4 Jul 2014

Anti Feminist Karen Straughan Talks At The ICMI 2014

"I'm an anti feminist and I don't give a shit! ...The reason I became an anti feminist is because everything I read that comes from feminists is backwards, it's wrong, it's upside down and I just want to clarify that I don't consider feminism to be a movement for equality, I don't consider it to be a goal or a set of goals, I consider it to be a set of hypotheses, not even theories, hypotheses that are unfalsifiable, that are as predictive of what is going to happen as a coin toss, not even that predictive and we are basing public policy on this set of hypotheses, we are basing entire branches of academia on this set of unfalsifiable, unproven hypotheses, they have never and can never be demonstrated! ...We do not need a women's movement that blames men!" Karen Straughan.

Collapse Has Occurred: Hyperinflation Meets Asset Destruction! - Jim Willie

The Doc: When is the system going to break down?  The answer is 2008
The tipping point was the Lehman kill in Sept 2008, following the subprime mortgage collapse.
It was a death event for the US banking structure, which should have forced liquidation of all Wall Street firms.
Then came the Financial Accounting Standards Board relaxation of rules in April 2009, which still permits the big US banks to declare their assets at any value they wish.  They hide grotesque insolvency.  Their liquidation would not happen, instead zombies walked.
The next tipping point was the Federal Reserve announcing a move toward the Zero Percent Interest Rate (ZIRP) in early 2009, followed by the bond monetization initiative (QE) in early 2012.
The most recent tipping points are the Syria War and the Ukraine War to obstruct the Russian Energy Monopoly in the European energy market.  The defense of the USDollar has taken historically unprecedented turns.

Israeli Death Squads And Palestinian Protesters Clash In Apartheid Jerusalem As "Sand Nigger" Teen’s Funeral Held

RT: Israeli death Squads and Palestinian protesters are clashing in Jerusalem where thousands of mourners gathered for the funeral of an Arab teenager who, Palestinians believe, was killed by Israeli extremists in a revenge attack.
Police used teargas and stun grenades against hundreds of Palestinians outraged over the murder, who pelted rocks at law enforcement officers.

Arab teen kidnapped and killed in Jerusalem in suspected zionist attack

>>Gregg Carlstrom: Red Crescent says dozens of injuries at ongoing Shuafat clashes, a mix of tear gas inhalation and rubber-coated bullets.<<

On Friday, Israeli officials handed over the body of the murdered boy to his family after Muslim prayers. Partially wrapped in a traditional headscarf, the body – said to be badly burnt

GREECE LATEST: Samaras Moves To Allay Market Confusion

By John Ward: Sage national helmsman and straight-talking New Democracy leader Antonikis Smarmyass yesterday moved swiftly to distance Greece from Argentina.
“Argentina is a country 7,601 miles to the west of us here in Athens,” the Prime Minister explained, “and bears no resemblance to Greece. They speak Spanish fluently, are very good at football, and remain free to devalue their currency whenever they like without paying any compensation. None of these things apply to Greece”.
Antonikis told a press conference that he didn’t want anyone making a silly mistake when buying debt bonds. He continued:
“When buying online, go to the box marked ‘G’ for Greece, or ‘H’ for Hellenic Republic and Helluvamess. Go past ‘A’ for Argentina because that is not us. Argentina is in South America and wants the Malvinas returned to it from Great Britain. We have no claim to the Malvinas, quite like the British. It is most important that everyone is clear about this.”
Asked by Greek Reporter why this confusion had come about, Mr Sampras said, Perhaps because we are both fucked”.

Institutionalised: Empty Days, Lonely Nights

Bettina Arndt: Across Australia, fathers are being told in mediation sessions or by lawyers that there's no hope of overnight contact with children under three years old.
At Family Relationship Centres (FRCs), where couples attend compulsory mediation prior to a Family Court appearance, any sharing of overnight care of infants and toddlers tends to be discouraged.
"Sharing of overnight care of infants is problematic," states a South Australian Family Law Pathways document produced for local family law organisations. The document, funded by the Commonwealth Attorney-General's department, is circulated by many FRCs throughout the country.
It stresses the "importance of the primary attachment relationship" with the mother and reassures dads that with regular contact, even of a few hours, they can "readily develop close and loving relationships" with their children.
But according to a recently published academic paper endorsed by 110 leading international experts, it is not the case that sharing of overnight care of infants is problematic.

Fatherless Induced Soul Damage: Radical Feminist Child Psychologist Penelope Leach Says Sleepovers At Dad’s “May Damage Brain”

Angelo: Off to prison we go with Jack to find men UK feminazi Penelope Leach thinks weren't brain damaged by sleepovers at their father's house.
By : To begin, from my previous articles I have received feedback that I am not exactly a stickler for providing support for my claims. I respect that, so one of my goals in this article is to be 100% factual. Citations. Notations. Look here to find this. Look there to find that. I’m going to do it right and from a certain perspective: this entire article is about how we support our claims and where we find support for our cause.
Bestselling author and “child psychologist” Penelope Leach made statements to the effect that a child’s separation from their mother (i.e., by allowing a child to sleep over at their father’s house in cases of shared custody) could lead to the child experiencing permanent brain damage and psychological issues. This was reported in both the Independent and here:
Child psychologist Penelope Leach says sleepovers at dad’s ‘may damage brain’.
Oliver James, another “child psychologist” and TV presenter, supported Leach’s claims by adding, “[I]n most cases, you should do nothing to disrupt the relationship with the primary caregiver. To do so can affect the child’s brain development.… After the age of three, it becomes more debatable about whether children will be damaged by living between two homes and by the age of about six, I don’t think it’s a problem.” These quotes can be found in the article referenced above.
While James is saying that the issue is loss of contact with the primary caregiver, the title of the article is “Child psychologist Penelope Leach says sleepovers at dad’s ‘may damage brain.’” That’s the claim being made here: contact with dad causes brain damage.

Protests Prompt Highest Court Of India To Overturn Provisions Of VAWA

"Men's Rights Are Human Rights!"

By In a landmark judgement Indian Supreme Court struck down the automatic arrest provision of its Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and went on to order future action or punishment against Police officials and lower court judges, who violate its order and indulge in automatic arrests of accused men. This is historic, though MRAs want punishment and jail terms for women who lie and make false allegations against their husbands


Terrence Popp: Laws for dudes. Dude law. Nuff said.

British Medical Association Doctors Speaking Against 'Sexist' Forced Male Baby Genital Mutilation

Dave Thompson: Excellent speeches by Dr. Antony Lempert and Dr. John Fitton. Thank you so much!

At Last, Feminists Have Been Told "No"

"Obama ordered by the feminists to give them free stuff and he did."
6oodfella: I've dreamt of this day ever since I was a little boy, and now it's finally here, in my lifetime. We are so fortunate to live in a time when this has happened, as it will likely be a few thousand years before it happens again.

We Came, We Saw, We Badgered On... Honey Badger Radio + Adam McPhee Responds To Paul Elam

karen straughan: Every continent was represented at ICMI-2014! "Send in your men's rights questions for the first Honey Badger Radio show after our historic first international conference."