7 Jul 2014

The Limits of Libertarianism - Rebutted!

Stefan Molyneux: Stefan responds to the article "Why I left libertarianism: An ethical critique of a limited ideology" by Will Moyer which recently appeared on Salon.

A Dark Bankster Alliance: European Union Joins Forces With Wall Street

By Don Quijones: Unbeknownst to the vast majority of Europeans and Americans, late-stage negotiations are under way to significantly water down all forms of financial regulation on both sides of the Atlantic. This is part of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Treaty (TTIP) being negotiated behind closed doors.
However, contrary to popular wisdom, it’s not the U.S. government that is leading the charge, but rather an unholy alliance between the European Commission, Wall Street, and the City of London. According to Corporate Europe Observatory, one of the few organizations to report the latest TTIP leak, to understand these new developments, one must first bear in mind the political and regulatory context, both in Europe and the U.S:

The EU is on the brink of concluding its reform agenda in the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008 with a set of rules that are weaker than those of the US in key areas such as banking regulation. That has already been the source of friction between the two blocs.

Banksters Attempt To Tie Bitcoin To ISIS Is Proof The Establishment Is Scared To Death

By Michael Krieger: I first threw my public support behind Bitcoin in August 2012 after finding out that it had been used to donate funds to whistleblower group Wikileaks in the wake of a payment blockade by large financial institutions. I explained my rationale in the post: Bitcoin: A Way to Fight Back Against the Financial Terrorists?
It was this event that really sparked my interest in Bitcoin and resulted in me spending much of my time in the subsequent months learning as much as possible about the revolutionary payment system. The more I learned, the more excited I became. In fact, learning about Bitcoin and its freedom unleashing potential is what made me more encouraged about the future of humanity than anything else over the past couple of years. It became evident to me early on that the large financial institutions and the statists they are in bed with would ultimately panic if Bitcoin ever took off. In early 2013 I wrote the following in the post, Bitcoin Goes Parabolic: My Updated Thoughts:  
Based on intuition, psychology and nothing more I suspect the Bitcoin market will hit a total value of about $1 billion before experiencing a severe pullback.  That would put the price at around 92.  At that point, it is likely to be all over the financial press and I think “the state” may be tempted to threaten it.  Supporters of Bitcoin should not only expect such an attack, we should embrace it.  Just think about how ridiculous the government will look if they attack Bitcoin.  I mean, these guys can’t put a single bankster in jail, but when citizens decide to freely exchange goods using a currency of their choice that is where they draw the line!

Radical Feminist “Reporting” From TIME Magazine’s Jessica K. Roy

AVfM Editorial note: When Time magazine contacted us for interviews and free passes to the First International Conference on Men’s Issues, we expected what we have always known of Time magazine: mature, professional reporting. Sure, errors, mistakes, misunderstandings, and bias are all possible, maybe even unavoidable—but mature, professional journalists and their editors know how to try to correct for that, or at least to admit to possible problems. Well, we did see mature, professional reporting from several outlets - indeed, we were impressed by many of the journalists who attended for their neutral and sometimes quite challenging but professional questions.  
But three reporters - Adam Serwer of MSNBC, Jessica K. Roy of Time magazine, and Monica Hesse of The Washington Post - showed a gross lack of professionalism and a level of misreporting, well beyond what can be excused as just misunderstandings or having a bad day. These three reporters—and really, it was mostly just these three—fulfilled the worst fears of the women and men who were part of this conference: that we would be subjected to yellow journalism, hostility, and lies from the media.

Dr Coutinho, The Radical Feminists And The Male Contraceptive Pill

Aldir Gracindo: CLARIFYING, since it's surprising how people can't interprete the vid: This video doesn't imply that feminists kept the male BC pill from getting to the market. IT JUST SHOWS:
1) THE NARRATIVE OF ONE WELL KNOWN SCIENTIST WHO CREATED ONE OF THE VERSIONS OF A MBCP AND HIS MEETING WITH A GROUP OF FEMINISTS LEADED BY BETTY FRIEDAN IN A PUBLIC MEETING, AND IMPLIES THAT BETTY FRIEDAN WAS NOT A "MODERATED FEMINIST" (well, in case you still have the dellusion that feminists fighting the "Patriarchy" are "moderated, egalitarian, equity" feminists instead of simply anti-men feminists).

Gazans Hold Mass Funeral For Zionist Air Raid Victim + Bloodthirsty Zionist Foreign Minister Ends Alliance With Warmongering Bibi

Thousands of Palestinian mourners in the besieged Gaza Strip have held a funeral for a resistance fighter who was murdered by an apartheid Israeli killer drone strike.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: The funeral ceremony was held in al-Bureij refugee camp in the central part of the besieged enclave on Monday.
The mourners carried the body of Mazen Faraj al-Jarba, who was killed in the Israeli air raid on Sunday night.
This comes as at least seven Palestinians have been killed and several others injured in a series of Israeli air and ground attacks over the past 24 hours.
Meanwhile, a spokesman for Palestinian resistance movement Hamas blamed the Tel Aviv regime for what he called a “grave escalation” of violence, and vowed to retaliate.
The President of the Palestinian National Unity Government, Mahmoud Abbas, has also called for an international investigation into crimes committed against Palestinians.
The latest attacks come as the warmongering apartheid Israeli regime Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his bloodthirsty Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman have recently vowed to expand genocidal operations in the besieged region.

