8 Jul 2014

Wall Street Teams Up with U.S. Intelligence Cronies in Bid to Form Fascist “Cyber War Council”

By Michael Krieger: Want to hear the worst idea in the history of horrible ideas? How about we take the industry responsible for destroying the U.S. economy and wrecking the lives of tens of millions of people, and then allow it to create a “government-industry cyber war council.”
It appears that trillions in taxpayer bailouts simply wasn’t enough for Wall Street. Recognizing that it can seemingly get whatever it wants whenever it wants, the industry is now positioning itself to overtly control U.S. “cyber” policy. What could go wrong?
The man behind the push appears to be ex-NSA chief Keith Alexander, who as I reported on last month, is now: Pimping Advice to Wall Street Banks for $1 Million a Month. As I mentioned in that post, one of Mr. Alexander’s most high profile clients is Wall Street’s largest lobbying group the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA). Unsurprisingly, SIFMA is behind the latest push to formally merge Wall Street with the government intelligence apparatus. Mr. Alexander isn’t wasting any time.
Bloomberg reports that:

Wall Street’s biggest trade group has proposed a government-industry cyber war council to stave off terrorist attacks that could trigger financial panic by temporarily wiping out account balances, according to an internal document.
The proposal by the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, known as Serfman,

BRICS Bank About To Change Everything.. China Set To Extend Financial Muscle Across The Globe

: China and the BRICS are moving to establish counter-institutions to unseat the power of the Asian Development bank, the World bank and the IMF. With $100 billion in capital, the new Shanghai based BRIC bank
will eclipse the Japanese controlled Asia Development bank in capital.

This new BRIC bank could easily get major new funding from China and
Russia and could go on to rival the world bank. The only difference is
this BRIC bank will be getting real capital savings invested into whereas
the World bank is getting printed money from the U.S.

Future U.S. trade deficits will no longer get rolled back into U.S.
Treasuries but can now be put into the BRIC bank deploying Chinese
financial power across the world and getting large infrastructure projects
into Chinese firms while developing the countries soft power.

Mon Jul 7, 2014 2:32pm GMT
BEIJING (Reuters) – The five BRICS nations have reached a broad
consensus on their $100 billion development bank though some differences
remain, a senior Chinese diplomat said on Monday ahead of a summit in
Brazil next week to be attended by President Xi Jinping.

The new bank will symbolise the growing influence of emerging economies in the global financial architecture long dominated by the United States and Europe through the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are expected to sign a treaty to launch the bank officially when they meet at a BRICS summit in the northern Brazilian city of Fortaleza on July 15.

Fear & Loathing in St. Clair Shores: LameStream Media Bungles First International Conference on Men’s Issues

By Judging by the media behavior at the First International Conference on Men’s Issues, the torch of Woodward and Bernstein wasn’t passed, it’s been dropped!
What’s with this recent crop of journalism-school graduates, anyway? Where’s the sparkle in their eyes and the fire in the bellies? Where’s the eagerness to challenge conventional thought? Or dig deep to uncover a truth that inspires so much moral outrage that the story demands to be heard? Rather than challenge the current narrative against men’s issues, this batch of Pulitzer Prize nopefuls seemed content to simmer in their moral outrage, harshly judging something that is of great importance … and completely beyond their ability to understand.
Take the guy from ANIMAL – Bucky Turco is his name. After asking me if I wanted to be interviewed, I said, “Why not?” and told him why I was at the conference, and even shared a bit of my divorce/custody experiences with him, as well as other topics I’ve written about here. Things were going well, I thought, until Bucky said, “C’mon! Everybody knows that men have all the power.” The notion that this spurious claim somehow invalidates all the things that the esteemed panel members were discussing was not only foolish, it’s patently absurd. In the end, I’m glad he didn’t use my quotes or my picture in his so-called coverage, which was nothing more than a pathetic post-feminist male’s attempt at Hunter S. Thompson, and not a very good one at that. In his piece–where he also confuses the press conference for the main event–he even claims that the death threats AVfM members received weren’t true. How would he even know this? The letter from Shannon Dunavent and the Doubletree Hilton people and the thinly-veiled Facebook threats were enough that anyone who takes security seriously knows you can’t just laugh it off.
Would anyone have laughed if there were threats to a women’s conference? Rhetorical question; I already know the answer.

