.”

Shocking Misogynist Attacks Feminism, Defends Rape Culture!

Lucian Valsan: Stefan Molyneux’s speech on circumcision and violence against children. Whether you’re a fan of his or not, Stefan nailed the topic in a fashion that both gets the topic across and is entertaining.

ABC's - Ana, Boobies, Commentary

"Air out your boobies." 
Rizzle Dizzle: A nice little fluff piece about a Young Turks video.

Celebrate Independence Day By Opposing US Government Tyranny

By Ron Paul: This week Americans will enjoy Independence Day with family cookouts and fireworks. Flags will be displayed in abundance. Sadly, however, what should be a celebration of the courage of those who risked so much to oppose tyranny will instead be turned into a celebration of government, not liberty. The mainstream media and opportunistic politicians have turned Independence Day into the opposite of what was intended.

The idea of opposingby force if necessarya tyrannical government has been turned into a celebration of tyrannical government itself!

The evidence is all around us.

How would the signers of the Declaration of Independence have viewed, for example, the Obama Administration’s drone memo,” finally released last week, which claims to justify the president’s killing American citizens without charge, judge, jury, or oversight? Is this not a tyranny similar to that which our Founders opposed? And was such power concentrated in one branch of government not what inspired the rebellion against the English king in the first place?