Tesla Car Chase Ends In Flaming Car Wreck Explosion So Violent It Is Confused For Fireworks

Tyler Durden's picture With GM recalling virtually every car it has made since emerging from bankruptcy, another maker of flaming paperweights has quietly managed to slip through the cracks of public attention. So it was perhaps well-timed, if only for GM, that over the weekend we not only learned, but saw footage, of what happens when a Tesla is involved in a Police chase that results in a lamp post crash. Nothing short of complete obliteration.
As KTLA reported, "a stolen Tesla involved in a fiery crash split into two following a pursuit that ended in West Hollywood early Friday, leaving seven people injured, police said. The incident began when police received a call from a Tesla dealership stating that an individual was “tampering or messing with” one of the vehicles, according to Sgt. Campbell with the Los Angeles Police Department’s Pacific Division.  Officers responded to the dealership and a pursuit began at about 12:45 a.m., Campbell said.
The good news, if only for Tesla car snatchers, "during the pursuit, the Tesla reached speeds of up to 100 mph. Also: better than a Bronco for aspiring wife murderers.
However, the car chase was not to last: the pursuit ended on La Brea Avenue between Fountain and Lexington avenues a short time later when the driver of the Tesla hit two other cars and a lamp post, Campbell said.
A witness told KTLA that the Tesla hit the pole and split in half, and that part of the vehicle landed on top of a white car.

Men's Reproductive Rights: Why Mandatory DNA Testing May Not Be A Good Idea

There are no solutions, only trade-offs.” - Thomas Sowell
By During the first International Conference on Men’s Issues, there were so many ideas thrown around that it is bound to baffle the people who are not familiarized with the non-feminist perspective on sexual politics. There was also dissent. This is good, but it will also mean that in the next months, a lot of people with an open mind will be busy processing new information.
We’ll focus on one particular idea that floated around the conference—the proposal that DNA testing (or paternity tests) should be mandatory at birth. According to the proponents of this trade-off, this measure would tackle paternity fraud in an efficient manner and would bring the truth as a standard in the relationships of the parents. The truth part is indisputable, but is it really that efficient? And even if it is, at what cost does this efficiency come? Is there a better trade-off between the status quo and the trade-off proposed at the conference?
Since we’re not in the business of criticizing for the sake of criticizing, we’ll analyze what’s wrong with this trade-off and propose an alternative one.
1. Unnecessary cost
Whenever we talk about a service that is to be made mandatory by public policy, we ought to ask ourselves two questions: What is the cost? and Who pays it?

Merkel’s Mad: German Leader Indignant Over ‘Serious’ US Spying

RT: German Chancellor Angela Merkel said allegations of a German working as a double agent for the US intelligence are “serious” and if proven correct contradict the spirit of bilateral cooperation.
Germany arrests suspected 'double agent' for working for US - report

Merkel on Monday joined in a chorus of German politicians voicing their concern over the arrest of a German intelligence employee for allegedly spying for the US.  

"If the reports are correct it would be a serious case," Reuters cited Merkel as saying. "If the allegations are true, it would be for me a clear contradiction as to what I consider to be trusting cooperation between agencies and partners."

Two Very Stupid Women Comment On The Detroit Conference. Enjoy.

By Mike Buchanan: MSNBC is an online ‘thing’ – I can’t be bothered to find out more – owned by NBC, a big American ‘thing’. One of MSNBC’s (male) ‘journalists’ apparently wrote a scurrilous piece about the Detroit conference which AVfM is challenging, and if MSNBC responds, we’ll bring you that. In the meantime we have a video from MSNBC in which a woman with the IQ of a dim fruitbat interviews a woman with the IQ of a dim wombat about the Detroit conference.

I Still Don't Give A Fuck About Rape - C.O.C.K.

US Cultural Misandry: Second Class Citizen - Purple Heart’s Final Beat

People think their soldiers return home to parades. I know better. And it's time you all learn.
Blake Kleiner: Winner of Best Short Film of the Year and Best Editing for the Mitten Movie Project 2010, Royal Oak, MI
Official Selection of the 2010 Blue Water Film Festival
Official Selection of the 2011 Detroit Independent Film Festival, Central Florida Film Festival, Detroit Windsor International Film Festival, DC Shorts Film Festival

What Your "Startlingly Intimate, Voyeristic" NSA File Looks Like

Tyler Durden's picture A few days ago, we asked a simple rhetorical question: "Are you targeted by the NSA?"
The answer, sadly for those reading this, is very likely yes, as it was revealed that as part of the NSA's XKeyscore program "a computer network exploitation system, as described in an NSA presentation, devoted to gathering nearly everything a user does on the internet" all it takes for a user to be flagged by America's superspooks is to go to a website the NSA finds less than "patriotic" and that user becomes a fixture for the NSA's tracking algos.
So assuming one is being tracked by the NSA - or as it is also known for politically correct reasons "intercepted" - as a "person of interest" or worse, just what kind of data does the NSA collect? The latest report by the WaPo titled "In NSA-intercepted data, those not targeted far outnumber the foreigners who are" sheds much needed light on just how extensive the NSA's data collection effort is.

According to WaPo, the files on intercepted Americans "have a startlingly intimate, even voyeuristic quality. They tell stories of love and heartbreak, illicit sexual liaisons, mental-health crises, political and religious conversions, financial anxieties and disappointed hopes. The daily lives of more than 10,000 account holders who were not targeted are catalogued and recorded nevertheless."
The Post reviewed roughly 160,000 intercepted e-mail and instant-message conversations, some of them hundreds of pages long, and 7,900 documents taken from more than 11,000 online accounts.
Remember when the NSA said they only target foreigners, and only those who are of particular actionable interest? They lied.