Empire of Fictional Cash - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Arjen Kamphuis

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss exorbitant privilege that is the dollar hegemony which offers nothing on the upside and only subjugation and humiliation on the downside. And despite having an empire of fictional money, the US appears to still have gone bankrupt on these fictional debts. But all that is to change as European companies, like Total, and officials, like the Bank of France governor, fight back suggesting an end to US dollar transactions on international trade.

I am Chris Mackney and I have something to say from the grave...

AVfM note: Christopher Mackney died by suicide on December 29, 2013. Suicide, though, as we examine the details of his life and death, seems an inadequate, even misleading word. In Chris’s reality, stated with clarity in his own words, he was murdered; driven to be the triggerman in his own homicide by a vicious and vindictive wife who used a corrupt family court system, family money and an equally vicious attorney to reduce him to such despair that death became the only visible escape from his unbearable pain.
That at least, is Chris Mackney’s version of events, which he documented on a blog from the onset of hostilities against him to the final day of his life.
It is a story that his widow, Dina Mackney, clearly did not want told. Literally chasing him into the grave, she made underhanded use of copyright laws to commandeer the writing Chris wanted so desperately for the world to see, disassembled his blog, and then again used her attorneys to try to bully others into complicity with her wishes to bury him a second time.
A Voice for Men was one of the targets of that legal harassment, receiving a demand to remove a portion of Chris Mackney’s suicide note which we had published.
There was never a question of our response. What kind of Voice for Men could we possibly be, if we indulged such a dastardly agenda?
We refused to remove the post, and we pledged at that time that AVFM would not let this man’s story be buried, either by the apathy of a society that cares little for the pain of men, or by agents of evil seeking to hide their misdeeds from public view.
Today, we start making good on that promise.

The Zero Tolerance Story of Jesus

Rizzle Dizzle
"Jesus' messages are clear. 
...then comes the compendium of bullshit.
...I'm like a shady Jesus. ...learning from his mistakes."

Apartheid Israel Is Preparing For "A Land Fucking Invasion" Of Gaza Strip

Apartheid Israeli death squads are preparing for a ground invasion into the besieged Gaza Strip after launching several airstrikes on the coastal sliver as they continue their genocidal onslaught against the Palestinian people.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: The army mobilized troops for the potential ground invasion as part of what it dubbed Operation Protective Edge,” saying the offensive seeks to strike Hamas, the Palestinian resistance movement.
We are mounting the forces to enable us to mobilize if required. I can’t see that happening immediately but we have a green light to recruit more reserve troops that will enable us to carry out a ground mission,” Apartheid death squad spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner said.
Dozens of heavily armoured vehicles, including tanks and bulldozers, are lining up on the Gaza border, awaiting an order to act, while Israeli news outlets say everything is ready for a ground assault.
Meanwhile, concerns are on the rise in the apartheid gulag that Hamas fireworks could reach as far as Tel Aviv in retaliation for the Zionist regime's escalated bombardments on Gaza. On Tuesday the genocidal Israelis hit at least 50 sites in Gaza by air and sea.

Enjoy Your Feminist Wedding, Laura and Master Bates

By The founder of the incredibly man-hating and man-silencing website Everyday Sexismone “Laura Bates,” is planning a feminist wedding. Oh, joy, and my deepest condolences to her spouse, whomever he is—Bates is being coy about naming her victim, though indeed, grooms are mostly superfluous to modern-day weddings anyway.
To celebrate her special day, Bates is not content to demonize and demolish, in an abstract way, men and male sexuality in general and the civilization men built at the behest of women: she has decided that the personal is political and so she plans to enslave, torture, and destroy one exceedingly unlucky bloke in order to reify the feminist inclination to exterminate the patriarchy that feeds, clothes, and shelters her from the hazards of the world.
Now, weddings are steeped in what feminists call “traditional gender roles,” even though it is women (and not men) who slavishly enforce those roles. Let’s see how well this prominent feminist “walked the walk” of feminism in bringing equality into her wedding and compare hers with that of another beloved feminist, Jessica Valenti.
The Proposal
When, say, fellow man-hater Jessica Valenti was selecting her future cuckold, Andrew, there was no romantic evening, no bent knee indicating the subservience of men to women. Oh, no—as Valenti relates, it was the most unromantic, bloodless proposal ever:

Cultural Misandry: Christina Aguilera Doesn't Think Her Son Is Beautiful + UK Labour Yvette Cooper Is A Hateful Bigot

6oodfella: She sings about how we should be accepted for who we are, yet her son is not acceptable to her until he's been "altered" to an acceptable standard. Enjoy.

Century Of Enslavement: The History Of The Federal Reserve

Part One: The Origins of the Fed
The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers has owned the Government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.FDR letter to Colonel Edward House, Nov. 21 1933
corbettreport: All our lives we’ve been told that economics is boring. It’s dull. It’s not worth the time it takes to understand it. And all our lives, we’ve been lied to.
War. Poverty. Revolution. They all hinge on economics. And economics all rests on one key concept: money.

The War On Men Hits The Lame-Stream Media

Sargon of AkkadSeriously, feminists, think about why Fox News would even mention this.

Saudi Human Rights Lawyer and Activist Jailed for 15 Years for Free Speech Under New “Anti-Terror” Law

By Michael Krieger: Back in April, I published a post titled, Saudi Arabia Passes New Law that Declares Atheists “Terrorists.” In it, I highlighted an article from the UK Telegraph which noted:
In a string of royal decrees and an overarching new piece of legislation to deal with terrorism generally, the Saudi King Abdullah has clamped down on all forms of political dissent and protests that could harm public order”.
The organization said the new terrorism provisions contain language that prosecutors and judges are already using to prosecute and convict independent activists and peaceful dissidents.
Concerns that this law would be used to silence dissent and crackdown on basic human rights were apparently well justified, as the Wall Street Journal reported today that a Saudi court has sentenced human rights lawyer and activist Waleed Abu Alkhair to 15 years in prison for “inciting public opinion,” i.e., effectively utilizing free speech. The WSJ reports that: 
A Saudi court on Sunday sentenced prominent human rights lawyer and activist Waleed Abu Alkhair to 15 years in prison followed by an equally long travel ban on charges such as insulting the general order of the state and its officials” and “inciting public opinion.”

I am Chris Mackney and I have something to say from the grave

By Christopher Mackney: I never wanted to speak out about any of this. All I wanted was a fair and reasonable child support, fair and reasonable visitation with my children and be free to move on with my life. The only reason I chose to write a blog and speak out about the abuse was because I thought it would give me some kind of leverage, as I had none.I made it clear to my ex- wife’s attorney that the family court was not allowing me to change the orders, I had no information about my children and my child support was far beyond my ability to pay.
I was hoping for some act of good faith to let me know that they wanted to reduce the conflict. It never came, not in 5 years. I felt that my only recourse was to speak out about the abuse and injustice in order to get the legal and psychological help I needed to manage the conflict, so that we could both parent our children. I reached out to my ex- wife’s attorney again to ask for ANY other alternative.
They offered none, so I started the blog. Even after I started my Blog, I reached out again to tell them I would take down the blog if a Guardian Ad Litem could be appointed for my children. They never responded. Dina knew this would be the outcome and didn’t care. As long as I was gone and out of the children’s lives.